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When Soothing Baby Can Go really Wrong

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

How do we share such a scary story about a product that has kept many babes content including my own for decades.

Unfortunately this is one new mother that will be thinking twice about the type of dummy she places in her childs mouth. An innocent care free day turned into her very own nightmare when her six week old baby chocked on a Happy Baby dummy when it some how detatched and lodged in the baby’s throat. Her quick actions saved her baby but I have no doubt it is one day she will find difficult to forget.


Meantime Happy Baby have been very vigilant and removed these dummies from the shelves while they investigate the incident further.


You may have noticed the current trend of rubber dummies, this case highlights excatly why they are the safer choice for little dummy suckers. The beauty of them aside from the fact that they are all rubber and free from any chemical nasties usually found in plastics, is they are all in one peice, no bits to come off and even the strongest, teeth baring toddler would not be able to dislodge these teats.

We currently stock two brands NATURSUTTEN which is currently out of stock until late August and very hard to locate in Australia at the moment and MakeUWell, an Australian brand. Both have very similar qualities aside from a small variance in their shape. They are a pricier option but I am sure everyone will agree it is not possible to put a price of the safety of our children.

Read the story at TV NZ and in the Sunshine Coast Daily

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Blushing..Some pics from the filming of New Idea TV

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

newidea_tv_june09I am feeling a little nervous today. The airing of our TV segment on New Idea Tv airs at 3pm on channel 7 tomorrow (Friday 21st). Putting yourself out there in the media you never quite know what the end result will be, things get chopped and changed, added and ommited and to make matters even more nerve racking I am no seasoned TV presenter so expect a few hiccups.

Enough about me though, this whole segment is about Baby Shower Gift ideas and it gave us the opportunity to showcase our adorable wares up close and personal. Some of our featured products Gertie and me moses basket, Printspace Custom Birth print, Alimrose Monkey Rattle, Skip Hop Duo Nappy Bag, David Fussenegger Bodo Essential Changebox, Newborn Organics,Alphasketti Flash Cards,  Aden + Anais Muslin Wraps, Heimess Rattle and a few other bits and bobs.

If you like what you see don’t forget to enter our Win the ultimate baby shower competition . For more Baby Shower Gift ideas be sure to read our blog over the next couple of days, Amber has put together a great selection of must haves and lust haves.

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