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Stocking Fillers!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The count down is on. You’re making a list, checking it twice. Making sure all the requests are met and throwing in a few little suprises if they’re lucky! The excitement of christmas as a child, whilst some time ago is far from forgotten and I’m loathe to say it out loud, but as a kid it’s really about volume isn’t it! A burgeoning stocking rather than one key present.

If you need a little help filling the stockings this season with inexpensive, but lovely items check out our suggestions below. Some of these things come in packets of 6 or so – so you can’t split them up and share them around your children, or gift to cousins, friends etc!

So take the stress out of stocking filling and look no further!


Alex Toys Dirty Dogs bath toys! $18.95. Magic bath toys that need a bath! The magic ink dirt dissapears in warm water!


DIY jewellery set in a tube. Set of 6. $18.00.


Tiger Tribe Jet Racer. Box of 4. $11.95 Each racer comes ready to assemble and a propellor for extra flying ability. Boys or girls will love these! Buy an extra box for Dads stocking too!!


Self inking animal stamps. $12.00 for set of 6. Bundle a couple of these stamps with a scrap book, some stickers and a set of pencils from your nearest $2 shop and there you have an instant present! hipstuff_littlefishmaracared_large

Little Fish Maraca $4.50 Easy for little hands to hold and bright colours to enthrall!


Puzzle Hen $13.95 Large pieces for little fingers!

Nothing tickle your fancy here? Visit our Gifts Under $25 suggestions and our wooden toys category!

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A Very Lilliputiens Love Affair

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We introduced our lovely hipsters to Lilliputiens a few months ago. As suspected our first shipment sold out in a week! It seems Lilliputiens is one brand people just can’t get enough of.

In the words of the creators ‘Lilliputiens toys cannot be easily described. But if we were to use one word that sums it up, then it would be ‘wonder’. Wonder is the common theme in all our creations. The magic of hidden surprises, the stirrings of curiosity, the shapes that get you thinking… every plaything is a voyage of discovery.

In our world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe – ones in which your children can lose themselves endlessly. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust while the many shapes, colours, noises and hidden surprises will continuously challenge their inquisitive spirit. A fun and high-quality way to learn.

If you’re looking for stimulating, heart-warmingly attractive and completely safe toys, for little pieces full of wonder filling even you with pleasure, then Lilliputiens has got it.’

Our latest shipment has seen the return of some strong favourites in particular Baby Dolls Chloe & Zoe a stylish must have for the little miss in search of her first doll. Soft all over Chloe and Zoe are a breeze to love and snuggle with, for when a break is in order the babies even come with their very own little bassinet.1-1


Another oldie but goodie is the Liz Reversible Handbag, a stunner that will leave you marvelling at just how adorable this product is.  The handbag is stuffed full of little essentials such as a wooden key complete with tag, a wallet that even has a spot for a photo or two, a sweet little mobile phone and even a compact with a few favourite colours perfect for touch ups when out and about. The handbag itself is reversible, one side an adorable velvety cord and velour and the other is a liberty type print cotton. Lastly the handbag comes with adorable little liz, she is ever so sweet and friendly and pops perfectly into the handbag ready for a fun day out.lilliputens_dollhandbag_largeNow for some new additions to the range. The Musical Handle Ballis a winner, it jiggles and jives and plays a fun little tune every time it is dropped or caught. It has handles all over which means it is easy to grasp and catch. It makes the perfect first ball for a little tot as young as 6 monthslillipuitens_handleball_large

Hooked yet? Check out the adorable Lillipuitens Bowling sets, you will be. Available in Farm and SafariStyles and so, so sweet! Each pin measures 20cms and is sized perfectly sized for not only a game of good old fashioned bowling but also fab as sweet grabbing toys. Each set is as soft as silk and is available in 6 designs, it is also great for playing animal identification ages. The set also includes a ball with an internal rattle. This really is the toy that keeps on giving recommended for ages 6 months+ do feel confident though that we have seen tots in their late two’s having super fun with this bowling set.lillipuitens_bowling_safari_large

Lucky last, it may be a bit of divine intervention but most don’t need too much encuragement to fall in love with Noah’s Ark! Each set includes 6 pairs of animals and Noah and we are assuming his wife/lady friend. The Ark itself turns into a sweet plush carry case. It includes all the fun stuff little people love to play with like Velcro doors, fun pockets and a few mirrors to keep everyone happy. Recommended for 6 months+  this will be a treasured piece at playtime.lilliputiens_noahsark_large

Call Out! Random Reviewers Required to test out the NEW Wean Meister Freezer Pods

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I find myself saying the same thing all the time ‘Why oh why was that not around when my babies were little?”weanmeister_stack_large

Check out the Wean Meister, it’s a dream come true for those of us who have a strong need/passion to produce solids in bulk. Also great for storing breast milk, mini muffins, nibbles and so much more. weanmeister_withfood_large

Interested? We are looking for three hip mums(or dads) to test the Wean Meister for us and tell us what you think. All you have to do is read the reminders down below and visit our Facebook page and comment below the Call Out telling us what it is about the Wean Meister you are loving at first glance and how you would best put it to use. Hop to it though we will b closing off our call out on 4/11 at 10pm

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

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Weeee! Getting Creative With Wee Gallery

Friday, October 29th, 2010

If you have been loitering around The Hip Infant since the start which many of you have been (thank you!) You will know we are BIG BIG fans of Wee Gallery. How could we not be not only do they have a stunning selection of art cards and wall graphics, they are visually stimulating for newborns ensuring they see every tiny detail from day dot!


Simple yet oh so stylish, Wee Gallery Art cards hung with pegs on thread, perfect for making a real statement and of course visualy stimulating for baby

We often get enquiries about the best ways to display and engage baby with the art cards. Of course there are the traditional methods of holding the cards in front of baby and sticking them on the wall beside the change table. But wit th help of the clever folk a Wee Gallery we have some adorable suggestions to create displays worthy of these fab art works!


For the nature lovers bring a little of the outside in with this earthy branch mobile set up, simple and affordable with massive impact.

For those that like it all done for them we also have the Kikkerland mobile ready to go, simply peg the cards on and viola, sleek stylish and ready to capture babes gaze.

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Ready For a Modern Bathroom Revamp With Skip Hop?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

So what is the Tubby and the Moby I hear you say? We could tell you they are the most stylish, practical, functional and of course hip accesories to hit the bathroom this century! BUT best we let the innovative folk at Skip Hop fill you in.
Check out their quick flick to see these fab Skip Hop Products in action! So ready for a quick bathroom revamp? With prices starting at $24.95 for the Moby it will be your cheapest bathroom renovation yet!

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MAKEDO Making The Most Of Everyday Junk Finds!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Unfortunately for me my boys just love rubbish, can’t get enough of it. Clearly they see something in it that I don’t! I am a thrower, I can’t bare having junk hanging around. I was thrilled when I saw the latest and greatest ‘toy’ to hit the market and from MAKEDO. I am pretty confident it will rid our house of a few issues, sure the junk collecting habit will still be at large but the rolls of sticky tape used and my missing scissor issue will subside a little and having some direction in building with their rubbish won’t hurt the boys either!

MAKEDO is a little tricky to explain for a simple explanation check out their video which gives a fab rundown.

How to makedo – extended from MAKEDO on Vimeo.

Some extra info on MAKEDO
Wouldn’t you love to make play objects, kid’s costumes, furniture, decorations for the home and well, just about anything you can think of from the materials around you?

MAKEDO is a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures. When you’re done playing, simply pull it apart to reuse over and over again.
makedo_parts_400_widemakedo is made up of three simple parts – – a connector, a hinge and a construction tool.connecting_the_pin_clip_300_wide The connector comprises a pin and a clip which clamp material together. Squeeze the clip to release the parts for reuse. connecting_through_cardboard_300_wide






The hinge pivots freely or locks into a fixed position. It can join or create a corner between two materials or be used to form a swiveling moving part sawing_300_wide The construction tool can punch holes and cut through various types of card without risk of injury.






It is through these widgets that makedo opens up the possibility of creation by allowing manipulation and connection of material, over and over.
And just so you know we are not having a lend of you, below are some real life MAKEDO creations, made by real life people and a set of MAKEDO! Cute Hey!






MAKEDOis available in Find & Make kits complete with step by step instructions and all the tools required to build a certain creation or Freeplay kits which requires a little imagination but includes all the right tools.
makedo_findandmake_robot_largeCheck out our current favourite the MAKEDOFind & Make Robot at $14.95 it makes a perfecct gift for a birthday, a new baby sibling gift or dare we say the word Christmas!

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R U Ok?

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

ruokday2I find it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day goings on in life. I am loving the R U OK campaign, such a simple initiative that can really make a difference. Unfortunately for many of us by the time we get to our middle ages we have encountered some kind of tragedy that has made us ask ourselves if there was something we could of done to help or prevent the situation. I am sure I am not alone to say that  I was shocked when I read more lives were taken a year by suicide a year than car accidents!.
The R U Ok campaign is about stopping for a minute or two (preferably 10!), having a chat and checking in with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, neighbours and checking that they are OK. It highlights that it is Ok to ask the question and lend an ear.
As a mothers we are a particularly vulnerable group, we are exposed to isolation, feelings of self doubt and hopelessness, hormonal changes and the list goes on.  So we propose you get in touch with another mother and ask them R U OK?  You never know you may of been the first one to ask, the time you take to sit and listen could make a real difference to the health and happiness of that mother. Us mums need to stick together and look after each other Of course there are some great organisations out there to assist mothers in particular, we suggest PANDA, Lifeline, Beyond Blue and  Gidget Foundation

If You Must Wrap Give It some Personality

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I suspect I am one of the few to own a role of cling wrap these days. Sometimes there is just no getting around it. Today the kids have gone off on a holiday program excursion with a disposable lunch wrap only rule in place. bento_stickers

I love, love, love this idea from Just Bento so have stuck a few funny faces (discretely of course!) on the boys lunches and cannot wait for their feedback this afternoon. I suspect they are going to approve of this gesture far more than the usual love notes I leave in their lunch!

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We Have Been Reviewed By Little Crew!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

At The Hip Infant we applaud concepts that are a little unique and out of the ordinary. We are loving brand new iphone app Little Crew a fab review site that delivers daily reviews and updates straight to your phone.

Each product reviewed on Little Crew is purchased, touched, felt and used meaning it really is one of the very few non biased review sites around. You get a real opinion and real feedback from a shopper just like

 We were thrilled to have Little Crew review our Milk & Co range and as we would expect the reports were glowing. Special mention was made of fab new miracle cream Spotty tots. Lastly just a little update the Milk & Co bath wash is currently sold out almost everywhere, the only way you can get your hands on this bath time must have is to purchase the small Milk & Co gift packwe now have in stock which includes the bath wash and the Nighty Night room spray. Not only does this pack make a great pair it is also an opportunity to make some great savings.


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Recipe Tuesday: Postpartum Meal of Placenta Anyone?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I will be honest no matter how many times I hear about the practice of eating placenta after childbirth I have the same shocked look on my face and the same queasy stomach churn.

It makes perfect sense that it is a good thing to do, after all animals do it and must do it for a reason? Experts document eating placenta after birth prevents postpartum hemorrhage and depression. To those that have previously experienced these sometimes life threatening events surely anything is worth a try?

Surely there are more palatable options available than cooking up a placenta lasagna? Seriously…. sometimes no matter how much basil and garlic you add you still know you are eating placenta and often the head overtakes taste buds anyway and some foods just won’t go down.

I was thrilled to read this article in Time Magazine Afterbirth: It’s What’s for Dinner it follows the life of a placenta after birth and the perfect solution of freeze drying and manufacturing it into capsules. No doubt for many of us a far more palatable option to gaining benefit of the nutrition of the placenta. I am not sure if there are any services in Australia offering such a service but seems like a fab option if they do.

See the process here:

Feel free to let us know if you or anyone you know offers this service and we will be sure to add all info to this post.