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Call Out! Random Reviewers Required To Test The New Upsized Version Of The Tiger Tribe Backpack!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

You all asked for it, customers have been calling out for a larger Tiger Tribe Backpack  and guess what?  They listened.


This week Tiger Tribe launched their new and improved large backpack, well actually it’s more like a ‘huge’ backpack and just perfect for older kiddies, weekends away and those that like to stuff everything into the one bag. It also goes without saying that in true Tiger tribe style the prints are adorable.tigertribe_largebackpack_rocket_large

We are looking for some reviewers to take the new large backpacks for a test run and tell us all about it.  Interested?  All you need to do is respond to our Facebook call out, we are looking for those that are currently in search of a larger bag because they are struggling to fit everything they need to put into the one they are using at the moment, please also let us know the sex and age of your child. Get in quick we will be announcing our reviewers at 8.30pm 24/10/10tigertribe_largebackpack_owlintree_large

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

- Our call out for testers/reviewers is in no way associated or supported with Facebook

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Built NY Gourmet Getaway!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

builtny_gourmetgetaway_largeWe are thrilled to have this handy little bag back in stock! Personally, I love this product. I’ve had it since Goldilocks was a babe and used it to keep bottles and mushy food cool and now still use it as a ‘keep drink cools and lunchbox’ keep all kind of bag for outings.

Infact, I often have to hide the Built NY Gourmet Getaway bag within a bag as Goldilocks knows those distinct polka dots means’snacks and treats’ and if we are heading out the door and she sees the bag she’s likely to eat all the ‘snacks and treats’ throughout the car ride leaving nothing for our play at the park!

The Gourmet Getaway is perfect as a lunch bag, insulating picnic addition or as an everyday handbag. Because of the unique design and wetsuit material it protects and insulates from temperature and impact for electronics, to makeup, to food.

The stylish little bag is designed to carry all of life’s essentials. Ours has been on plane trips with us, toured Bali and Fiji and often carries all the snacks we needs and my wallet and keys! The Gourmet Getaway lays flat when not in use.

Love it!


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BPA Free Bottles. Are You Using Them?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Two years ago when I met Mel I didn’t know what BPA free was, until I saw her daughter drinking from a slightly strange bottle colour. When Goldilocks was born, I wasn’t really aware of BPA free products there wasn’t much in the media about it, in the last two years though there has been alot of awareness regarding the harmful chemicals in plastic bottles. We’ve harped on about it many times on this blog and take great pride that many of our products are BPA free, including our flexibath, Boon Inc Squirt Baby Food dispensing spoon, makeUwell natural soother, and the very cool Wean Machine. Infact, we’re so intent on providing the best and safest possible products for your babe we have a whole section dedicated to Eco friendly baby products.


With this in mind there has been alot on the news, in the newspaper and on current affair programs regarding the ramifications of using bottles for children that aren’t BPA free.  So today we just wanted to point out to you the extensive range of bottles and sipper cups available from The Hip Infant. If like me, you need to trash your existing bottles and consider a new, more safer kind of bottle or sipper cup we have a whole range of brands and price points to consider.

weilbaby_varietydisplay_largeMy pick of the bunch? The Life Factory WeeGo glass bottles, not only safe but look cool too. Mel’s tried and tested favourite? Green to Grow.  And still can’t decide? Then watch this space for Hip Random Reviews on the Weil Baby sipper cups, glass and triton bottles.

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Hip Random Reviewers Required! Weil Baby

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010


We are looking for some hip mums to road test our fabulous Weil Baby products.

The range includes varying size training cups made from the revolutionary material Tritan and also includes glass bottles.  All items come with the AirWave venting system designed to reduce colic and gas bubbles!

Dr. Weil Baby products are good for your baby because they are free of toxic chemicals, containing no BPA or phthalates and undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure total compliance and cleanliness standards.

The training cups come in a great range of funky colours too!!

weilbaby_varietydisplay_largeWant to be a Hip Random Reviewer? Visit our facebook page and let us know which bottle or training cup you currently use and how old your babe is! Be quick, call out closes on Thursday at 5pm.

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I Heart Aden and Anais!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Make no mistake I gush when any Aden and Anais hits our warehouse. I’m a HUGE fan of the muslin sleeping bags and have converted almost all my friends with children onto them! I’m already working out if Goldilocks’ soon-to-be-arriving-little-sister will be ready for one at 3 months of age come Summer 2010/11!

Second confession of the day, I have a rather large crush on Ellen DeGeneres. I don’t find that much time to watch her, but when I do I generally tap my feet when she dances, laugh out loud atleast once in her show and always like to see what great sneakers or dessert boots she has on that day. I recently found out I’m not alone in my lady crush, Mel has one too!!! So it seems fitting that we both were impressed when ‘our’ Ellen gave ‘our’ much loved Aden and Anais the seal of approval on a show in early May!

adenandanais_mw2packbutterflypinkstripe_largeTo celebrate just how much we heart Aden and Anais we’re currently offering 20% off (excluding new 2010 stock).  Check out the 2 packs of wraps. They are just perfect for summer or winter and at 20% off are a steal! They make a great gift too. Also plan ahead like me and work out roughly how big your babe will be next summer and then snap up a summer weight sleeping bag in advance. These got us through last summer and I’ve just sent one off to my niece in Hong Kong who is currently sweating out the tropical summer up there! Click here for terms and conditions and hurry cause offers are only valid whilst stock lasts.

Whilst the new Winter 2010 range is not on sale there are a few items that are definately worth checking out. With new packaging, designs and items you could browse all day!

aa-1018_large1 The winter weight muslin sleeping bags  are just lovely! Goldilocks is trialling one this week! Most parents do the ‘are they too hot too cold?’ dance in both Summer and Winter, these 4 layered muslin sleeping bags are designed to be worn over your babes pyjamas and keep them cozy and warm on wintery nights! Muslin is a unique fabric in that its weave allows your baby’s body temperature to self regulate. Thereby helping to prevent overheating and the sleeping bag eliminates the need to blankets and sheets that could pose possible SIDS risks.

aa_7020_lifestyle_largeNext stop, the Burpy Bibs, we all now how messy learning ot eat can be! This 4 layer muslin bibs unique design provides maximum coverage for your babe.Versatile and durable the bib can easily be draped over their shoulders and fastened at the back. Bibs only ever lasted one mealtime in our household so the open weave of these assures a quick drying time so you can be ready for the next meal!

aa_junglejam_monkey_lifestyle_largeAnd finally, the Dream Blankets. These soft and breathable blankets will ensure sweet dreams all round. Generously sized at 120cm x 120cm these four layered muslin blankets provide warmth whilst ensuring there is no overheating. Ideal for both a babe and toddler.

Phhheeewwww I think that’s it. Have I twisted your arm? Spend a little time browsing through our Aden and Anais range. I know you will love it as much as I do!

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L’iL Fraser….L’iL Gems!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

lilfraser_blueandmint_largeHands down I’m a big fan of wrapping, whatever fabric takes your fancy I believe they are a godsend, particularly with an unsettled, over tired child. And even when babes grow out of being wrapped they are still useful for shading prams, using as a top sheet for day sleeps or as one of ours currently is…draped over the chair next to Goldilocks’ cot in case of any bottle spills.

I didn’t discover the L’iL Fraser wraps until well after both Goldilocks and I were over wrapping but many of my friends have used them and they are fantastic. One such friend in fact, mentioned to me the other day that her sister-in-law calls them the ‘Mohammed of all wraps’. Maybe this is enough of a wrap (pardon the pun) in itself, but let me bestow some of the worldly virtues of L’il Fraser upon you so you can make up your own mind!

Made of 100% cotton the wraps grow with your child. Whilst still maintaining its shape, it rather marvellously stretches, meaning you can get a nice snug wrap no matter how big or small your babe. And the cotton means your babe is kept cool in summer and warm in winter.

At 120cm square the wraps are big enough for those still hanging on to wrapping their big babes but also makes it an ideal cot throw.

Practical, durable, comfortable and available in a range of fashion forward colours and designs (My pick of the bunch the marle grey and white stripe) these wraps are an essential item on on any new mum’s list of ‘must haves’.

That’s a wrap! (sorry….had to do it!)

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The Wean Machine….Love It!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

theweanmachine_babyimage_largeWe are super super excited to bring you this fabulous new product! Drumroll please…………………The Wean Machine!

I can still clearly remember introducing Goldilocks to solids, at the time it was recommended you introduce at 6 months (this has since changed to 4 months) but she was big and a piggy so I started at about 17 weeks. My GP told me not to rush it, stating that once you start there really is alot of preparation and carry on involved. I ignored her advice and loving mixed up rice cereals with ease. It was only when I started on the vege purees, the peeling, the blending, the freezing in little containers, the defrosting and so on and so on that I realised what she was talking about. Gone where the days of whipping out my boob or a bottle with ease, minimum mess and minimum tidying. All of a sudden I was blending and mashing and washing tiny little containers. It was timely and well….to be honest not that exciting wondering which vegetables I should mix and match. This gadget takes the stress out of the weaning experience producing maximum results for minimum effort and mess!

Let it be said straight up I’m not a huge gadget girl or as I like to call it ‘paraphanalia’ girl. In my experience, particularly in the kitchen you can get by on a few decent pots, pans and utensils. I’m of the school where I don’t have good glasses, china or serveware. I like to use everything all the time. You never know what’s around the corner and it makes me happy to drink out of nice wine glasses rather than save them for special occassions. I’ve found this philosophy also translates to having a child. You start out kinda like when planning a wedding, thinking you need all the bells and whistles and then realise that most loved things turn out to often be the most practical. Well here is one such piece of ‘paraphanalia’ that would be TOP of my wish list if I was introducing a child to solids.


This easy to use Wean Machine contraption makes baby food wherever you are in three easy peasy steps.


1) You simply fill the bowl to the recommended amount

2) Squeeze the handles together

3) Spoon feed your baby (with the included spoon of course) straight from the bowl!

Voila! It couldn’t be more easy!

Best used on ripe fruits and well cooked vegetables, really the options are only limited to your imagination and what is ‘squidgeable’ ie you can’t go feeding a t-bone steak or piece of uncooked apple through The Wean Machine, but cooked pumpkin, potato, pasta in sauce, broccoli, strawberries, bananas and avacados will all make scrumptious mush for your new little eater (not necessarily mixed together!).

The product includes 2 grill covers for the different stages of weaning, is top shelf dishwasher safe and of course it’s BPA and PVA free…one can only ask what’s not to love? Top marks to the inventors of The Wean Machine and…thankyou for making life easier for us!

Check out our weekly Recipe Tuesday blog tomorrow for some exciting weaning puree recipe ideas!

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Splish Splash I Was Taking A Tidy Bath!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

skiphop_tubbyorganiserblue_large1I’m a virgo and I like to keep things tidy. I like straight lines, items centred and a place for everything. I know I know…impossible with a 17 month old. And I’m trying to let it go, but the Skip Hop Tubby Bath Organiser only helps my tidy fetish!

Made out of neoprene (what wetsuits are made out of) this soft little bath toy storage device sits (or should I say ‘sucks’ ) on the end of our bath and is home to all our swimming, squirting, squeaking bath toys. The 4 suctions are suitable for tiles or glass and the clips on the front double as hooks for wash  cloths. The mesh on the front allows Goldilocks to see what’s inside and it also allows everything to dry out overnight, so there’s no mould.

So as we pull out the plug and I request ‘pack away time’ the virgo in me can’t help but smile as Goldilocks proudly pops all her toys back into the Tubby Bath Organiser. Order is once again restored to our bathroom. Ahhhhhh…….

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Preparing For Your Baby…Hip Competition Alert!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

organics_edeI’ve decided having a baby is a little like getting married.

The price seems to hike up when you mention the ‘marriage’, similarly when having a baby, according to many books and ‘experts’ you need ALOT of stuff!

The truth of the matter is a few key essential items will see you through the first few months. And then when you and babe have settled into the swing of things and the fog has lifted you can actually work out what you do and don’t need before you go out shopping.

We all know pregnancy makes our brains go a little wobbly and I think you can get swept up in having the latest and greatest, thinking you are doing the best thing for you and your soon to be baby. We’re here to set the record straight and give you a few key essential items that will see you through your first few weeks at home.

1. A well stocked change table/chest of drawers with change mat. This is pretty standard, but don’t think you will have time to be out and about picking up new nappies and wipes when you first get home. Have a LARGE supply of nappies and drawer full of wipes, creams if you’re going down that path (I’m a big fan of Lucas Pawpaw ointment. Natural and soft of skin) and some cotton nappies for mopping and wiping up any spills.

2.The Newborn Organic range. What newborn doesn’t look fresh, angelic and perfect in white. Over pink, blue and yellow, white is always my pick of the bunch. Being 100% organic means that no harsh chemicals have treated the cotton and subsequently aren’t being placed upon precious oh so new skin. It also means extra soft to touch. These fail safe items can me purchased early in your pregnancy when you don’t know the sex of the baby (hence the white) but just have that little itch to get out there and buy something for your ever growing bump.  There is something in the range for all the seasons, you can mix and match tops and bottoms and being super reasonably priced you can stock up! Sure there’s a time for frills and pretty prints and whizz bang outfits – let’s call these ‘photo moments’. But the reality is when you first get home and your baby is getting used to the world, simple, gentle, fresh and easy to use items with minimum buttons and zips to stick into little bodies are really going to take you alot further than those that look cute for a photo.

 Also worthy of checking out is the bedlinen from the same range. Again, soft and lovely for little heads to dream on. Even if you don’t have a newborn, the cot sheets are well worth taking a look at for any little person zzzzzz-ing in a cot!

3. Pure Baby sleepsuits. Mel and I are not shy in proclaiming our love of a sleepsuit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. At 3am when you’re up for the second time that night changing yet another dirty nappy. No buttons are a god send! Enough said. These really are an essential item – I don’t care what anyone else says! Pure Baby are also 100% cotton so as with the Newborn Organics, gentle on skin.

4. Aden and Anais Hooded Towel set. Another necessity. We are all about the bath this month at The Hip Infant. And I agree with Mel’s blog entry earlier this week – babies love baths. They are a time for relaxing, winding down and a great cue for nighttime sleep routines. When they come out of a warm bath who wouldn’t want to wrap them up in these super soft cotton muslin towels.

5. Aden and Anais muslin wraps. Another can’t live without product. Don’t believe anyone who tells you some babies don’t like being wrapped. The psychology behind it is pretty simple. I liken it to getting out of bed on a winter morning from a super soft duck down doona – you don’t want to just walk around in a pair of shorts and singlet do you? You rug up into your favourite trackies and slippers. Similarly, if you were tucked up in a tiny, warm, tight space for 9 months would you want to sleep all limbs aplenty? I don’t think so. Learning to wrap is an art and one that many midwives in hospital will share with you so lap it up and keep an abundance of wraps on hand. Again, I’ve gone for white – particularly if you don’t know the sex of your baby, keep it simple.

**HIP COMPETITION ALERT ** To celebrate our love of white and newborn essentials we are giving away a fantastic Newborn Organic pack to get you through those first few weeks. The starter pack includes 1x Babygrow, 1x Long leg pants, 1x Nappy Pants, 1x Sleep Nightie all in size 000. Valued at $82.80 this pack is a winner! Simply leave a comment in the comment section and share with us the best piece of advice you’ve recieved about looking after a newborn. The winner will be drawn on September 20. Goodluck!

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Top 10 Lust Have Baby Shower Gifts

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

babyshower_lusthavesAs you know we’re all about the baby shower this month. If you haven’t already entered our ‘Ultimate Baby Shower Competition’  then click here and do so quickly, the prizes are just incredible!

So yesterday we kept the piggy bank intact with our Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Giving Ideas On A Budget, however today we are bringing out the hammer and smashing it to little pieces!!!!  I know I know its the GFC and times are tight, but we think the best way to access these uber hip, luxurious products is to pool your resources. Gather a group of friends and pool your money to buy mum and bub-to-be a gift that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, after all a baby shower should be about abit of spoiling! Alternatively if it’s your baby shower and you are after a big ticket item, drop a few not so subtle hints to a group of your girlfriends and if this is to awkward for you, then take the stress out of it all and organise an online registry  or wish list with The Hip Infant and we can look after everything for you!

1. Aden & Anais hooded towel and wash cloth $39.95. This 100% cotton hooded towel is super soft so perfect for drying little newborns after bath time

2. Printspace Custom Print Birth Print $35. Think outside the square and give a blank frame with the promise of one of these divine custom prints once the baby comes along

3. WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles fr $19.95. The lust have of 09, these highly coveted bottles are stylish, functional and free from any nasties often found in plastic baby bottles. Purchasing a Weego is investing in a healthy long bottle feeding future, hardy and durable there will be no need to replace these. Trust us mum to be will be thanking you in years to come.

4. Blik Wall Graphics Bodalee Trees. Adorable, a decorating essential and perfect for a unisex nursery. We love the fact that you can re stick them if you decide to move the nursery around

5. David Fussenegger blanket $84.95. These cosy blankets make a nice change from the hundreds of pastel blankets on the market. Renowned for their eye catching designs, the bright and funky designs and colours are great for mixing and matching  and all blankets are reversible

6. Rondeau Custom Made Names 4letters from $75. Why not make up a gift certificate for the mother-to-be and organise these lovely custom made wooden names once the baby arrives. A lovely personal touch for any nursery.

7. Dwell Studio Storage Bin $134.95. With the arrival of baby so comes the arrival of ALOT of stuff! This stylish bin is perfect for keeping toys, linen or anything else you fancy and will look perfect in any homes decor.

8. Minimonkey Sling $79.95. No doubt about this, this is the best sling on the market, completely adjustable which means everyone in the family can have a go, and with seven funky colours in the range it is easy to find a colour that suits.

9. Skip Hop Playspot $199.95. Without a doubt this is the gift that keeps on giving, it makes the ideal playmat from newborn to toddler hood. Fits perfectly with all decor and packs away neatly when needed.

10. Gertie and Me Moses Basket $250. An excellent alternative to a bassinet, this divine moses basket, is specially hand-woven from maize and is both extremely practical and very stylish for the modern baby, providing a portable, safe and snug environment for the newborn . The linen is made from 100% cotton and can be simply removed for washing. And whilst it is extravagent (this would be a great one for a group of friends to group together on) once the baby has outgrown the basket, it can be easily stored or used for toys, nappies and blankets.

So there you have it our top 10 luxurious baby shower gifts, we hope we’ve not only been helpful but provided some inspiration and taking the stress out of choosing your next baby shower gift.

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