Our Story

Back in 2005 the idea of starting an online boutique for infants was considered a little crazy. There were few successful baby shopping sites around, online users were limited for choice and the good sites were great and the bad ones horrid!

It was during this time mother of four and founder of The Hip Infant, Mel Barassi saw a gap in the domestic market. And so, armed with only a few hours sleep and a small army at her ankles she set about to fill the gap and provide customers with some funky finds from around the globe. Success of the site spread quickly and before she knew it Mel’s fifth baby The Hip Infant was born! Customers were thrilled to have found what they were looking for....that something a little different.

As the years have gone by the "gap in the market" has closed considerably. Brands that used only to be found overseas are now readily available in Australia and online baby shopping experienced a boom - there were virtual store fronts opening weekly offering similar ranges and making the same promises. So how have we kept up? And what makes The Hip Infant different? The answer is simple, The Hip Infant is a brand that people can trust.

Growing from strength to strength over the last 5 years, each season The Hip Infant prides itself on providing customers with an extensive assortment of leading Australian and international baby clothing brands. Innovative products and exciting seasonal developments, an easy to navigate layout and a variety of price points cement The Hip Infant’s position as renowned leader in the online infant boutique market.

As a mother to four children, The Hip Infant is a reflection of the products Mel personally uses, has used and most importantly trusts. "We have an amazing pool of talented, innovative designers to pull from here in Australia. I’m committed to providing our customers with modern products designed specifically for our precious little bundles" said The Hip Infant founder Mel Barassi.

"I’m incredibly proud to endorse every item we sell and will always steer away from products that I feel are inferior or untrustworthy no matter how enticing and shiny the brand may be".

Mel’s strong passion for the stocked brands means at The Hip Infant you will not see just a few bits and pieces from a myriad of brands. Where possible we pride ourselves on stocking every item, colour and style of a complete range, which means we offer our customers the best possible variety available. After all, we understand just how individual your little ones can be!

Proud of the philosophy behind the brand name, Mel believes hip is an attitude...it’s all about owning your own style, being edgy and contemporary without being a victim to trends, being relaxed in a stylish kind of way and of course being a little funky! Most importantly hip doesn’t mean making little people look little adults. Even at a glance, before delving into the brands and products on offer you will see that all of our products fill the hip criteria just perfectly.

The Hip Infant does not endorse plastic toys, anything with batteries that whizzes, whirrezs and flashes, anything endorsed by a television program or commercial venture and anything unsafe. You will also never find lemon terry towelling babygrows with teddy bears on them! Instead and we believe most importantly, all products featured allow little one’s the freedom to grow, learn, develop, feel safe, comfort, soothed and enjoy infancy and childhood as they should.

So finally, to our amazing customers – thank you for your ongoing support, and feedback. It goes without saying that without you, The Hip Infant would not exist. We love hearing your news, what products you’re loving and what you are looking for. We love the challenge of finding your "lust haves" and we love continually delivering the essential "must haves". We look forward to a long relationship with each and every one of you and hope that you will continue to visit often. There are big things ahead for us and just like your little ones, The Hip Infant continues to grow and develop. We hope that you can join us for the journey.

And remember - if you can't find what you are looking for at The Hip Infant, it’s just not hip enough for us to stock!

Happy Shopping!

The team at The Hip Infant!

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