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Weeee! Getting Creative With Wee Gallery

Friday, October 29th, 2010

If you have been loitering around The Hip Infant since the start which many of you have been (thank you!) You will know we are BIG BIG fans of Wee Gallery. How could we not be not only do they have a stunning selection of art cards and wall graphics, they are visually stimulating for newborns ensuring they see every tiny detail from day dot!


Simple yet oh so stylish, Wee Gallery Art cards hung with pegs on thread, perfect for making a real statement and of course visualy stimulating for baby

We often get enquiries about the best ways to display and engage baby with the art cards. Of course there are the traditional methods of holding the cards in front of baby and sticking them on the wall beside the change table. But wit th help of the clever folk a Wee Gallery we have some adorable suggestions to create displays worthy of these fab art works!


For the nature lovers bring a little of the outside in with this earthy branch mobile set up, simple and affordable with massive impact.

For those that like it all done for them we also have the Kikkerland mobile ready to go, simply peg the cards on and viola, sleek stylish and ready to capture babes gaze.

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Product Of The Day: eco nino Organic Change Pad Cover

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

When we layed our eyes on this delicious new product from eco nino we simply knew it would be a must have.  The brand new eco nino change pad covers are unique and beautiful in design, manufactured with the softest organic jersey fabric and available in four colour striped patterns. The fabric is GOTS certified 100% organic cotton that has been specifically designed and manufactured for the eco nino label.


The fine stripe print compliments any nursery design perfectly and guess what it is a breeze to put on, unlike other change pad covers that require a bit of wrestling to get on, the eco nino change pad cover is structured a bit like a fitted sheet and simply pops on comfortabley over the top of all standard sized change pad covers.


Priced at an  affordable  $34.95 a great price point to justify buying two so you have one for now and one for the wash, you could even get really creative and purchase two different colours, you know the saying change is as good as a holiday!

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Are ‘For Walls’ For You?

Monday, July 26th, 2010

BabyAt The Hip Infant we LOOOOOVE a wall sticker!

There really is no excuse for boring walls in your childs room. Wall stickers provide an affordable, easy solution to paint and if you change your mind like me every couple of months then they are a great decorating device that can be switched with whichever way your mood takes you!

Empty white wallAdd a bit of flare to the walls in your nursery, playroom or if you’re having a party and feel like going the extra mile then the new range from For Walls are just the right wall sticker range for you!

forwalls_growthchart_flower_largeMy pick of the bunch (pardon the pun!)? The Flower Growth chart and the Lighthouse Growth Chart. Both wall stickers are a wonderful alternative to collecting precious memories on the growth of your little one. No need to damage paint and mark your walls, just mark the wall sticker instead! And if I was planning a pirate party, then the Pirate Ship would be a must to set the mood!

73163255A couple of things to remember when choosing your wall stickers; For Walls vinyl decals can be applied to almost any surface – painted walls (allow 3 weeks to dry freshly painted walls), wall-paper, counter tops, windows, mirrors and tiles. They will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. If you are concerned or if the wall offers resistance, simply heat with a hair drier to remove. 

It’s also important to note that when planning to decorate painted walls with any type of  removable wall art the type of paint you choose is very important. Teflon (Wash and Wear) paints are designed to repel and this means you may have trouble with peeling wall stickers if you choose this type of paint. It is best you seek advice from you local paint proffesional and let them know you are seeking paint minus silicon or teflon Please consult with your local paint shop and mention you want to avoid Teflon / silicone based paint if you are planning on using any type of wall sticker to compliment your room.

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Fussin’ Over Fussenegger!

Monday, March 29th, 2010


The weather is getting cooler and whilst we swap t-shirts for long sleeves and hats for the park for beanies it’s time to pull out the blankets for your cot, bassinet or pram!

Mel and I are big fans of the super soft David Fussenegger range of cot and bassinet blankets. The designs are always stylish and the colours aren’t your quintessential baby colours. So for someone looking for something a little different from your pink and blues and something a little special for your little one to dream sweetly under then check out the great range then these Austrian imported blankets are just the trick!


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Divine Dwell

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

dwell_cotsheetsetowls_largeThe other day I found myself fossicking through a tray of sale bed linen at a major department store. Whilst I’d missed the frenzied Boxing Day rush there was still a level of crazy ‘must get the bed linen…must get the bed linen’ look on all the other customers faces throughout the bedding department. In the end, as I often do, I gave up.  I was overwhelmed by thread counts and patterns and found myself contemplating a pattern that I didn’t even like, but they were a good brand and good price. Too hard. Our current sheets can last another couple of months even if they have lost that initial lustre and sort of crunchiness that I like.

So whilst I might be settling for an old set of sheets your babe doesn’t have too. We’ve taken the frenzy out of post Christmas sales for you and from the comfort of your own home, with the click of a button you can purchase bed linen for your babe.

Dwell studio combines style, function and quality. In my book, that ticks all the boxes. After the gross consumption of food and presents over the festive period I’ve decided on a ‘slimmer’ year ahead. I want things that function and look pretty. Not one or the other. The modern designs of Dwell Studio will dress up any nursery needing a fresh injection of new year spirit, or create the perfect palette for a soon-to-be-arrival’s nursery. The sets are chemically free treated and at 320 thread count and 100% cotton they are super soft for weary bodies to snooze on.

Sets contain a fitted and flat sheet, reversible quilt and pillow case.

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Gertie and Me gets our tick of approval!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

gertieandme_1I never thought I would say this but here goes…I really dislike stuffed toys!

It was not always that way, in fact I used to love them pre children, then number one son arrived! Being the first born coupled with the fact he was born way too early with lots of growing to do, he was showered in gifts and I mean showered. So his once sparse almost sterile nursery soon turned into a menagerie full of bears and animals and god knows what else all stuffed all consuming way too much shelving space and collecting dust.  As number one son grew so did his need for space and the shelf space soon was taken over and the stuffed toy collection was stuffed in the top of the wardrobe.

I am assuming this is where most stuffed toys end up, all except for the one piece that becomes ‘the chosen one’ the one that gets loved to death, the one that little people cannot be without…the fave!

Now just a tip…us parents have no say in the chosen one, usually it is the ugliest most unlikely of the collection that becomes the ‘chosen one’  for example my daughter ‘chosen one’ is one of those awful bears that gets delivered to the hospital with a flower display, it is awful very cheap and nasty with mottled off pink fur, we call it daggy and now that she has an idea of what the word daggy means gets quite offended.gertieandme_2

So the moral to the story, if you are going to buy a stuffed toy for a new baby whether it be your own little treasure or if you are gifting, be very selective. The adorable Gertie and Me range gets my big tick of approval made from super soft velour they are seriously snug, they are totally stylish and wait for it they are washable which means if one becomes the ‘chosen one ‘ you can ensure that it will remain as clean as can be. One last tip if it does become the ‘chosen one’ buy two or even three, realising the precious favourite cannot be found at bed time is reason enough for a major melt down in most households.

Be sure to check out our brand new range of Gertie and Me which have just popped in our door today, super sweet rattles and brand new seasonal bunnies and a little mouse to die for!gertieandme_3

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More what’s new from Tiger Tribe

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Yippee! our second Tiger tribe Shipment has arrived and as I suspected it is all fab!

tigertribe_gameicecreamyouscream_largeI am loving these new Games To Go, they really are perfect in every way, small which means they are ideal for travel and great for storing. They are packaged in a stylish yet sturdy tin which means you will not find it in torn up pieces around the house and it is certainly one game box the dog cannot eat. With four different games available there is plenty of entertainment in these tin boxes for the whole family and it’s true they are so much fun little people will not even realise they are learning at the same time. At $19.95 they make an ideal gift.

tigertribe_mobilepinkelephants_largeIsn’t this mobile just adorable? I am so thankful Tiger Tribe has spread the love and now introduced a pink version of their elephant mobile, without a doubt one of our hot sellers. There is no denying everyone loves an elephant is this one is no exception. Sweet pink hues and a variety of prints makes for a really lovely piece and it also means it blends well with most nursery decors. Also new this season is a cute blue whale, both styles are available in the traditional style mobile as pictured and a single string.tigertribe_alphabetfriezeweb_large

Lastly look at this Alphabet Frieze…how cute! it will certainly have you going all gooey and certainly makes for sweet wall decor. The prints are breathtaking and not all gushy and baby either which means it will grow with baby instead of baby growing out of it. It comes packaged in a lovely printed card box and at $24.95 makes a lovely gift.

Be in it to WIN it! Just a few more days to enter our amazing Tiger Tribe Competition, be sure to enter!

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Hip Mum-To-Be Profile; Stylist Claire Delmar

Friday, October 30th, 2009

img_3906How does one of Australia’s leading freelance stylists who has worked with some of the countries top magazines decide to decorate her own nursery? Check out our hip mum (to be) profile on the ever lovely Claire.

Name: Claire Delmar
Lives: Queens Park, Sydney
Lives With: Husband, James
Hobbies/past times/favourite things:Yoga, Walking, Developing creative concepts
Favourite The Hip Infant Product: Love Mae wall stickers

Who are you and what do you do for a job?

I’m a freelance stylist working in fashion, interiors and food styling. My clients are mainly media – Magazines (Elle Decoration, Living etc in London and Inside Out Magazine, Country Style, Notebook, Home Beautiful, Gourmet Traveller and House & Garden Magazines in Australia), Advertising Campaigns (Westfield, Harvey Norman, Murobond, Phillips etc) and Television Commercials. I also have private interior design clients renovating houses, apartments and display suites.
When are you expecting your baby?

November 23, 2009. Only 5 more weeks very excited.

What are you most looking forward too about being a mother?

Caring and nurturing a life into this world and hopefully guiding it through a life of happiness and contentment.

What are you most nervous about?

The health of the baby most importantly and then how I will cope with the lack of sleep and lifestyle change.

How was it decorating your own nursery, given you have styled rooms/houses for leading Australian and international magazines?

 It was a wonderful experience. We have recently moved so I didn’t have anything planned I just worked within the space.

What was the inspiration behind the nursery?

 I used a lot of furniture that we already had and then just added a few small touches. Not knowing the sex meant that I kept the palette neutral.

Favourite product in the nursery so far?

French eco bassinett.

img_38913Best budget buy?

Ikea change table

Most extravagent buy?

Wardrobe from Belgium!

Any tips for those who are just embarking on styling nurseries in their own home?

Keep it simple you can always add and adapt the room as the baby grows. Let the nursery grow with your baby and listen to friends with babies advice. Measure the space and when you are looking at furniture always keep this in your handbag.

img_3929What cost effective styling tips can you offer our readers?

Wall stickers and small artwork can really bring a space to life without blowing your budget. Rugs are also an affordable way of theming your room. Small hooks with outfits can also work as art.

What colours do you recommend for a nursery?

I like soft muted tones. Greens, whites, creams, greys.

Any things we just SHOULD NOT do when decorating a nursery?

Hang anything dangerous near or over the cot that could potentially fall down.

Best piece of motherly advice you hope to offer your baby?

To be true to itself and that when times get a little tough take a step back and try and stay calm. That everything even though it may not seem like it at the time can eventually be worked through.

**TAKE THAT HIP IDEA AND MAKE IT MINE** Claire’s creativity and flair gave us a few ideas that we could make our own. Whilst we can’t all have beautiful wardrobes from Belgium there are some great paints and stains on the market (check out Porter’s selection of lime paints). Look to pick up a cheap wardrobe from ebay, a garage sale or an auction house and get handy with a paint brush! Claire also suggested wall stickers as affordable and beautiful statement pieces for a nursery. The Hip Infant just happens to have a fantastic selection. Check out my personal favourites from Love Mae and Blik .

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Chocolate, Delicious Nursery Decor

Monday, October 26th, 2009

chocolate_deliciiousThis time last year I was anti Chocolate, as in the colour..hated it, thought it was foul and could not understand why anyone would decorate a nursery in it. Now I cannot get enough of it, love it and could not imagine anything more divine for a little boy (or girl). I have put together a few of my faves, I am crazy about chocolate and red but the truth is, it looks fab with any colour, probably the reason for my new found love affair with it.
Love Mae Twitters, Ella & Otto Pods Bib Set, Fitted Sheet & Quilt, Tiger Tribe Elephant Mobile, Skip Hop Storage Bin, Alimrose Hand Knitted elephant and Booties, Zuny Linea Sedan Book Ends (arriving late November) Giimmo Panda Night Light.

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Look at what’s new for Tiger Tribe…it’s Grrrreat!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

A quick stroll through the shops today, suddenly amounted in a panic attack for me, there were Christmas decorations, carols, the whole kit and caboodle! The word ‘Christmas’ was not a word I had planned on uttering for quite some time yet but alarmingly it is only elevenish weeks away, who would of thought a whole year could slip by so fast.
So it is time to start thinking about gifts for our little bundles of joy, in my experience you can never be too prepared and without being too biased the newly launched Tiger Tribe range really does have something for everyone from bubs to tots to tweens this really is there best collection yet and we know you will be as thrilled by it as we are.

Be sure to read on I am about to give you the low down on what is here and coming in the fab new Tiger Tribe range, this info is so hot off the press you really will see it here first.
If you are always on the look out for adorable nursery accessories like me, then you are going to adore the new Alphabet Frieze, at just $24.95 your wall will be covered with 26 unisex letters and sweet matching pictures. The set comes boxed and makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Love the frieze but it just does not suit your decor, don’t fret! there is also a cute set of Alphabet Flashcards the prints are just as adorable as on the frieze and can be used as a toy (they are great hung on the pram) or even as a decoration, at just $19.95 they are a bargain and make another irresistible gift.
If every little boy (and big boys, this is a perfect dad thing!) in Australia does not have a set of these in there Santa sack on Christmas morning I will eat my hat, each box of Jet Racers comes complete with four simple self assembly planes complete with propeller and boy do these things fly. At just $11.95 they are certainly on my must have list this Christmas.
Speaking of stocking stuffers, you cannot go past Games To Go. At just $19.95 these games are suitable for those three years plus, each game is packaged in it’s own adorable tin and is simple and fun enough to play and remain engaged in. They are compact in size which means they are great for travel for me this also translates not will not take up too much room on the already jam packed book shelf…so for me it is a winner.
tigertribe_ragdolls1I have a life long obsession with dolls, love them. I was so grateful to have a daughter so it became appropriate to start purchasing them. Meet Lucy and Daisy suitable for all ages these rag dolls will make the perfect best friend. At $34.95 they make the perfect gift for a little girl.
Oooh, ahhhh I hear you say, aren’t these the cutest things ever! Tiger Tribe got their new softies range just so right and who does not love the bird and elephant, these make a fantastic nursery accessory. The range consists of a selection of products including a rattle $19.95, a mobile $49.95, a pillow $34.95 and a musical toy $39.95.
tigertribe_juniorstampers_blog Find me a toddler that does not love a stamp, it would be hard. These Tiger Tribe Junior Stampers are awesome and will be well loved. Chunky and generous in size they are a perfect fit for little hands. At $24.95 each set comes complete with it’s own mat, seven chunky stamps and a non toxic ink pad. Perfect for a toddler with an older sibling who likes to do everything they do.
tigertribe_bags_blogI have a preschooler and the amount of children that have the same bag is unbelievable, not only does it get tricky as to who owns which bag it is plain old boring seeing the same bags all the time. This is why I love Tiger tribe, with a dynamic range of bags there styles are seasonal and once a collection is finished, it has gone. At $31.95 for a backpack and $19.95 for a drawstring bag, these are showstoppers and will certainly stand out in the crowd.
Also keep an eye out for new Tiger Tribe Magnet sets, Stamp A Story, Magnetic Playbooks and Card making sets and stamp sets for the older girl.
We are expecting delivery in dribs and drabs of the complete Tiger Tribe range between now and Mid November so keep your eyes peeled for updates.
Meantime if you are feeling lucky enter out HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway, enter here it’s easy and the prizes are GGGrrreat!

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