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Belly Art Creating Memories & Keepsakes Ink Free and Mess Free!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

If you have been keeping an eye on our random reviews you will know the Belly Art inkless print kits are a must have for capturing precious hand and foot prints from birth. A totally unique and trouble free kit that ensures you get the perfect print every time, without the mess and bother of paint and other types of inks that in our experience always end in failure. There are no inks, paints or nasty toxins involved and is the only type of kit of this kind availale on the market

This month Belly Art have launched two new products the Inkless Print Birth Certificate and the Inkless Photo Frame Kit. bellyart_birthcert_lifestyle_large1

The Inkless Birth Certificate kitis unlike anything else on the market and makes the perfect gift. A beautifully designed birth certificate it provides room for all of those important details to record the special entrance into the world of your little one. It also includes all the goods you need to include a complete set of foot or hand prints. The complete kit comes packaged in a tube that easy to send and even easier to store your precious keepsake.bellyart_birthcert_tubeandcertificate_large

The Inkless Print Photo Frame kitis a gorgeous and dare we say ‘hip’ way to keep those precious keepsakes into a work of art. With room for a 4 x 6″ photo beside a happy snap, again it not only makes a perfect gift but really is a lovely piece of nursery wall out that will e an everlasting memory of just how fast our little creations grow!bellyart_inklessphotoframekit_white_large

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Think King…..Makes Life Easier!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

thinkking_buggyhooks_largeRight now I am loving the new Think King products! Ticking all my boxes of handy, stylish and functional these products are great accessories for any pram.

We have just graduated from a large pram to a stroller, soooo much easier lifting in and out of the car and as Goldilocks gets heavier our pram was becoming more and more work to push. However, I am desperately missing the big basket on the bottom where I shoved a mysterious collection of groceries, my handbag, suncream, hat, dog lead and whatever else we’d picked up on our travels! But these Think King mighty buggy hooks are hitting the spot and making the transition easier!

I have one for my handbag and one for whatever else we are lugging about at the time. The velcro strap means you can pop them on and off when need be and the lightweight aluminium hooks will hold even my heavy bag!!! At $19.95 for a set of two they are well worth it. They would also make a great practical baby shower gift…Mum’s would love it!

And as if they weren’t making life easy enough for us Think King are also making a soft buggy cup holder that also easily attaches with velcro and like a third hand will hold coffee, water, keys, snacks or your sunscreen!

Think King….think easy and convenient!!

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That’s A Wrap!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

bunnies_bluewrap_large1Every parent knows just how heavily you rely on wraps. And I don’t mean the eating variety, I mean the snoozing ones!

Be it a super soft muslin Aden and Anais one for swaddling or a luxurious Dwell Studio stroller blanket there is one for every occasion. We are super thrilled with our 100% cotton wraps from the Bunnies range. Designed with versatility in mind you can swaddle a newborn in them, use them as a play mat when you’re out and about, layer with other linens in the cot or proudly parade them as you push your pram about town!

bunnies_pinkwrap_largeAt $24.95 they make a great Christmas gift for someone expecting a new year arrival!

**HIP COMPETITION ALERT** Love the Bunnies range as much as we do? Don’t forget to enter our Christmas Stocking giveaway, we have the whole set to give away!!!

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Another super Tiger Tribe product

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

tigertribe_lunchbags_blogI cannot believe I neglected to give a rundown on the amazing Tiger Tribe lunch bags. In stock right now and absolutely adorable. The Tiger Tribe lunch bag is perfectly sized to fit in all lunch time necessities, it is perfect for the school aged child or even for baby and all their must have solids, snacks and bottles. Each Lunch bag has a matching drawstring bag and back pack in the range that can be purchased separately.

Be sure to check out our Tiger tribe section, lots of stock did arrive this week backpacks, lunch bags, drawstring bags, Junior stampers, magnet sets and much more.

Don’t forget out HUGE Tiger Tribe giveaway on at the moment, it is a breeze to enter and as the saying goes, you have got to be in it to win it!

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Baby bath time fun!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

bathtimestoryI have to say for me bath time is my favourite time of the day. I am yet to find a baby that once floating in the warmth of  a bath is not soothed to a relaxed and comfortable state. In this house bath time is considered an activity and not just part of every day routine, it is a great time for one on one time, a great time for some idle chatter and the perfect time to get squeaky clean!

As Bathing is such a crucial part of our day I really have put considerable thought into stocking a perfect range of bath time products to make the experience just a little more pleasurable.

Some of our faves are pictured above but our range is huge and well worth a look. For Towels & Bath Mitts check out here(we also have a divine new range of Ella & Otto hooded towels arriving Sept 09) Be sure to have a look at our divine range of Milk & Co Baby the room sprays are also very special and can be sprayed around the bath or the nursery, it is particularly good for a baby with the snuffles. Be sure to have a look at the Tommee Tippee ducky bath, it is portable, deflates for easy storage, is suitable from birth and even two year old love it..and it’s beak squeaks! and lastly for a bit of bath time fun add one of our fab toys the Alex Toys tub squirters are so much fun and babies from 6 months up to 3 year olds just love them.

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