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Buttermilk Baby Sleep Nighties!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

buttermilk_nightie_mint_largeI have sung the praises of baby sleep nighties many a time on this blog! And with a newborn I’ve been reminded of just how absolutely fantastic they are.

I had a few folded in the draw from Goldilocks’ era and the other day I had no clean onesies following bath time (ohhh the washing……so much damn washing!) and was rummaging around for something suitable for bedtime when I remembered the sleep nighties. I love these things and right now with the weather a not too hot, not too cold they make the perfect transeasonal sleeping attire! These divine printed sleep nighties from Buttermilk Baby are 100% cotton so super soft for dreaming babies skin.

With no press studs, buttons or other bits and bobs to deal with at 2am nappy changes these are a dream and I recommend them to any new mother – first time round or fifth time round!

Anything that makes our lives easier right? Well these do that, but they also look good too! Whilst I can’t guarantee they will make your babe sleep through the night, I can promise they will ensure you are back in bed with your head on the pillow quicker than if you were dealing with press studs!


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Putting a Bit of Mod into Modern Cloth Nappies- Random Tester Call Out

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

If you are anything like me the whole Modern Cloth Phenomena has you scratching your head!

 I ‘get’ that they are a positive for the environment, I ‘get’ that they are easier than ever before and that most MCN’s look pretty funky. What has me stumped is where do you start  and what is an AIO, pocked MCN, booster, inserts, liners, stash, PUL the list goes on. The other puzzling thing was what do you need to be a MCN user?


So after much research I think I ‘get it’ and we have I believe chosen to stock PIKAPU the simplest, hippest Modern Cloth Nappy around.

PIKAPU is a modern all in one cloth nappy which means you don’t need any extra bits and bobs. They are one size fits all (or most of course there are exceptions) and will last from birth to 4 years or 16kgs, which means they are great value for money.

Getting Started 

 A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day. As the child gets older you’ll need around 5-6 per day. With 18-24 nappies you’ll only need to wash every 2-3 days.

Like anything you wear often pikapu nappies will show some wear and tear, the more nappies you have in rotation the longer they will all last, enabling you to use them for a second or even third child.


Size & Fit

Simply place a liner (optional) over the flap layer, place baby on the liner and fasten the velcro. Done. For more absorbency place extra padding under the flap layer.


- Place liner in the bin- Rinse and extra padding and place in a dry nappy bucket- Fold back the velcro tabs to protect them in the wash- Wash within 2 days- Soaking is not recommended, soaking agents can damage  waterproof coating- Machine rinse in cold water prior to washing using 1/2 strength detergent on a full load- Line drying is best as  UV rays have antibacterial properties, remove stains and of course is free and kinder to the environment- If tuble dryed do so on low heat.

Check Out The Savings!

There are a lot of different disposable nappies and costs vary quite a lot but the average price is about 50 cents a nappy. Your bundle of wonder will use over 6000 nappies before it turns 3.

A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day, toddlers use about 5-6 a day. To keep it simple we’ll call the average 7 nappies a day.

A child will be in nappies until they are around 2 1/2 years old, some will toilet train earlier, some later. Most will continue to use night nappies for some time.



7 nappies a day x 880 days (2 1/2yrs) = 6160 nappies x 50 cents = $3080 per child



24 nappies x $27.95 per nappy = $670.80

Purchase the 6 pack and save even more. 4 x 6 pack = 551.80

PIKAPU fit just like a disposable nappy, they take the same amount of time to put on and take of and are almost as convenient, and guess what you get your bin back! No more wheelie bin chock a block full of stinky disposables.

Do MCNs Leak? They can, check they are fitted properly and make sure there are no gaps. For heavy wetters and for some extra night time confidence check out PIKAPU boosters available in a 3 pack they are placed snuggly inside the nappy to increase absorbancy.

Random Tester Alert!

SO who wants to try a brand spanking new PIKAPU All In One and tell us what you think? We are looking for a cute botty and a clever mum to test a MCN, take a photo and share their thoughts with us and our readers? Still interested then head over to our Facebook page and comment under our callout…we need to know how old your bubba is, if they are a boy or girl and whether you currently use Modern Cloth or disposable and which brand.

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Too Too Sweet Buttermilk Baby! Chirp Chirp!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

buttermilk_longsleevetee_mint_hero_largeWe are so excited to introduce to you a lovely new range called Buttermilk Baby.

Made from 100% cotton this beautiful newborn layette set is as sweet on the eye as it is soft on the skin. This lovely range priced from $12.50 – $29.95 the range includes everything you need to get you through your babies first wardrobe requirements!

Featuring a super sweet little chick design the range is available in a mint and super soft pink and offers a great range of newborn basics that you can mix and match according to the season ensuring babies look as fresh and just hatched as they should.

buttermilk_singlet_pink_hero_largeWith something for everyone the range includes:

For the warmer months. A singlet and nappy pants. Wear them together or the nappy pants with a white singlet! The singlet features an envelope neck style to ensure easy dressing and there’s a little extra length in the body to ensure tum tums and backs are covered.

Long Leggings. For when the weather gets a little cooler the leggings feature a comfy elastic waist. Mix them back with a favourite tee or match with the lovely lovely long sleeve envelope neck tee

Don’t forget one of my favourites the long sleeve onesie. Easy press studs make night time nappy changes a breeze.

And just in case you can’t get enough of one of my new fav brands. The sleep nightie. I LOVE a sleep nightie. At 4am when both of you are tired and grumpy the elastic bottom makes for such easy and quick nappy changes and ensure little legs and feet are kept warm and snug. A great gift for any new mum to be. Believe me she will thank you for it at 4am!

Buttermilk Baby is a winning range whether it be for a gift  or your own little bundle of joy. To celebrate the new range we’re calling for 4 Hip Random Reviewers to road test the range. We’ll share their thoughts on the blog in upcoming weeks in an effort to reveal I’m not being biaised!!! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us where you live and the age and sex of your freshly hatched chicken and you could be chosen as our new reviewer! Hurry entries close on Friday June 11 at 5pm!

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Cute Frilly Frenchi’s & Trunks For Little People Yes Please!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

It would be fair to say that our inbox is hit daily with an influx of emails from suppliers claiming to have the latest, greatest and most adorable products. I don’t want to sound ungracious I love these emails and have sourced many fab products this way, but have to admit after five years in the biz it takes something pretty special to get me really excited.

I still remember the evening very clearly the usual emails were popping up and then all of a sudden it arrived, an email introducing Bluebelle a new style of kids knickers. I share with you shamelessly that Bluebelle knocked my socks off and I was in love, I answered the email with an immediate yes I want them!

You can see why, they truly are the most adorable underwear ever, I dare you to find something similar, put simply it just does not exist.

bluebelle_grilinred_200x280The fact that I was toilet training my difficult little miss at the time meant I was highly aware of every available product. I feel very confident if Bluebelle existed at the time she would of jumped at the chance to get a pair of Frenchi’s on her bottom!

bluebelle_boysonthefence_200x280I am not sure what it is I love so much about this brand its the vintage twist, the adorable frills, the matching sets, the feel they are the softest most divine organic bamboo I have ever felt, the packaging- they come in a super sweet little calico bag meaning they make the perfect gift, the super fit on the boys Trunks, the sweet spotted fabric…yep I love every little bit of Bluebelle and I know you will too!

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Boys, Boys, Boys! This week it is all about little boys!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

If I had a dollar for every time I heard ‘it is so hard to buy for boys’ I would be rich! Very rich!
Call me a rebel but I love shopping for my sons, there is plenty of variety and in my opinion boys clothes are totally cool. As a mum of three boys I feel pretty equipped to comment on this topic, I have been dressing little boys for over ten years now and never have I felt I could not find a good selection of threads for my little men.
I think it is the simplistic nature of dressing boys that I love. No fancy bits required just some good jeans or pants, some funky tops, a nice shirt for going out, some cool shoes and viola you are done.
Check out the fab outfits we have whipped up below, simple yet funky, comfortable yet smart…yep boys, boys, boys we have them covered for threads this winter!
(Starting from top row left) Purebaby apple stripe henley growsuit + Purebaby knitted charcoal socks + Purebaby knitted rib apple stripe beanie + Alimrose knitted bunny rattle, Purebaby mocha woven pants + Purebaby essentials navy stripe long sleeve tee + Old Soles First walkers street shoe + Alimrose navy stripe monkey rattle, Ouch Cargo pants khaki + Plum long sleeve tee navy stripe + Purebaby rib beanie apple stripe + Ouch gumboots multi blue stripe
(Second row from left) Ouch little league long sleeve tee + Ouch soft denim jeans + Old Soles Eazy Tred first walkers + Alimrose knitted elephant, Purebaby rib knitted beanie charcoal + Ouch long sleeve pilot tee + Ouch puffer jacket + Plum Brother skinny leg denim jeans + Ouch planes gumboots + Janod magnetic aeroplane
(Bottom row from left) Ouch tiger print bubby suit + Bluebird and Honey patch leggings + Purebaby charcoal knitted socks, Purebaby rib apple stripe beanie + Ouch Charcoal knitted stripe leggings + Plum basics long sleeve tee green + Ouch sleeveless puffer vest + Old Soles first walkers Ezy Tred lime, Purebaby long sleeve sausage dog tee + Purebaby pants charcoal stripe + Purebaby knitted rib beanie charcoal + Old Soles first walkers Urban Joggers

Don’t like the outfits we have put together? maybe you could put together a few of your own easy shopping for boys clothes right here.

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Old Soles For A New Soul!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

oldsoles_streetshoe_navyandwhite_largeGood first walker shoes can be hard to come by. As parents we often get overwhelmed with choosing ‘the first pair of shoes’ and as a result we buy the innaproppriate cute trainers, something with a thick sole, too many laces or sparkles. Really you need first walkers just before walking starts, when the crawling kicks up a notch and little feet start being scraped along cement paths at the park at great speed!

The essence of a good first walker lies in a supple leather that, like bare feet will allow toes to grip, balance to be found, but protection from the elements! Old Soles tick all the boxes! The 100% soft leather allows for movement and the natural development of growing feet. The elastic back makes them easy to put on, but difficult for little ones to pull off (not promising they won’t try!!). The rubber soles are non stick, insurance so to speak, for little people still learning the lay of the land!

Available in a range of styles and colours at a great price point of $44.95 there will be something to suit every little first walking fashionista!


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Skidders Shoe Socks…The Perfect Winter Footwear!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

skidders_cherryweb_largeIn these times where terms like ‘BrAngelina’ and ‘TomKat’ are common vernacular I”m coining my own phrase for these little Skidders and it’s……..’Shocks’.

An ideal early walker shoe, particularly as the months get cooler these Skidders are the perfect mix of shoes and socks. Ideal for indoors and outdoors these shoes are flexible enough for little feet just learning the lay of the land but also have traction so there’s no slipping over as is often the case with socks on timber and tiled floors.

The upper fabric is knitted making it lightweight and easy for little feet to breath. They are machine washable and come in a variety of colours and designs to ensure the fashionista in every little one is present!

My only question is do they come in adult sizing?

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Being Hip Beside The Sea

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

We’re off for our first proper beach session tomorrow and I’ve just dug out Goldilock’s beach gear from last summer. Alas, she was just crawling and not suprisingly has out grown her rash vest and hat. So below is a list of my ‘hip must haves’ for the summer season this year.

cuddlefish_s09lssunsetstripe_large1Cuddlefish Long Sleeve Swim Tee. Perfect for pottering in the sand and making sandcastles and love the full length sleeve protection.

ouch_s09swimrufflebottomberry_largeOuch ruffle swim pants. Because I love a frill and the berry colour will stand out on the beach.

teenyme_hoodedponchoredstripe_largeTeeny Me Hooded Beach Towel. I love love love this. I think Goldilocks will be receiving this in her Santa sack this year. Great for walking back to the car from the beach and I’m mad about a stripe! Also comes in a navy and pink stripe – worth checking out.

s09_dresscherryspotweb_largeSummer Dress Cherry Spot. Perfect for when we head down to the beach in the afternoon for fish and chips at sunset.

And finally to fit my perfect red palette and if Goldilocks was a boy, I’d be hard pressed to go past these Ouch floral boardies. Perfect for hitting the sand!


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Hip Customer Rave: The Bunnies Range!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

We were so pleased when this email hit our inbox recently from new mum and valued customer Debbie, we thought we’d share it with you!

bunnies_pinknappypants_largeI recently purchased some items from your new bunnies range and I  wanted to tell you just how much I love them! For all the parents who love to dress their little girls up in pretty dresses, nappy pants are the essential accompaniment. Recently I was at a girlfriends baby shower held at her mother’s house which was very child unfriendly. My little lady was all dressed up in a frock, and thankfully nappy pants underneath – not only are they adorable, they certainly saved us from much embarrassment when whilst lying on the carpet she relieved herself, exploding through her nappy. The bunnies nappy pants saved the day catching all the escaping poo. I was able to execute a quick change with no one else the wiser.  I now travel with them everywhere!

bunnies_pinksinglet_largeThey are also cute on their own with the matching singlet, and are the perfect outfit for the hot weather we have been experiencing lately. I like that I can mix and match both pieces with other items from her wardrobe too!

I also bought the sleep suit and love love love it! Why didn’t anyone tell me about these before? It’s super soft and lovely on my little girls skin, I can’t decide if my husband likes it more than I do - at 4am when we are taking it in turns to change the nappy it all seems a little easier without the buttons.

So thankyou The Hip Infant and congrats on your Bunnies range.

picture_1093Thank YOU Debbie, she looks seriously cute in the bunnies range! We are super proud of the range and love to hear from our customers and are glad you and your little girl are enjoying the bunnies range! Please accept a $25 voucher to spend at The Hip Infant…maybe you could buy the leggings to go with the singlet! Hop Hop!

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Sneak Peak of our latest Jinky Art Shoot

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

jinky_pinkbunniesWoohoo! It was time for another Jinky Art shoot last week and as per usual the results are stunning! the lady really is an amazing talent.  Here is a sneak peak, but stay tuned we have something super exciting planned in the next couple of weeks and we will be sure to show off some more of Barb’s work then.

Check out this cheeky little monkey! I knew our new Bunnies range was super cute but seeing it in action is making me cluck like a chicken. Available in pink and blue and plenty of styles, it makes for perfect all year round wear.

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