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MAKEDO Making The Most Of Everyday Junk Finds!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Unfortunately for me my boys just love rubbish, can’t get enough of it. Clearly they see something in it that I don’t! I am a thrower, I can’t bare having junk hanging around. I was thrilled when I saw the latest and greatest ‘toy’ to hit the market and from MAKEDO. I am pretty confident it will rid our house of a few issues, sure the junk collecting habit will still be at large but the rolls of sticky tape used and my missing scissor issue will subside a little and having some direction in building with their rubbish won’t hurt the boys either!

MAKEDO is a little tricky to explain for a simple explanation check out their video which gives a fab rundown.

How to makedo – extended from MAKEDO on Vimeo.

Some extra info on MAKEDO
Wouldn’t you love to make play objects, kid’s costumes, furniture, decorations for the home and well, just about anything you can think of from the materials around you?

MAKEDO is a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures. When you’re done playing, simply pull it apart to reuse over and over again.
makedo_parts_400_widemakedo is made up of three simple parts – – a connector, a hinge and a construction tool.connecting_the_pin_clip_300_wide The connector comprises a pin and a clip which clamp material together. Squeeze the clip to release the parts for reuse. connecting_through_cardboard_300_wide






The hinge pivots freely or locks into a fixed position. It can join or create a corner between two materials or be used to form a swiveling moving part sawing_300_wide The construction tool can punch holes and cut through various types of card without risk of injury.






It is through these widgets that makedo opens up the possibility of creation by allowing manipulation and connection of material, over and over.
And just so you know we are not having a lend of you, below are some real life MAKEDO creations, made by real life people and a set of MAKEDO! Cute Hey!






MAKEDOis available in Find & Make kits complete with step by step instructions and all the tools required to build a certain creation or Freeplay kits which requires a little imagination but includes all the right tools.
makedo_findandmake_robot_largeCheck out our current favourite the MAKEDOFind & Make Robot at $14.95 it makes a perfecct gift for a birthday, a new baby sibling gift or dare we say the word Christmas!

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Product Of The Day: Goki Wooden Farm Set

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

goki_farmanimalset_largeI’ve long been a big fan of the Goki wooden farm animals. I bought them for Goldilocks for her first birthday. Despite, being recommended for children over 3 they have been greatly used and enjoyed in our household.

Chunky, rounded wooden pieces make this set a dream to handle and play with. The set consists of 12 farm animals, two horses, two cows, two chickens, one rooster, cat dog, one pig and two piglets. What more does Old Macdonalds farm need?

Priced at $39.95 and made from solid woods and tastefully decorated the horse measures about 11cms, so they are generous in size and perfect for little hands to cling on too.

All GOKI products are designed and imported from Germany and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.

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Super Cute Keptin Jr Zmooz Comforter

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

keptinjr_comfortersmooznavy_largeOk…..I’ll admit. I still have a teddy. As a married woman and mother of one I have a teddy. There. I’ve said it. It’s out in the open judge me if you shall, but sometimes I like to have something to hold on too. If I wasn’t in a relationship in ‘Ted’ I would probably consider the new super cute Keptin Jr comforters!! Maybe a little small for me, but there’s something about these super soft beauties that makes you want to hold them close!

Made of pure cotton they are soft and lovely for little people to cuddle up too. With no facial expression the comforters are filled with pure sheeps wool which can match to baby or toddlers temperature. The things that we love about them most is that cotton and wool will absord the smell of those who hold it close. So mothers can keep them close and then lay babes down providing comfort  and the reassuring smell of mum all night long.

They come in a variety of primary colours and at $22.95 are a perfect baby shower or hospital visit gift.

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Gertie and Me gets our tick of approval!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

gertieandme_1I never thought I would say this but here goes…I really dislike stuffed toys!

It was not always that way, in fact I used to love them pre children, then number one son arrived! Being the first born coupled with the fact he was born way too early with lots of growing to do, he was showered in gifts and I mean showered. So his once sparse almost sterile nursery soon turned into a menagerie full of bears and animals and god knows what else all stuffed all consuming way too much shelving space and collecting dust.  As number one son grew so did his need for space and the shelf space soon was taken over and the stuffed toy collection was stuffed in the top of the wardrobe.

I am assuming this is where most stuffed toys end up, all except for the one piece that becomes ‘the chosen one’ the one that gets loved to death, the one that little people cannot be without…the fave!

Now just a tip…us parents have no say in the chosen one, usually it is the ugliest most unlikely of the collection that becomes the ‘chosen one’  for example my daughter ‘chosen one’ is one of those awful bears that gets delivered to the hospital with a flower display, it is awful very cheap and nasty with mottled off pink fur, we call it daggy and now that she has an idea of what the word daggy means gets quite offended.gertieandme_2

So the moral to the story, if you are going to buy a stuffed toy for a new baby whether it be your own little treasure or if you are gifting, be very selective. The adorable Gertie and Me range gets my big tick of approval made from super soft velour they are seriously snug, they are totally stylish and wait for it they are washable which means if one becomes the ‘chosen one ‘ you can ensure that it will remain as clean as can be. One last tip if it does become the ‘chosen one’ buy two or even three, realising the precious favourite cannot be found at bed time is reason enough for a major melt down in most households.

Be sure to check out our brand new range of Gertie and Me which have just popped in our door today, super sweet rattles and brand new seasonal bunnies and a little mouse to die for!gertieandme_3

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Look at what’s new for Tiger Tribe…it’s Grrrreat!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

A quick stroll through the shops today, suddenly amounted in a panic attack for me, there were Christmas decorations, carols, the whole kit and caboodle! The word ‘Christmas’ was not a word I had planned on uttering for quite some time yet but alarmingly it is only elevenish weeks away, who would of thought a whole year could slip by so fast.
So it is time to start thinking about gifts for our little bundles of joy, in my experience you can never be too prepared and without being too biased the newly launched Tiger Tribe range really does have something for everyone from bubs to tots to tweens this really is there best collection yet and we know you will be as thrilled by it as we are.

Be sure to read on I am about to give you the low down on what is here and coming in the fab new Tiger Tribe range, this info is so hot off the press you really will see it here first.
If you are always on the look out for adorable nursery accessories like me, then you are going to adore the new Alphabet Frieze, at just $24.95 your wall will be covered with 26 unisex letters and sweet matching pictures. The set comes boxed and makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Love the frieze but it just does not suit your decor, don’t fret! there is also a cute set of Alphabet Flashcards the prints are just as adorable as on the frieze and can be used as a toy (they are great hung on the pram) or even as a decoration, at just $19.95 they are a bargain and make another irresistible gift.
If every little boy (and big boys, this is a perfect dad thing!) in Australia does not have a set of these in there Santa sack on Christmas morning I will eat my hat, each box of Jet Racers comes complete with four simple self assembly planes complete with propeller and boy do these things fly. At just $11.95 they are certainly on my must have list this Christmas.
Speaking of stocking stuffers, you cannot go past Games To Go. At just $19.95 these games are suitable for those three years plus, each game is packaged in it’s own adorable tin and is simple and fun enough to play and remain engaged in. They are compact in size which means they are great for travel for me this also translates not will not take up too much room on the already jam packed book shelf…so for me it is a winner.
tigertribe_ragdolls1I have a life long obsession with dolls, love them. I was so grateful to have a daughter so it became appropriate to start purchasing them. Meet Lucy and Daisy suitable for all ages these rag dolls will make the perfect best friend. At $34.95 they make the perfect gift for a little girl.
Oooh, ahhhh I hear you say, aren’t these the cutest things ever! Tiger Tribe got their new softies range just so right and who does not love the bird and elephant, these make a fantastic nursery accessory. The range consists of a selection of products including a rattle $19.95, a mobile $49.95, a pillow $34.95 and a musical toy $39.95.
tigertribe_juniorstampers_blog Find me a toddler that does not love a stamp, it would be hard. These Tiger Tribe Junior Stampers are awesome and will be well loved. Chunky and generous in size they are a perfect fit for little hands. At $24.95 each set comes complete with it’s own mat, seven chunky stamps and a non toxic ink pad. Perfect for a toddler with an older sibling who likes to do everything they do.
tigertribe_bags_blogI have a preschooler and the amount of children that have the same bag is unbelievable, not only does it get tricky as to who owns which bag it is plain old boring seeing the same bags all the time. This is why I love Tiger tribe, with a dynamic range of bags there styles are seasonal and once a collection is finished, it has gone. At $31.95 for a backpack and $19.95 for a drawstring bag, these are showstoppers and will certainly stand out in the crowd.
Also keep an eye out for new Tiger Tribe Magnet sets, Stamp A Story, Magnetic Playbooks and Card making sets and stamp sets for the older girl.
We are expecting delivery in dribs and drabs of the complete Tiger Tribe range between now and Mid November so keep your eyes peeled for updates.
Meantime if you are feeling lucky enter out HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway, enter here it’s easy and the prizes are GGGrrreat!

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The Next Phase…Toys For Toddlers

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

As Goldilocks has grown there’s been alot of talk about ‘the next phase’….the progression from dropping a night feed to sleeping through the night, from lying to rolling over, crawling to walking…you get the picture..well we’ve reached the ‘next phase’ in toys. We’ve grown out of rattles and black and white cubes, of chewy plastic rings and water bottles filled with rice…so today I’m going shopping!

Top of my list are these three items. And I’ve chosen them for the following reasons;

I think they will last not only the test of time but through ‘the next phase’ as well. That is, whilst she might not make full use of them now, in a month or so as her fine motor skills continue to develop she will. 

Janod Meli Melo Lacing Pearls

janod_melimelolacingpearls_largeA little advanced in terms of threading the pearls, but she will get there. And for now the beads make great treasures for her to pop in and out of shoe boxes and plastic jars as she is want to do of late. I love a toy that will develop with her. Both cost effecient and great for her development!


Goki Ball Hammer Bench

goki_hammerbench_largeI’ve written before about my love of Goki, bright, sturdy, fun and great for her hand eye co-ordination. Nothing like something that moves, makes noise and is brightly coloured. Ticks all the boxes for me and hopefully her!

Barnyard Animals Puzzle

hipstuff_puzzlebarnyardanimals_largeWhilst we have mastered ‘woof’, ‘moo’ and ‘baa’ we’re currently working on ‘oink’. I figured this little puzzle will help with recognising animals and the sounds they make and it’s also a great simple tool for helping with hand eye coordination. And whilst like every mother I like to think Goldilocks is advanced, yesterday she saw a magpie and cried out ‘turtle’…10 points for using the word ‘turtle’ but last time I checked turtles didn’t have feathers and fly, so we need all the help we can get in this department at the moment!!

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Shake Rattle And Roll

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

alimrose_girlmouseWhen Goldilocks was born we were lucky enough to recieve alot of Alimrose products – indeed we had a small basket filled with a myriad of rattles depicting so many different animals it almost resembled a zoo!

I am proud to say they have ALL been played with, squished, slobbered on and sqeaked! They are now my first choice of gift for a newborn baby, they not only look sweet, but at such a great pricepoint they make a lovely little gift to bring when you visit a newborn in hospital or whom has just arrived home. And they are useful too – little fingers cannot grasp large, flashing plastic rattles, especially the ones that are half filled with water for teething! What 6 month old have you met that knows how to identify the water filled section from the plastic – pl-lease.

Alimrose have a quaint style and gentle nature about them and whilst being bright enough to be engaging for a little persons eyes, the muted colours are more subtle than your primary brights making them seem a little more suitable for a newborn.alimrose_rattlenavystripemonkey_large

My favourite – the Alimrose monkey rattle. One year on we still have one tied to our pram and one sits on our change table making a great distractor at nappy change time!

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There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…but I don’t know why she didn’t live in a Goki shape sorter house!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Yes yes, you know we love a wooden toy at The Hip Infant, but this gorgeous little wooden shape sorter puzzle from Goki is devine and just furthers our argument for why wood is in and plastic is out!

A perfect toy for hand hand eye co-ordination and just right for boys or girls. The lovely red roof and 6 bright colourful shapes are painted with water based paints containing no solvents – it’s nice to know you’re getting a product that looks after both our environment and our little ones. We particularly love the green heart shape block, something a little different from the usual circles and squares!

So pretty you don’t want to pack it into the toy box at the end of the day. Perfect for one year olds and up!

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Skip Hop Coming Soon To A Floor Near You!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009


Call it a generalisation but most play mats on the market are kind of kit-ch, all pastel and fluffy. Thus the excitement over the pending arrival of the super cute Skip Hop Funky Farmyard Activity Mat. Bright engaging and not one tacky toy in site. Each mat includes 5 funky little clip on toys and a matching quilted tummy time pillow. Expect to pay $149.95 arrival date still undetermined but keep an eye on our Whats New section it will be there as soon as they land.

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Super Cute Rubber Bath Ducks!

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


It would be safe to assume that we are just quackers about rubber ducks. These brand spanking new ducks from Elegant baby have just floated on down under and our shelves are stocked.

Unlike other brands Elegant Baby Rubber ducks are made from a softer rubber and are great for babes to have a good naw on in the bath. They float fantastically and at $9.95 they are a bargain!

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