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Is The Polish We Wear A True Reflection Or Just Gloss!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

I recently came across this cute little book Enamel Diction at a friends house. It’s bright pink cover screamed at me to pick it up and in flicking the pages I genuinely had a few laugh out loud moments!

I must confess I’m a lover of nail polish. I always have been. From quite an early age. I spent many of my high school years being sent to the office only to have to dip my nails in a caustic acetone solution to remove the latest colour that I was trying to wear under the radar from my teachers! In fact, one of my pet hates is unpolished toe nails….and nude underwear (but that’s a whole nother story!).

So this book appealed to my nail polish senses! Enamel Diction promises to give readers the lowdown on how their choice of nail polish reveals their intimate secrets. Ultimately it suggests that how we choose to express ourselves is an important clue to our inner nature. So as I type my baby pink finger nails reveal that I’m ‘well groomed glamour. Sparkling like vintage rose champagne, there’s nothing old fashioned about you/me’ etc etc I goes on to read like a Gossip Girl voice over and I truely chuckled as I read it. As for my toes….currently fluro orange….apparently ‘unlike the prisoners of society I don’t need no-one to tell me what to do’!! 

This book is a lot of fun and a great style bible gift for the festive season. It warns you to have your google ready. There are a lot of witty references to pop culture, literature, fashion and music that not every one will get. But if and when you do you won’t regret taking time to flick through this cheery little book.

I’ve bought one for all my closest girlfriends and I’m going to team it with a nail polish – a great Christmas gift! And for my sisters I’m going to combine it with a pedicure voucher! Perfect! So as Enamel Diction suggests……….Buff of the coating to varnish the truth! Order now in time for Christmas gift giving!

hopscotch_playmate_largeAnd speaking of nail varnish…if you’re little lady likes polish as much as I do then check out our Hopscotch Kids Water Colour Nail polish. at $19.95 and available in 5 different colours these make a great little stocking filler. Non toxic, these water based colours are free from the harsh chemicals that most polishes contain! Now the only question is which colour to choose and what does it say about you and your little miss???!!!!

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Christmas Gifts For Girls! Save, Spend and Splurge!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

hipstuff_maracaspinkstripe_largeLooking for a budget concious stocking filler? Then you can’t go past a set of brightly coloured maracas $12.00! Fun for everyone!



lilliputens_babychloe_inbasket_largeSpend your money wisely and on something your little lady will love forever then look no further than the Lilliputiens Baby Chloe $39.95. Gorgeous baby Chloe comes complete with blanket and easy to change pyjamas and nappy so little girls can play for hours looking after Chloe. 

dwellstudio_backpack_paperd_largeGoing all out this year? Then take a look at the Dwell Studio Petal Paper Dolls backpack $69.95. Perfect for packing up for summer holidays this sweet printed backpack is great for toys, books or clothes! And what girl doesn’t love a bit of a handbag??!!

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Christmas Gifts For Boys! Save, Spend and Splurge!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Running out of time and ideas? Let us help!

sparklet_piratepuzzle_largeWatching the budget? Need a little stocking filler? Then SAVE with the super cute Sparkle T Pirate Puzzle $7.95. Great for hand eye co-ordination this brightly coloured timber puzzle has pieces that are perfect for little hands.

tigertribe_carboxset_setup_largeLooking for a mid range SPEND gift? Something that will last? Something that you and your little man will get hours of play out of? Look no further than the Tiger Tribe Wooden Car Box $59.95! The set includes three cars and a track and at the end of the day all the pieces can be packed away into the wooden box!


runna_blackmay2010_largeWanting to SPLURGE this year? Or has Grandma, Grandpa or Great Aunt Betty sent some money to spend wisely on your little man? Then pool your funds and look to the RUNNA Balance Bike $149.95! I LURVE these bikes. Made from timber they are tough and look cool and suitable for 2 years and up as the seat is adjustable. These bikes teach balance and encourage kids to use their core and they eliminate the need for training wheels on a bigger bike for down the track!

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All I Want For Christmas Is…..

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

If you’re anything like me I get very overwhelmed at this time of year with friends, relatives and husbands hounding me with ‘what do you want for christmas?’. A) I like a suprise B) It seems all year I covet things but when it comes to christmas I can’t remember any of them and C) At times when I have been suprised I generally don’t like the item/thing/piece of clothing, so I am better to make a list. Check it twice and then submit to the various hounding questioners!

This year I am buying and recieving magazine subscriptions and movie tickets. I consider both luxury items. In terms of the material product they provide. Ie, both magazines and movies can are expensive when you’re watching your pennies. They also, as a mother, provide a luxury in time. We don’t get much time to ourselves these days whether we’re a mother or not. So to sit and read a magazine or tune off from the outside world and view a movie it’s a luxury. I also think they’re the gift that keeps on giving. A year’s magazine subscription provides joy each month and saving up a movie ticket until you find a movie that you’re excited about is also great!

So that’s what I’m buying and requesting. But what am I giving Goldilocks and Tinkerbell?

I feel blessed that my children are spoilt for choice in terms of toys. But I don’t like alot of clutter around the house and….I’m not huge on plastic toys. Hence, why I love working for The Hip Infant!

So, fortunately the girls are too young to read this blog so I can share their Christmas gift lists with you! Hopefully you might get some ideas of your own!

Goldilocks 2.5 years old

angel_hotpink_hero_largeAn Angel At My Table Teepee. I LOOOOVE these and secretly want it for myself. We contemplated a substantial cubby house this year, but I’ve got itchy feet and want to move next year, so I think we will wait. This will tie us over perfectly. We can put it up on the lawn or inside in her room. I look forward to hosting tea parties and story reading sessions in it!

janod_confetti_ukelale_largeThe Janod Confetti Ukelele. I might curse myself for this….as it is strum with much gusto. But I think she will like it!

giimmo_princetiger_largeThe Giimmo ‘Prince’ The Tiger night light. I love these sweet night lights and think she will too. A friend to go to sleep beside who will cast a warm glow into her room. Perfect.

dwell_farm_stamp_set_out_of_box_large1The Dwell Studio Stamp Kit Farm. We love abit of craft in our house. This is not only cute but great for hand eye co-ordination.

Tinkerbell. 10 weeks old

vulli_sophiethe20giraffe_largeSophie The Giraffe. In anticipating of teething and before that, a nice friend. This is a wonderful product for any babe.

alimrose_wristrattle_pinkowl_large1Alimrose Wrist rattle. In no time Tinkerbell will be discovering her hands and this sweet little rattle bracelet will be a lovely little toy to occupy her wandering hands.

buttermilk_romper_apple_white_largeButtermilk Baby Romper. LOOOOOOVE! I love this romper for not only the sweet little print, but also the practicality. Dresses ride up and often have buttons down the back which aren’t great for lying babies but rompers keep tummies covered and warm with no riding up.

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What The! Dads Can Breastfeed Too???

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Yes I know, for those of you like me not in the know, this news has come as quite a suprise, ok maybe shock. Part of me thinks damn I could of shared the breastfeeding load with hubby had of I known earlier and the other part of me goes ewwww ( think hairy nipples!)

Anyway no need to take my word for it, sit back and watch the most interesting six minutes of film you will see today.

Milkmen is a short film factual, emotive, a little quirky and for me it evoked some interesting emotions that left me wondering if I really would be ok with handing that role over to a partner. With no plans for more babies of my own I guess I will never know but I would love to know ha others think. Happy viewing!

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Call Out! Random Reviewers Required To Test The New Upsized Version Of The Tiger Tribe Backpack!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

You all asked for it, customers have been calling out for a larger Tiger Tribe Backpack  and guess what?  They listened.


This week Tiger Tribe launched their new and improved large backpack, well actually it’s more like a ‘huge’ backpack and just perfect for older kiddies, weekends away and those that like to stuff everything into the one bag. It also goes without saying that in true Tiger tribe style the prints are adorable.tigertribe_largebackpack_rocket_large

We are looking for some reviewers to take the new large backpacks for a test run and tell us all about it.  Interested?  All you need to do is respond to our Facebook call out, we are looking for those that are currently in search of a larger bag because they are struggling to fit everything they need to put into the one they are using at the moment, please also let us know the sex and age of your child. Get in quick we will be announcing our reviewers at 8.30pm 24/10/10tigertribe_largebackpack_owlintree_large

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

- Our call out for testers/reviewers is in no way associated or supported with Facebook

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We Have Been Reviewed By Little Crew!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

At The Hip Infant we applaud concepts that are a little unique and out of the ordinary. We are loving brand new iphone app Little Crew a fab review site that delivers daily reviews and updates straight to your phone.

Each product reviewed on Little Crew is purchased, touched, felt and used meaning it really is one of the very few non biased review sites around. You get a real opinion and real feedback from a shopper just like

 We were thrilled to have Little Crew review our Milk & Co range and as we would expect the reports were glowing. Special mention was made of fab new miracle cream Spotty tots. Lastly just a little update the Milk & Co bath wash is currently sold out almost everywhere, the only way you can get your hands on this bath time must have is to purchase the small Milk & Co gift packwe now have in stock which includes the bath wash and the Nighty Night room spray. Not only does this pack make a great pair it is also an opportunity to make some great savings.


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Recipe Tuesday! Well Sort Of….

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

babushkakups_outofbox_largeInstead of a recipe today, a quick little introduction to one of our new fav foodie products! The very sweet Babushka nesting drinking cups….Babushkups!

The Babushka motive has been popular on the scene for sometime now and there’s no sign of it going anywhere so jump on the trend with these gorgeous little tumblers that save shelf space in the cupboard (and who doesn’t need that?) by neatly stacking inside of one another.

At $24.95 they are great value for 3 cups. Babushkups hold 8 (225mls), 10 (280mls), and 14 (395mls) ounces. They’re made from strong, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass and packed in a colorful protective gift-box.

Please note: Borosilicate glass is not invincible, and caution should be used when these are used around young children. It will crack if subjected to very sudden and radical temperature fluctuations, or if it is dropped. It is more likely to crack or snap than to shatter, however, making it a safer glass to have around in a situation where breakage is a concern.

Happy Recipe Tuesday! Enjoy!


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Hip Random Reviews: Belly Art Inkless Print Sets

Monday, September 6th, 2010

We have long been fans of the Belly Art Inkless Print kits. At $24.95 the affordable kits makes creating a priceless memory not only simple but easy! Whether you’re making an artwork for the wall, a momento for grandparents or a custom thank you card image the Belly Art Inkless Print kits are an essential for any new baby. We also think they make a great baby shower gift!

Just to make sure it wasn’t all in our heads we asked five hip mums to road test the Inkless Print sets…..luckily they confirmed what we thought! Read the rave reviews below!

Hip Mum Jessica’s thoughts;

My first try at getting foot prints of my 2 month old son, William, was the biggest disaster EVER!. With pale blue ink that could barely be see on the paper, but could be seen all over Williams feet, clothes and my floor!!, the result was less than impressive. Aiming a wriggling foot at a small piece of paper, together with an urgency to get that foot onto paper before the ink dried out was a nightmare! Then there was holding him still enough to not only get the ink all over his foot evenly, but to somehow hold the inkpad without dropping it! Needless to say I was very excited to try the belly art inkless prints kit and give this special memory some justice

I can happily say, take #2 of footprints was a success! Now aged 14 months, the foot in question is even more wriggly! With the inkless kit, all I had to do was wipe a little paper towel over Williams foot, because it didn’t make a mess I didn’t have to worry about where he was wriggling while I did it, or if his foot was flat, as I could just rub all over. Following this, it was just a foot press onto a decent sized piece of paper! Because I was able to just sit him on my lap and wipe him with the towel, he wasn’t trying to pull away when I pressed his foot, which made a big difference! The footprint then appeared right in front of my eyes! It was really easy, and it was a great result. Without any hesitation, I decided to do the other foot (which easily fit on the same piece of paper), and the result was equally impressive! Why not do his hands, I thought, and again, I was impressed!! After 5 minutes and only 1 inkless wipe, I had a lovely set of hand AND footprints, a happy baby, and most importantly a clean floor!!

The only thing I would caution, is make sure that when you push your child’s foot onto the paper, be careful where you put your hands, I do have a few mummy marks around the first print. But all in all, this is a fantastic product, so much easier than ink, and very user friendly



 Hip Mum Jackie also had success;

I was so excited to receive my Belly Art inkless print kit in the mail and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint! 

Quick and easy to use you literally wipe the feet or hands with the towelette and press onto the paper provided and presto you have the most amazing detailed prints of your child’s feet or hands. I did prints of both my 2 year old and my 6 week old daughter’s feet. It was so easy I didn’t need any help from a second party to hold the baby while I did the printing.

My 2 year old loved me taking her prints, and kept asking me to do more as the afternoon grew and the activity was well and truly finished!

I did run into a couple of hazards at my own fault, and would recommend to anyone using the product to only open the towelette and paper when you want to use it immediately. In my excitement, unfortunately I opened it and left it on the kitchen bench and some water got onto the paper which created some ink spots.

Helpful tip – you can’t print onto normal paper so you need to look after the paper provided. So keep it in a safe dry place or use it immediately! 

It’s a great product to use to put in a frame on the wall or scan into the computer and use as a baby thank you card.
Might also be nice to print grandparents hands or a mother and daughter moment in time too! Plenty of options and I don’t think any of it would be wasted, it’s just too easy and fun to do! It’s a great clean, no mess no fuss product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a keepsake of their child.

Hip Mum Sascha loved it just as much as we do;

Wow, Priceless! I absolutely loved this kit & wish I’d known about it 2 years ago. I tested this product on our 2 year old son Mac and our 3 ½ month baby girl Lola. I also tested it with my husband using it with the children while I observed and took photos of the process. It was so easy. This made it a fun experience for everybody involved.

I remember when Mac was less than 3 months old we attempted to use an ink pad print kit. So while Mac was in the bath with his Dad I pressed his hand then foot in the ink and did prints and we could wash the ink off his skin straight away. It was not an easy task, or neither was it fun. Although, I was still proud of our efforts and faxed a copy to the grandparents!

For my last Mother’s Day my husband used paint and tried to put the kid’s prints in a card for me. As sweet as the thought was Lola’s outfit was ruined and Mac’s bedroom rug still shows the evidence!

Now we have found success with the Belly Art Inkless Print Kit it was so easy and no mess at all. I also found it to be the most detailed of any prints we have made in the past. Our two year old son Mac loved it so much he would have happily kept printing all night. Lola, three ½ months was quite oblivious to what was going on but the end product for her family is priceless. Best of all was that my husband successfully completed the process. The only negative point being that my husband forgot to keep his big fingers off the page and we got a couple of his prints here and there. It was also a little difficult to get Lola to hold her hand out flat and straight as she likes holding a fist, so we did go back for a second go with her thumb.

The end results look fantastic, so good I think I’ll frame them for my bedroom wall. For $24.95 this would be one of the best presents for a baby shower or a newborn, but really any age it would still be a success and a great piece of history. I would love to re-do Mac and Lola’s prints every couple of years to compare over time and I really think at this price I can’t go wrong.

I am also a Primary School Teacher and I believe this would be ideal for use in the classroom or at a kindergarten. It would definitely stop parents being unhappy due to ink getting on their child’s clothing.


 And finally, if those reviews didn’t convince you….here’s one more from Naomi for good luck!

My name is Naomi & I’ve been desperate to print my wriggly baby’s hands & feet for a long time now. My son Noah turns one next week, so being able to trial the Bellyart Inkless printing kit has been perfect timing to get it in for his birthday! 

I have tried two other printing kits in the past when bub
was younger but had HUGE dramas. My bub is extremely wriggly and never sits still (not even when he’s asleep!). Trying to get the ink on his hands/feet
and then onto paper to print was a nightmare. I still haven’t managed to get some of the stains out of the carpet and couch!

The Bellyart Inkless print kit is so easy to use (even with a wriggly baby!). The instructions are easy
to follow and it is so quick to complete the whole process. I was a bit confused at first as to how it all worked (i.e., no ink & what looked like baby wipes & plain paper), but it soon became very clear. It reminded me a lot of when I was a kid and had the invisible ink pens!

I used the kit after my son’s bath before bedtime – just to make sure he was nice and clean, and he’s also most relaxed then. The wipes provided to apply the “inkless” stuff are so convenient – nice and soft like regular baby wipes. No need to try and roll on ink, just wipe the hands and feet completely and it’s all good.

I did the feet first, in case Noah tried to grab the paper after I’d done his hands. Once the wiping was done, pressed each foot/hand firmly onto the
paper and voila … instant baby prints with NO MESS!!!! It was so easy to use that anyone could do it with the most uncooperative of babies. I think the most difficult part of the process was me being pedantic about where to
place bub’s hands/feet on the paper so it looked nice! I would definitely recommend the Bellyart Inkless print kit to anyone looking to create beautiful, fuss & mess free prints of their baby’s hands and feet. So much so I have in fact bought it for my brother’s baby who was born last week!















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Product Of The Day! Little Red Riding Hood

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

alimrose_doll_redriding_largeA couple of people have suggested that Baby Sister once out, is named Little Red Riding Hood. If she is, then surely this should be close by her side!

Alimrose strike again with yet another beauty, priced at $47.95 and measuring about 40cm high this divine Little Red Riding Hood doll is suitable from birth to all ages!

Seriously sweet and even cuter when tucked under the arm of your loved babe.

Only 3 weeks and 3 days till we find out if Baby Sister really is a Little Red Riding Hood or if she’s a…………….

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