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Recipe Tuesday and Hip Product Alert!! The On Tray Trolley Clip On Snack Box

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

ontray_blue_largeI’m afraid I have to eat my words. Given it’s Recipe Tuesday it seems fitting! 

I started out writing this blog saying I wasn’t a gadget girl. However the more hip things we recieve in the warehouse and the more hip things that Mel sources I realise I’m talking garbage. Who am I kidding? I love all the great gadgets we stock. From the controversial Boon Inc Squirt Baby Food Spoon (which despite the facebook discussions I still love!), to the Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes case I think I’m finally a gadget girl! I come to this conclusion for a very good reason; I think parenting is tough and I’m learning that the older your child gets it doesn’t necessarily get any easier. Thus, if there’s something that can help make this grand task  that we have taken on easier, then I’ve decided I’m all for it!

So given we usually dedicate Tuesday’s to something of the eating sorts I thought I’d introduce you to the On Tray Trolley Clip On Snack Box!

Anyone who’s taken a small child shopping knows you need list in hand, a quick plan of attack and some snack or ‘treaties’ as they are called in our household to ensure there is some distraction from the enticing , brightly coloured supermarket aisles!

This product is genius, it’s great size allows for it to be whipped out of your handbag at the flick of a wrist and effortlessly attached to a standard shopping trolley to house snacks, ‘treaties’ or whatever little items has been clutched in your wee ones hands that day (at the moment Goldilocks has a thing for hairclips and she has to carry one in each hand! Go figure!). It has an easy slide lid so if you don’t get through all the snacks they can be securely and hygenically stored. So easy! BPA free and dishwasher safe I think these little gadgets are a must have for the supermarket aisles.

I recommend filling with one or more of the following; Sultana’s, dried apricots, a freshly baked muffin, some sliced cheese or a Tiny Teddy or two!!!

Enjoy! Happy Recipe Tuesday!

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Anyone for an Ice Cold Teether?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

weego_teetherwithbaby_largeWe seem to have been all about teething, the last month has seen the arrival of the Teethifier and Sophie the Giraffe both excellent products.
weego_teethingrings3_largeAnother goodie has just arrived, the Multi Sensory Teether from the clever folk at Lifefactory Weego are awesome! It is fantastic for so many reasons, it is flexible so can be squished and squeezed, it has all sorts of textures like bumps, ridges and ribs, it is BPA, phthalate, PVC, and latex free, mum can wear it as a very funky accessory meaning it will always be handy and our favourite feature they can be kept in the freezer which makes them even more soothing when applied to babes angry teething gums!
Another little tip: invest in a Heimess dummy chain, they are not just great to keep dummies close by, they can also be used for toys. Simply loop the teether through the dummy chain and it can be clipped onto the stroller or even baby’s top meaning the risk of loss is greatly reduced which us mums love!
For a little more info on the teether there is a little Youtube video here

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Tat Your Tot for the little tearaway in your life!

Monday, September 21st, 2009


I still have flash backs thinking about my now six year old as a toddler, the minute he began to walk he ran and he was fast. With an older child and a newborn it was easy to take my eyes off him for a second or two, only to have him toddle off somewhere. It was usually a panicked, heart wrenching few minutes full of what ifs  before I located him and to be honest I still have heart palpitations just thinking about it. He still wanders off and it still causes some anxiety but these days he is older, wiser and hopefully more responsible than a two year old!

It is too late for us now as my now two year old sticks herself to me like glue but I wish Tat Your Tot was around a few years ago, it won’t stop toddlers running but will ensure that you will have some sort of peace of mind when they do. Even if you do not own a runaway Identitats are great for days out to a show, a big event or the zoo with a few kids or even a birthday party where you a in charge of a few children.

Additionally Tat Your Tot also do a great range of Party Tats I have not encountered a child yet that does not love a tattoo and they make the perfect junk food free party favour.

I won’t bore you anymore with my waffle, these tats are great and have a zillion products all really functional be sure to check them out for yourself

*Offer Alert! Invest in a purchase from Tat Your Tot and take 15% off your order total, Yay! Enter code hipinfant at checkout to redeem, offer valid til 30th September*

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Taking charge a positive way

Friday, July 31st, 2009

littlebillies_rewardchartWith four sometimes unruly little people in the house I am always on the look out for something that will bring some structure and order to our lives. Hubby and I are guilty of inconsistency so rule based systems work really well for us, in fact sometimes the kids are more up to speed with our rules than we are!

I was thrilled to have recently stumbled across Little Billies Positive parenting tools and instantly made a purchase. A new term new routine was my philosophy and I am relieved to say a week in and our chosen method is working really well, yay!

littlebillies_pigchartWe chose to use My Piggy Bank with is a coin type visual  reward system, we are using the docking method so a coin to reward good behaviour and remove a coin for negative behaviour. As our children range in age from two to ten it seemed the best tool to use for consistency. Depending on the age of the child a monetary amount is allocated to each piggy coin 10c for 4 year old and 50c for the 10 year old.

littlebillies_orangechartThe thing I really love about Little Billie is their reward charts are suitable to be used from eighteen months plus, they are clear, appealing, comprehensive and depending on the battle you chose to take on they have a chart suitable.

Additionally they are very affordable and ours arrived on our doorstep in two days, customised and all!

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Itzbeen Too Long!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

itzbeen_green_largeWe have to be honest our first thoughts on the newItzbeen Baby Care Monitor was this is crazy, whats the world coming to when we need an instrument to help us care for our newest additions. however the more we thought about it and learnt about the monitor it really did not seem like a crazy idea after all.

They say it take a tribe to raise a child and lets face it we all know parenting isn’t a one person job. The immediate benefits we can see for this monitor is the continuity it offers the baby, parents know when babes next feed is due, they know when the baby last had a pooey nappy, one parent can walk out the door and the other parent, granny or a babysitter can easily pick up where the last person left off.

Its the ideal tool for both the breastfed or bottle fed bub, it will even tell you what side the baby last fed from! The Itzabeen baby care monitor is available in three different colours (pink, blue & green) is small, lightweight, has a belt clip for easy portability and in our new and informed opinion absolutely genius! and at $39.95 we think its a bargain.

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