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Skip Hop Into The PlaySpot

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

skiphop_playspotbluegoldbaby_large1How cool is this? The Skip Hop Playspot is the perfect soft, cushioned floor mat for any nursery or play area in the home.

With a unique connector system the mat grows with your childs needs. When they’re stationery and little use just 4 of the 14 x 14 inch tiles joined together and as they crawl and wander and the sea of toys spread use all 20 tiles. if space is an issue, use 10 in the play area and 10 in the nursery so you have all bases covered!

What we particularly love about this play mat is that most of the mats on the market are safety rated for children 3 years and up, however this one is designed, tested and manufactured for children aged 10 months. So you’re sure to get some longevity out of this stylish playmat!

With a range of colours available there is sure to be something to suit both your decor and your little ones growing playtime needs!

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Divine Dwell

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

dwell_cotsheetsetowls_largeThe other day I found myself fossicking through a tray of sale bed linen at a major department store. Whilst I’d missed the frenzied Boxing Day rush there was still a level of crazy ‘must get the bed linen…must get the bed linen’ look on all the other customers faces throughout the bedding department. In the end, as I often do, I gave up.  I was overwhelmed by thread counts and patterns and found myself contemplating a pattern that I didn’t even like, but they were a good brand and good price. Too hard. Our current sheets can last another couple of months even if they have lost that initial lustre and sort of crunchiness that I like.

So whilst I might be settling for an old set of sheets your babe doesn’t have too. We’ve taken the frenzy out of post Christmas sales for you and from the comfort of your own home, with the click of a button you can purchase bed linen for your babe.

Dwell studio combines style, function and quality. In my book, that ticks all the boxes. After the gross consumption of food and presents over the festive period I’ve decided on a ‘slimmer’ year ahead. I want things that function and look pretty. Not one or the other. The modern designs of Dwell Studio will dress up any nursery needing a fresh injection of new year spirit, or create the perfect palette for a soon-to-be-arrival’s nursery. The sets are chemically free treated and at 320 thread count and 100% cotton they are super soft for weary bodies to snooze on.

Sets contain a fitted and flat sheet, reversible quilt and pillow case.

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Loving the NEW Teeny Me designs

Monday, September 14th, 2009

teenyme_sofapinkspotopen_thumbWe have been the proud owners of a Teeny Me Flip Flop sofa since they first launched almost three years ago and I have to say it is probably the most loved piece of furniture in this  house! All the children still sit, lay, jump and wrestle with it even the ten year old and the best bit it still seriously looks perfect. Unlike other cheaper versions the foam inner hold it’s shape perfectly and as the cover is completely removable and washable it remains looking as clean as a whistle after a good wash.

teenyme_sofabluestripeclosed_thumbSo the good news is Teeny Me have just launched two new designs they are both adorable and super stylish and you can be assured if it is commercial characters you are after this is the wrong sofa for you.  Some other great news if you are like me and have had one for a while and the older child is a different sex and is not as interested in the sofa any longer you can purchase the cover only in the pink spot or blue stripe and viola! you have a new sofa, perfect for re gifting and at $49.95 for this high quality sofa cover it is a steal!

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