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Sharing a Blissed Out Birth!

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Normally I would uhm and ahhh about posting a birth story on our blog. Simply because often it can look like quite a dreadful experience. I was lucky enough to meet Amanda five years ago on a parenting forum when we both had our now five year olds. At the time she had her first baby and I had my third, Amanda has since gone on to have three more babies and yes is now the proud mother of four under five!
Little Jemima arrived three weeks ago and Amanda shared her birth video, I watched it and was really moved with emotions, in fact I sat there in tears, my body was jerking, I was half cheering but I still had a big smile on my face it is the most amazing birth I have ever been priveliged enough to watch and I know many woman will be very inspired to strive for the same experience after viewing it.

Amanda, has also written out her birth story I ahve not edited because I know if you are pregnant and anything like me you have a huge thirst for any tiny bit of information about the road called birth you are heading towards, even if it is your third or fourth. So grab a drink and enjoy the read. To Little Jemima A great big welcome to the world gorgeous girl!


This was my fourth pregnancy, and my easiest by far. I decided early on to keep as fit and healthy as possible, I did aerobics, yoga, pilates, and followed a very healthy diet. But I didn’t want to think too much about the labour. Although I’d had three easy, drug-free births, I just didn’t want to do labour again.
Eventually, around the 20 week mark, I decided to face reality, that baby was coming out, and I might as well start getting used to the idea. I looked into Hypnobirthing and Calmbirth classes but there were none on at times that we could organise a babysitter for our three current children. Plus, my births are easy, it’s only the last five minutes that hurt like buggary. Was it really worth $400 to maybe have a calm final five minutes of labour?

So we decided to do Hypnobirthing at home. I got books on the subject, tapes, CDs and joined the Active Birth Preparation group on EB to chat with other women who were also preparing for drug-free, active births. Hubby and I began our Hypnobirthing practice – with mixed results. Some nights we had a positive time, others we felt that things just wouldn’t come together. The time he tried to massage my back with the backs of his fingers, but scratched me horribly with his sharp, uneven nails was a lowlight. Other times we’d only get half way through a planned session before we decided to ditch it and make love instead.

Had a massive scare at 37 weeks. Baby had turned transverse lie – sideways – and I was looking at a caesarean section if baby stayed that way. I’d already been having pre-labour contractions and expecting them to turn into real labour soon. Fortunately labour did not eventuate and baby turned head down within the week – making an external cephalic version unnecessary. I wanted baby out before she had a chance to turn transverse on me again, and also before school started.

And so began the weeks of nightly, prelabour contractions that disappeared every morning. I then found out that the bath at my birth centre was being dismantled on Monday, 1st Feb, my due date, as they were moving it to another room. I really wanted another waterbirth – so I upped the natural induction stuff – sex every night, nipple stimulation every night, I got herbs, I got a homeopathic remedy and I paid a fortune for acupuncture.

Clayton’s Labour

Saturday 30th January I knew was going to be the day. I’d had some beautiful contractions overnight and they didn’t disappear until almost lunchtime – far later than usual. We knew they’d start up “for real” later that night. Afterall, I’d had a bloody show a week earlier – surely it was time to go into labour.
I called my friend who was to take photographs of the birth over, we bundled the boys off to their uncle’s and prepared for the big event. After dinner I started getting some mild contractions, not much, but thought a good long walk with hubby would help. We went out and admired the full moon, it was a beautiful, warm evening, and then BANG – they started. It was all so intense I nearly had to crawl up the driveway. But the pain was running down my buttocks and into my legs – not much pain in the uterus. Was this normal? Wasn’t sure as I’d only ever had posterior labours before and could never feel much through the back pain. A couple of hours later we decided to phone the birth centre and let them know I was labouring and would come in shortly – have the bath ready!

I was told that no midwife was on duty who was accredited to do waterbirths until 7am. What?? No way!!!! I made the stupidest decision ever and decided to try to slow down this labour so that I’d time it that I gave birth after 7am. Afterall, I’d been able to stop the contractions every night just by going to sleep and they’d usually disappear by breakfast. So I lay down, listening to a hypnosis birthing tape and visualised the contractions become more and more mild.

However I stopped labour completely. Next morning I was distraught – a long walk got some contractions back – but they weren’t labour contractions – just the mild prelabour contractions I’d been having. Sent friend home, went to bed with a headache.

Monday, my due date, was my daughter’s first day of school – obviously couldn’t have the baby that day. Tuesday was my nephew’s birthday – had been told very early on that I wasn’t allowed to have the baby that day. Wednesday was my son’s first day of kinder – couldn’t have baby that day. Thursday was a good day to have a baby – but damnit – it was sooooo hot. Had an appointment that afternoon – There was the usual worry about measuring small (I measure small for every pregnancy) – I asked for a stretch and sweep as I was completely over it all. Midwife said she’d be surprised if I wasn’t in labour within 24 hours. WooHooo!!! Somebody seemed confident this baby would come out.


Got the usual pre-labour contractions that night but this time I was excited – somebody had told me I was going to have a baby – and they meant it. Contractions didn’t disappear when the sun came up and the children awoke – woohooo. I’d even put the TENS on. Once the boys were taken to daycare and our daughter was at school we decided to go for a walk to ram the contractions up a notch.
As we were walking out the door a contraction hit that had me bent over practising my deep breathing for real! Hooray!!! Hubby tactlessly asked “Are we gonna make it to the shops?” and copped a mouthful for asking questions during a contractions. “Babe, we practiced for months, get with it.” Put on raincoat and used umbrella – I’d put on makeup and straightened my hair – wanted to stay looking good for the hospital photos!

So we go and eat the worst breakfast in the history of cafe dining. I was having some nicely intense surges every three or four minutes (never actually timed them). I would stand up, lean on the table and swing my hips from side to side, eyes closed, deep, deep breathing through nostrils.

I had to go to the bank & get money out – left hubby in the cafe. Was just beginning to cross the road when I felt a strong one starting. Run back to side of road. Put my nose up against the lightpole and swing hips while breathing deeply. Thankfully I live in an extremely dodgy suburb so the sight of women dancing with lightpoles in the rain deserves a raised eyebrow, but not a second glance.

We decided to get home and go to hospital. Previous births have escalated steeply toward the end, so we didn’t want to leave it too late. There was no contraction for five, six, maybe seven minutes but then as soon as I stood up – Bang – a massive one, then another. I’d stick my nose into hubby’s chest and feel his strong arms around me – such a comfort. I’d concentrate on swinging my hips and deep breathing. I picked a beautiful rose from our garden – not only did it smell divine, but as I held it, I visualised my cervix opening, just like the rosebud.

We picked up our daughter from school – she had asked very early on if she could come to the birth, phoned her support person and the videotographer.

Made it to the hospital without drama – had contractions every few minutes on the way from the car park to the birth centre. My daughter held my hand during a few of them. It was such a special moment –for the first time ever, it was her giving comfort to me. Got shown our room – time was about 12.30pm maybe a little later.

I love the birth centre, even though it was well documented that I’d planned a waterbirth, they went out of their way to accommodate me. Bed up, bed down, beanbag, towels, water, ice, cd player. I put up some drawings our five year old daughter had done showing the new baby in mummy’s arms and set up the room to make it as homely as I could.

Felicity, our daughter’s support person arrived, and Jac the videotographer. Felicity had been on notice for over four weeks – she’d been sober, sleeping with her phone, and checking it constantly during the day. We were all so excited – finally the big day was here. Labour was still easy going. I’d lean into the beanbag which was placed on top of the bed and swing my hips

At 1.10pm I sent our daughter out and climbed onto bed, leaning into beanbag. I began listening to an Hypnosis for Childbirth tape. It was time to take this labour business seriously.

Almost as soon as I started the tape I heard a new midwife come in. The idea of hypnobirthing is simply to get into a deep state of relaxation so your body can do what it has to do without any muscle tension working against you. So there was no way I was interrupting my concentration in order be polite and do the introductions and small talk. She worked around me, managing to get doppler readings and even feeling the strength of the contractions with her fingertips.

Towards the end of the tape I was starting to lose focus. How dilated was I? When would my waters break? Concentrate Amanda. I hope I’m nearly fully dilated. Imagine if I’m only 5 or 6 cm. Breathe girl, breathe. Well I can keep this calm in the meantime, but I don’t think I can keep it up for hours. Take a deep breath, listen to the tape.

As the tape finished I finally had a chat with Tammy the midwife. I asked for a pile of towels to sit on in case my waters broke anytime soon and some brief small talk that I don’t recall now. I requested that some classical music was played LOUDLY on the CD player. I wanted to imagine myself conducting the orchestra, and I needed to drown out any other thoughts. Little did I know there were ten minutes to go. Hubby was whispering affirmations in my ear “calm and relaxed, calm and relaxed” and even though I started to get restless, I really did imagine myself being calm and relaxed. I’d rock back and forth, banging into the beanbag ahead but the pressure of bulging waters was incredible.

Finally they went with an explosion. I got that moment of doubt that I think all women get “Is this me wetting myself or is it the amniotic fluid?” I didn’t care, I pushed it all out gleefully. We quickly got my knickers off and then the videotographer pressed record and went running downstairs to get our daughter. Surely it wouldn’t be long now.

With the next contraction I gave out a couple of moans. l I like to think that if I’m going to make noise that it would be a great roar of a lioness, but the video shows that I actually gave a couple of chicken squawks. There was a head coming down the birth canal. I put my hand down there. The video shows the midwife telling me that it’s more waters, but I didn’t hear that, as I was busy birthing my baby’s head. That was the most incredible thing I have ever done. I guided my baby’s head out – and she came out with a rush! Turns out her head isn’t much bigger than a tennis ball, so it’s no wonder she flew out like she was on a waterslide.

I didn’t hear Tammy calling for a second midwife, nor the conversation between her and hubby over how beautiful this newly birthed head was. I kept thinking “I’m about to have a baby” and “Oh crap, I have push out some shoulders.” With my third child the head, shoulders and chest all came out in the one push. Next contraction, to the tune of Vivaldi’s Spring I, I gave a half-hearted push. Afterall my body had done a good job without any help from me so far. Plop, there was a baby between my legs.

I looked down to see this tiny little creature looking up at me. She smiled. She’d done a mighty job of entangling herself in the cord so we undid that as I looked to see that she was, in fact, a little girl, just as we’d suspected all along. Things had happened so quickly that I was still fully dressed. I pulled up my singlet to get her onto my chest and couldn’t believe how warm she was. Like a hot water bottle. She smiled again. Weird – none of the others had done that.

Hubby and I were ecstatic – It had all been so easy. A few minutes later our daughter, Felicity and Jac arrive back incredulous that it had happened so quickly. I cut the cord and then we got our daughter to do her “job” which was to count all the fingers and toes – so even though she missed the actual birth, she is still proud of her role.

Placenta came mostly out – little bit was stuck, waited for another ten minutes, then gave a little tug and out it plopped. I had a shower and then we all settled in to play “Who does she look like?” and “Isn’t she the most beautiful baby you ever saw?” with the occasional “Oh, that was so easy, I want to do it again” from me.

All in all it was easily the best birth by far. I had always considered myself a bit of a birthing goddess but this birth merely confirmed it. The hypnobirthing practice we’d done in the months leading up to the birth was put to good use. Even though I didn’t listen to nearly as many tapes as I thought I’d need, I’m not complaining that labour was shorter than expected. And I don’t feel any regret that I didn’t get another waterbirth, well, maybe only a twinge. I’m doubtful that I’d have gotten a waterbirth anyway. By the time things were intense enough to warrant getting in the bath, I doubt I’d have had time to walk to the bath, take off my clothes and climb in. And I wonder if I would have spent the labour thinking “Is it painful enough to get in the bath yet?” which would have had me concentrating on the pain, rather than relaxing.

My labour wasn’t painfree as some hypnobirthing books promise, but it wasn’t painful either. The most unpleasant part was merely the bag of waters bulging. And it wasn’t really even hard work – certainly not physically – well not for childbirth at least. It took a lot of effort to stay relaxed and that was the hard work.
People ask “How long was the labour?” and I don’t know how to answer. After three weeks of pre-labour, it was such a smooth transition to birth that there was no definite stage one, transition, stage two, crowning etc. And it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that we have a healthy little baby, and that mummy is fighting fit. I’d love to do it all again, but like a great sportsman retiring at his peak, I now hang up my birthing cap as I move onto the next stage of my life: guiding Jemima and her three siblings from babies into happy, well adjusted adults.

Jemima Anne Jane
Born 13.50 5/2/2010
Weight: 2.910 kg or 6lb 6oz
Length: 49cm
Head: 33cm

For all the cloth wearing nappy lovers out there Amanda also owns and runs MandyMac Bamboo Nappies with a fab reputation, I know where does she find the time?

Do you have a story you would like to share? we pay $25 in credit to spend at The Hip Infant for every story, review or tid bit we publish, for further info visit here

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Boom Baby Boom!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

newbornbaby_imageIn case you have not heard, us generation X folk are breeders! News is we are the midst of a Baby Boom with a huge 293,600 babies born in the last 12 months which is up 11,400  on the year Prior. A big round of applause to Victorian residents they were responsible for a quarter of all the births in that year…yay Victoria!

So how does having a baby born amidst a Baby Boom affect you? and what measures should you take that ensures the impact on your child’s life is minimal. I have listed a brief list of tips that will hopefully give you an edge on making sure you don’t miss out.

- As soon as you see that second line on a pregnancy test, book into your appropriate health care provider. If possible do your research prior to pregnancy, it will assist you in the long run. Many obstetricians these days are booked out by 5 weeks as are birth centers.

- If you are planning on using childcare another thing to do when you see the two lines is do some research and put your baby on waiting lists. Waiting lists can be huge and it is not always a given your child will get in, it does not matter how desperately you need to get back to work.

- If you are choosing a private education for your child pack the enrollments forms in your hospital bag (I wish I was joking about this). Depending on year of intake and class sizes some schools only have 25 spaces a year for new students

- If your choice of education is the local state school do your research prior, ask around about the local schools in your area if there is one you favour more than the other check with the school about their zones of acceptance, if you are out of that zone and it may only be the difference of 500 meters they are not obliged to take your child if they are at capacity. If you are out of a school zone of a particular school you would like your child to attend then aim to move into that area is at all feasible.

- Consider extra curricular activities such as swimming lessons it is another thing that sounds crazy but they book out fast, leaving it to the last minute will ensure you either miss out or have to commit to a time that really does not suit.

- Lastly if you see something you really like at The Hip Infant BUY IT! we churn through stock at a rapid rate and chances are if it something you love then someone else will too and we really don’t want you to miss out.

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Hip Mum Profile: Mara From Printspace

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

At The Hip Infant we are big fans of the gorgeous prints from Printspace. They make the perfect addition to any nursery decor and our customers love the customised birth announcement prints. They make a great gift for a friend, family or your very own new arrival.

Today we profile Hip Mum behind the brand, Mara Girling.


Name: Mara Girling

Lives: Melbourne

Lives With: Husband Nicholas and two children – Maxiimilian, 3 and Archer 1

Hobbies: Collecting mid century design pieces, good yummy food, sleeping (ha!)

Favourite The Hip Infant Product: David Fussenegger Charcoal Puzzle blanket. I love giving this blanket as a gift – always a hit!

Tell us about Printspace. How did you start the business? My husband Nick and I started Printspace when I was first pregnant and still working as a graphic designer, and Nick was running a graphic design business (which we still have). I knew that I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and also would allow me to work from home while our kids were little. We developed the idea quite slowly as the business actually had a few different forms before it developed into the art and stationery business it is today.

What were you doing before you started Printspace? Working as a graphic designer for an Australian fashion and homewares label.

printspace_birdcage_large2Any tips for setting up your own business? The most important thing is research your idea and market your business. It doesn’t have to cost much – but it is critical. For example; start a blog, join twitter and join some communicty sites like facebook amor skout trade fair. Love, Love Love what you do, if you don’t, your motivation won’t last!

What inspires your artworks? My passion lies with mid century graphic design, textiles, home wares and architecture. The style and subject matter is just stunning. 


At THI we LOVE your birth announcement prints. Can our customers customise the colours and print to suit their nursery decor? Yes, we can definitely work with our customers colour palette or requests.

Tell us about the process of how the print is made? Every print begins its life as a sketch or a scribble (a very very rough scribble!). Then I work the concept up either usking ink or pencil. Once I am happy with the image, it all gets scanned in and then the final print is coloured ready for printing. We use a process called Giclee printing, which is basically a very detailed, hihg quality digital print. We print them all from our studio, to ensure full quality control.  

 printspacepbirdstackpink_largeWhat are some of your most popular prints? There are a few that stand out and they are; The Owl and the Pussycat, The Bird Stack, From Little Things, Love Bird Hearts and Hoot Hoot Little Owl.

How do you juggle a successful business with 2 children? Lists, lists and more lists! Juggling is a good word, keeping all the balls in the requires constant focus, and I am still trying to perfect the skill. Also, support is key, especially from my lovely parents who look after the boys whilst I’m at work. It’s tough, you know when your little one is sick or sad or just wants his Mum, and you want to do is take care of them but you have a looming deadline or order to fill. But there’s always a way around it, you get really creative and learn to embrace working really strange hours!

**HIP COMPETITION REMINDER ** Want the chance to win a Printspace print of your own? Then beat Santa to it this festive season and enter our fab Christmas Stocking competition. We have over $2000 worth of prizes to give away! Ho Ho Ho!


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Bagladies Great Name, Great Product!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

orangebaby_front_handlesweb-230x230I have just stumbled across these fantastic bags. Perfect for storing all the ‘stuff’ that comes with having children and a great alternative to plastic bags and a more stylish solution than the ‘green’ bag!

prada_front_handlesweb-230x230Some are made of canvas, others a similar fabric to the supermarket ‘green’ bags. My favourites are pictured.

sandbag_front_handlesweb09-230x230Ranging in price from $4.95 to $29.95 they are definitely worth having a look at….with Christmas not far away they will make a great Christmas gift for a girlfriend, Mum or sister!

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Hip Mum-To-Be Profile; Stylist Claire Delmar

Friday, October 30th, 2009

img_3906How does one of Australia’s leading freelance stylists who has worked with some of the countries top magazines decide to decorate her own nursery? Check out our hip mum (to be) profile on the ever lovely Claire.

Name: Claire Delmar
Lives: Queens Park, Sydney
Lives With: Husband, James
Hobbies/past times/favourite things:Yoga, Walking, Developing creative concepts
Favourite The Hip Infant Product: Love Mae wall stickers

Who are you and what do you do for a job?

I’m a freelance stylist working in fashion, interiors and food styling. My clients are mainly media – Magazines (Elle Decoration, Living etc in London and Inside Out Magazine, Country Style, Notebook, Home Beautiful, Gourmet Traveller and House & Garden Magazines in Australia), Advertising Campaigns (Westfield, Harvey Norman, Murobond, Phillips etc) and Television Commercials. I also have private interior design clients renovating houses, apartments and display suites.
When are you expecting your baby?

November 23, 2009. Only 5 more weeks very excited.

What are you most looking forward too about being a mother?

Caring and nurturing a life into this world and hopefully guiding it through a life of happiness and contentment.

What are you most nervous about?

The health of the baby most importantly and then how I will cope with the lack of sleep and lifestyle change.

How was it decorating your own nursery, given you have styled rooms/houses for leading Australian and international magazines?

 It was a wonderful experience. We have recently moved so I didn’t have anything planned I just worked within the space.

What was the inspiration behind the nursery?

 I used a lot of furniture that we already had and then just added a few small touches. Not knowing the sex meant that I kept the palette neutral.

Favourite product in the nursery so far?

French eco bassinett.

img_38913Best budget buy?

Ikea change table

Most extravagent buy?

Wardrobe from Belgium!

Any tips for those who are just embarking on styling nurseries in their own home?

Keep it simple you can always add and adapt the room as the baby grows. Let the nursery grow with your baby and listen to friends with babies advice. Measure the space and when you are looking at furniture always keep this in your handbag.

img_3929What cost effective styling tips can you offer our readers?

Wall stickers and small artwork can really bring a space to life without blowing your budget. Rugs are also an affordable way of theming your room. Small hooks with outfits can also work as art.

What colours do you recommend for a nursery?

I like soft muted tones. Greens, whites, creams, greys.

Any things we just SHOULD NOT do when decorating a nursery?

Hang anything dangerous near or over the cot that could potentially fall down.

Best piece of motherly advice you hope to offer your baby?

To be true to itself and that when times get a little tough take a step back and try and stay calm. That everything even though it may not seem like it at the time can eventually be worked through.

**TAKE THAT HIP IDEA AND MAKE IT MINE** Claire’s creativity and flair gave us a few ideas that we could make our own. Whilst we can’t all have beautiful wardrobes from Belgium there are some great paints and stains on the market (check out Porter’s selection of lime paints). Look to pick up a cheap wardrobe from ebay, a garage sale or an auction house and get handy with a paint brush! Claire also suggested wall stickers as affordable and beautiful statement pieces for a nursery. The Hip Infant just happens to have a fantastic selection. Check out my personal favourites from Love Mae and Blik .

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Children’s Sleep And Daylight Saving

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

imagesThank god this long weekend marks the East coast switch to daylight savings. We lose an hour and turn our clocks forward thus meaning we get to enjoy later afternoons at the park, beach and having bbq’s on the deck. For me, it also happily means my household might stop waking up with the birds at 5am like we have been for the last couple of weeks. It does however mean I will be putting Goldilocks to bed in the light of day. Those of you with older children are probably greatful that it means a little more time for them to play outdoors, but for younger ones adjusting sleep patterns can be a little more tricky. So just how do we adjust our littlies sleep patterns?

Adjust Gradually. That means start today. Accept that it may take your kids a couple of days to adjust to to the time change and start putting them to bed a little later (say 15 minutes) in the lead up to the time change. Over the course of 4 days this this will get you back on track to normal sleep time.

Keep It Dark. If putting your babe to bed at night in the light confuses them purchase some block out fabric and tack it onto the back of your curtains or blinds to block out the light.  For any child that has been taught to ‘self sleep’ this shouldn’t be a problem, but not all babies are angel sleepers, so when in doubt keep them super busy so they will be so tired (but not overtired cause that’s a whole other ball game!) that the light won’t affect them

Adjust afternoon naps. No sleeping past 3 hours before bedtime.

Most importantly enjoy the time transition. The extra light means more family time. Go for a walk together, enjoy fish and chips at the beach, kick the footy in the park or just generally enjoy some outdoor time together.

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Top 10 Lust Have Baby Shower Gifts

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

babyshower_lusthavesAs you know we’re all about the baby shower this month. If you haven’t already entered our ‘Ultimate Baby Shower Competition’  then click here and do so quickly, the prizes are just incredible!

So yesterday we kept the piggy bank intact with our Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Giving Ideas On A Budget, however today we are bringing out the hammer and smashing it to little pieces!!!!  I know I know its the GFC and times are tight, but we think the best way to access these uber hip, luxurious products is to pool your resources. Gather a group of friends and pool your money to buy mum and bub-to-be a gift that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, after all a baby shower should be about abit of spoiling! Alternatively if it’s your baby shower and you are after a big ticket item, drop a few not so subtle hints to a group of your girlfriends and if this is to awkward for you, then take the stress out of it all and organise an online registry  or wish list with The Hip Infant and we can look after everything for you!

1. Aden & Anais hooded towel and wash cloth $39.95. This 100% cotton hooded towel is super soft so perfect for drying little newborns after bath time

2. Printspace Custom Print Birth Print $35. Think outside the square and give a blank frame with the promise of one of these divine custom prints once the baby comes along

3. WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles fr $19.95. The lust have of 09, these highly coveted bottles are stylish, functional and free from any nasties often found in plastic baby bottles. Purchasing a Weego is investing in a healthy long bottle feeding future, hardy and durable there will be no need to replace these. Trust us mum to be will be thanking you in years to come.

4. Blik Wall Graphics Bodalee Trees. Adorable, a decorating essential and perfect for a unisex nursery. We love the fact that you can re stick them if you decide to move the nursery around

5. David Fussenegger blanket $84.95. These cosy blankets make a nice change from the hundreds of pastel blankets on the market. Renowned for their eye catching designs, the bright and funky designs and colours are great for mixing and matching  and all blankets are reversible

6. Rondeau Custom Made Names 4letters from $75. Why not make up a gift certificate for the mother-to-be and organise these lovely custom made wooden names once the baby arrives. A lovely personal touch for any nursery.

7. Dwell Studio Storage Bin $134.95. With the arrival of baby so comes the arrival of ALOT of stuff! This stylish bin is perfect for keeping toys, linen or anything else you fancy and will look perfect in any homes decor.

8. Minimonkey Sling $79.95. No doubt about this, this is the best sling on the market, completely adjustable which means everyone in the family can have a go, and with seven funky colours in the range it is easy to find a colour that suits.

9. Skip Hop Playspot $199.95. Without a doubt this is the gift that keeps on giving, it makes the ideal playmat from newborn to toddler hood. Fits perfectly with all decor and packs away neatly when needed.

10. Gertie and Me Moses Basket $250. An excellent alternative to a bassinet, this divine moses basket, is specially hand-woven from maize and is both extremely practical and very stylish for the modern baby, providing a portable, safe and snug environment for the newborn . The linen is made from 100% cotton and can be simply removed for washing. And whilst it is extravagent (this would be a great one for a group of friends to group together on) once the baby has outgrown the basket, it can be easily stored or used for toys, nappies and blankets.

So there you have it our top 10 luxurious baby shower gifts, we hope we’ve not only been helpful but provided some inspiration and taking the stress out of choosing your next baby shower gift.

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New My Child Magazine Out Now!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


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Hip Mum Profile: Little Home = Lovely Home

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

We recently caught up with Hip Mum and the brainchild behind the lovely label ‘Little Home’.

loungeroom-021c1-150x150Tell us about the philosophy behind Little Home?

To create beautiful, luxe cushions in divine, unique fabrics to decorate your entire home.  To bring a designer product to the market that is unique, exceptional quality and doesn’t have the designer price tag.


How did you come to start Little Home?

Little Home came about when I was looking for some beautiful cushions for my own home to decorate my lounge room and my daughter’s bedroom. There was simply nothing on the market that inspired me so I set to work sourcing fabrics to have my own cushions made up for my home and when I discovered so many gorgeous fabrics it went from there.  I thought that if I was looking for an alternative to what was out there than many other people could be as well.  After doing my market research, I discovered I was right.

How do you choose the fabrics that you use?

I tend to not follow the interior trends that are popular at the time, but rather focus on designs and prints that are going to appeal to peoples individual styles so they will last my customers longer than the fads.   Also my personal taste is a big factor too.

Who are your style icons?

Anne Hathaway, Sarah Murdoch and Sibella Court

Top 3 home styling items/pieces/furniture?

My number 1 item would have to be cushions of course they are the perfect, cost effective way to add a theme, colour and texture to any room.

Number 2 is art.  What you have on your walls is going to dictate the whole feel of a room whether it be a large canvas abstract painting or a vintage framed floral oil painting it is going show your style.

Number 3 is lamps. I love having lots of lamps around to add light and warmth to a room, plus they are a good way to inject colour and personality.  They are also very versatile if you decide you would like a change you can always paint the base and recover the shade for a completely different look.

renataschmittmann1-150x150 Accessories such as pillows and throws are a great way to update a room for a minimal cost, do you have any style tips for decorating?

My number 1 tip for cost effective decorating is the bigger the piece of furniture the more classic and neutral it should be.  Invest in your larger pieces like your couch, dining table, coffee table, tv cabinets spend the most money on them and make sure they have classic lines and neutral finishes, you will have them for many years and they will last.  Use cushions, throws, rugs, lamps, books, trinkets, vases, flowers and art to inject the colour and theme into your rooms this makes it easy to change if you want a new look and very cost effective.

Should we follow any rules about colour?

It’s great to use lots of colour in decorating to add individuality to a room but make sure that when you are decorating an open plan house or rooms that are adjoining you continue a colour scheme throughout so your rooms don’t look disjointed and small.  A good way to do this is to keep the wall, window and skirting board colours matching throughout the space.

daughtersroom2-150x150What’s coming up for Little Home this Spring?

I have a brand new range coming out next month which is very exciting. Be the first to know about them and receive a sneak preview by signing up to Little Home.

COMPETITION ALERT!! This week we are giving away one divine Little Home cushion, simply visit the Little Home and then leave a comment here telling us which one is your favourite design and why.

Unfortunately for us the Blue Bell bottomm and Ava Rose have sold out, so don’t include those as one of your faves!

We will be drawing the competition on August 18th. Good Luck!!


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Time out for parents = Valuable

Monday, July 27th, 2009

jills_accomAs parents it is so easy to get sucked into the vacuum of day to day life. Working and accommodating every one’s needs except for our own.  Our children of course are always be a priority but time out for parents should also be high on the list.

I am thrilled to share that we have just taken out some time for us and talked, laughed, SLEPT and recharged our batteries. Ready to encounter the day to day routine that we call life.


Fortunately we had a great excuse (in the disguise of a friends 40th) to get away or we would never have done it.

Our destination was Moorooduc Estate an oasis of serenity an hour or so out of Melbourne. Nestled in between sprawling acres of vines and an outlook to die for it was hard to not imagine we had arrived in heaven. The peace and silence was just what we needed.

jills_foodWith no little mouths to feed other than our own it was a pleasure to focus on one of my other loves which is good quality, wholesome and of course hearty food. Mooroduc Estate is also home to Jill’s Restaurant which is a dining pleasure.

So parents remember, time out is important . It does not have to be an indulgent flash trip away, it could be a walk to the park together or a child free chat on the phone..just make sure you do it.