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Glamping….And Happy New Year

Friday, February 4th, 2011

We are back! After churning out our fab ‘Deal A Day’ January we are thrilled to be back on board. Or should that be back on blog? Lot’s has happened since I last wrote in mid December. Goldilocks was spoilt at Christmas and has spent much of summer swimming, scootering and paddling in our paddle pool and sand pit. Tinkerbell has decided she no longer wants to sleep through the night (grrrrrr) and has started solid foods already! I can’t quite believe she is 5 months old this week!

It’s hip to be back!

We have loads of exciting things in store for you for 2011. Fabulous new products that you won’t have seen before, all your old favourites and a good healthy dose of day dreaming thoughts to help you get through the day!

To round off January and kick off the new year (I always think the year starts in February, January is still ‘holiday mode’ for me) The Blue Eyed Chef treated me to a night away at the idyllic Paperbark Camp in Jarvis Bay on the stunning south coast of NSW. It was our first night away from Tinkerbell and we chose to go on a day that hit 40 degrees in Sydney. But we packed up the car, turned the air conditioning up to high, removed the CD stacker of High 5, Travelling Toones and Justine Clarke CDs and loaded it up with our favourite CDs, that contained compulsory sing along music. With a kiss for both the girls and a big one for my Mum who was very sweet to have them for the night we were off!

A tinge of guilt over came me as I zipped off for a romantic night away whilst Northern Queenslanders braced for a cyclone of epic proportions, so I sent my thoughts of strength and courage and had moments of contemplation whilst The Blue Eyed Chef sang his little heart out somewhat off key!

OUr destination was Paperbark Camp. Set amongst Australian bushland, Paperbark Camp is a group of tents imported from Africa set up on stilts. I’m not a camper. But the brochure refered to this as ‘Glamping’ camping with the creature comforts so I think The Blue Eyed Chef thought that would get me over the line.

We spoilt ourselves with massages on the deck of our tent, a few hours at the beach, talking, swimming, reading uninterrupted and indulged in a few drinks at the pub before we enjoyed an amazing meal at the on site restaurant. Whilst there were some points where I felt like Miranda from Sex And The City when she goes on her honeymoon in the woods with Steve (if you’ve seen the episode, you will be laughing), particularly when I crouched under a Eucalypt in order to find service on my phone to text ‘Can’t Live Without Friend’ it was on the whole an amazing experience. With kangaroos hopping past our room and a few possums tinkering around our outdoor bathroom at night (we had to lock the tents as apparently the possums have learn’t to undo the zips!).

Now I understand everyone isn’t in a position to have a ‘glamping’ night away. It’s costly, hard to get time off work and not everyone has family they can rely on like I do. But what I learn’t from our little night away was how important it was for my marriage and my role as a mother to take a break. And we have vowed to do it more often. Too often we get caught up in the daily rigmarole of life; ticking off to do lists, paying bills, trying to be a mother, friend, wife etc etc etc. So this year I’m going to take time; even if it means a take away meal with the TV off and candlelight. We are going to take time to sing out loud together more, laugh out loud together more and clear my mind of children (just temporarily) more.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey. Hope it inspires all you busy mums, dads and carers to do the same……..

Happy Friday and Happy New Year….I look forward to sharing my up and down journey of motherhood, life and hip products with you this year!


Would A Pressure Cooker Save Your Life?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

1673331Following on from my job description blog on Monday I thought I’d share my thoughts on a recent book I read – Juanita Phillips’ ‘A Pressure Cooker Save My Life’. On a trip to the libary for ‘storytime’ with Goldilocks this book literally fell out of the shelf onto my foot. I was wrangling Goldilocks who was running through the aisles, nursing a 4 week old and I bumped this book off the shelf. Its byline read ‘how to have it all, do it all and keep it all together’. I laughed to myself, or maybe even out loud and immediately added it to the pile of books-to-borrow.

Part survival guide, part cook book ABC newsreader Juanita Phillips recounts in a very open and honest way her public breakdown on national television (she was suffering severe panic attacks and whilst reading the news her throat literally closed over preventing her from speaking) and how she rose from the ashes to lead a very organised, well balanced life as worker, mother of two and wife. She was as she recounts, literally saved by a pressure cooker that she found in a second hand shop. On realising how much time she could save with this she turned her whole life around. Juanita offers survival tips, great family recipes, how to juggle the work/mother balance that so many of us struggle with.

This self-confessed failed supermum offers a light hearted read that made me laugh and gave me some great tips on surviving a hectic family life in a calmer, more organised, simpler and healthier way.

Add it to your list of holiday reading! I recommend it.

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Mother Wanted. Only Serious Applicants Need Apply.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

As a mother we seem to have an innate ability to juggle many balls in the air at one time. It’s something I think that women are born with.

The Blue Eyed Chef was on hold the other night renewing our newspaper subscription when I asked him a question. He held up his hand and told me he couldnt talk because he was on hold. That’s right, on hold listening to terrible music, but he couldn’t juggle doing that and holding a conversation! Had it been me, I would have been on hold, preparing dinner and simultaneously breastfeeding Tinkerbell. But no, his brain couldn’t listen to one thing and talk.  I’m not too high on my soap box, I’m the first to admit we don’t always juggle well, but  part of the job description would definitely include juggling…..this got me thinking just what would the job description read? For my family it would be as follows….

We are a family of 2 children (one 2.5, one 10 weeks old) , one husband (works long hours, more often than not not home in the evening and from September to December is extremely busy cooking for other peoples parties so is not home) and a 4 year old Cavoodle (technically whom requires walking, but is just as happy to sit on your lap and watch tv for as long as anyone will allow) we are seeking a mother whom fulfills all or most of the below requirements:

Finds the joy in both the small and larger things in life. A mother who has time to stop to smell the roses, star gaze, marvel at new growth in the garden and sky writing.

Reads good stories and when she says ‘we are only having 2 tonight’, she will sneak in an extra just to suprise us

When the Blue Eyed Chef is not home and taking care of the cooking, you will be required to cook us yummy, nutritionally complete breakfast, lunches and dinners, sweet treats and snacks. And just when we’ve eaten peas every night for 4 nights and you think you’re onto a winner we will announce that we don’t like peas and we shall never eat them again forcing you to discover another ‘green’ that we will eat.

Time to yourself will be limited. Often when you sneak off to have a shower and reclaim five minutes of peace we may ride our scooter into the bathroom and demand a drink, or start going through the bathroom cupboard and apply sunscreen at bedtime, thus cutting short your ‘me time’ and your shower time!

Must be resiliant to mess. Just when you think it’s tidy we will probably mess it up and you will have to clean it up again.

Will be able to answer all our questions and quell all our fears about garbage trucks, postmen, barking dogs and any other foreign noise or sight that we are not aware of yet.

You will be unable to talk on the phone for long periods of time, read a magazine  from front to back in one sitting or lie in bed and read the papers on a Sunday morning (well maybe you will….but this will only be once a year on mothers day).

Organisation in this role is key. You must be able to plan to walk out the door by a certain time and be prepared with snacks, drinks, change of clothes in case toddler has an accident, nappies, change of clothes in case baby has an accident, something to occupy us both whilst you’re at the post office in a queue 20 people deep and whatever item or items (there could be up to 5) the toddler wishes to accompany them on their outing that day – be it a ball, three dolls, a plastic dinosaur and assortment of costume jewellery. Ergo, carry a bag of similar size to something you back-packed around Europe with in your 20′s (remember that? when you were young and free? ha!)

You will also be required to be publically presentable. On the days you think you look half decent, it is highly likely that as you walk out the door you will be slobbered, vomited or pooed on. Or, if you’re lucky you might get the trifecta all in the space of walking from the front door to the car parked on the street. On the days when you schlep out the door with your hair in the same pony tale it’s been in for three days, your tracksuit pants that are too short at the ankle and the top that you wore to bed for the last two nights you will be sure to bump into the most groomed person you know. Be warned; she will have three equally groomed, prefectly behaved children who look like they are out of a Country Road catalogue and her mother-in-law will also be present (equally groomed in twinset and pearls and she co-incidentally will be a client of your husband, as it turns he regularly caters  for her ‘luncheons’ at her mansion). So our best advice is to be prepared. Always.

You must be knowledgeable on medicines, what to fix a fever with, what a viral rash is or the signs of a middle ear infection. You must be able to change sheets promptly, in the dark at midnight when they have been vomited on. You should know how to kiss a scratched knee to make it better and how to distract us when we get shampoo in our eyes at bathtime.

There will be no hand over file or manual on how to cope best with this job. You will make mistakes and beat yourself up about them – some rightly so and others not. You will lie awake at night and be unable to resolve problems/concerns/issues about us. Your heart will melt when we smile at you, or when our hand slips into yours unaware you will know true love. You will juggle simultaneously being a daughter to your parents, a sister to your siblings, a friend to your friends, a wife to your husband and a mother to us.

Just when you think you can’t do it anymore and we’ve beaten you with our demands, tantrums, mess and  millionth request for something - we will smile, throw our arms around you and tell you we love you. or we will sleep through the night or marvel you with just what a little miracle we are. Or we will say something funny and adult like (just today when I got frustrated at dropping something Goldilocks told me to ‘take a deep breaf Mumma’) that will make you laugh out loud at the time and again later when you recount the story over dinner to your husband.

Only serious applicants apply, this job is for a lifetime. But the possibilities of joy are endless.

Hip Thought For The Day! The Gift Of An Ordinary Day

Friday, November 12th, 2010

A poignant something to consider when planning your activities for the weekend!

Enjoy and have a safe and happy weekend!

As A Mother…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

At the ripe old age of 32 and being a mother of two I am constantly learning; weekly, daily, even by the hour but so far I know this much.

As a mother I have realised….

A child is a priviledge. Many people go through life wishing they had one, many people abuse this honoured priviledge and many people don’t stop to realise just how lucky they are. I am greatful I am neither of these but daily I remind myself (even amidst two year old tantrums and unsettled newborns) just how lucky I am.

As a mother…

I will make many cups of tea that don’t get drunk because I will get distracted by requests for ‘driiiiink’ or cheese sticks or I will start to pick up toys for the 100th time that day.

As a mother…

Much of what I do largely goes unnoticed and much of it takes pleace without much thanks.

As a mother…

I realise that the above will not change a great deal, but in realising this I have now learn’t how indebted I am to my mother. For all the things that she did that weren’t praised I now salute her! Thanks mum.

As a mother…

I will light many birthday candles for my children in years to come and with each wish they make as they blow them out I will make my own silent wish for their health and future happiness.

As a mother…

I have to remind myself that happiness isn’t in the form of the latest gadget, computer game or whatever trend of toy is out there. But instead happiness is often in the form of a bucket of water, a wooden spoon and a plastic cup!

As a mother…

I want to teach my children the importance of stopping to smell the roses, star gazing and collecting sea shells at the beach.

As a mother…

I have learn’t not to quell or squash a childs imagination but rather to nurture it. Imagination should be fostered through encouragement, marvel and helping one see the magic in an often rather ordinary world!

As a mother…

I have learn’t how very very important reading to your child is.

As a mother…

Will I ever stop worrying about my children?

As a mother…

I realise that I will one day be ‘embarrasing’ and ’uncool’ to my children. 

As a mother…

Nothing will melt your heart as much as your two year old telling you you look ‘bootiful’.

As a mother…

I realise why children become spoilt. Sometimes it’s easier to give into the whinging and incessant requests rather than standing up to them.

As a mother…

I now feel sorry for the mother of the toddler having a tantrum at Woolworths rather than thinking ‘why don’t they get their child to be quiet’!

As a mother…

I now realise how niaive I was as a young 20 something when my sister had a breakdown to me cause her two and a half year old was demanding to change clothes for the 15th time that day. My response was ‘why don’t you just tell her that she can’t change again?’. I clearly had not spent alot of time with many two and a half year olds!

As a mother…

It is impossible to switch off. Even when you think you are treating yourself to ‘me time’ at a movie, a child free lunch or a pedicure, you will still at some stage wonder ‘what shall I cook them for dinner?, ‘ ‘have they slept whilst I’ve been gone?’ or something along those lines.

As a mother…

The day you manage to leave the house thinking you look remotely presentable you will be vomited on, pooed on or have biscuit squished into your pants 5 minutes before you are due to leave the house.

As a mother…

No matter how your child came into your life, no matter how they were feed when they did or what school they attended there is no love like that of a mother and a child.

As a mother…

I realise I now have to eat the black jelly beans. Because no one else will as they will all want the red ones.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Monday, October 18th, 2010

An article written by Mia Freeman in one of our Sunday papers on post traumatic stress disorder in relation to birth flicked a switch for me on the weekend. You can read the column piece here, but in essence it discusses Mia’s traumatic birth experience (following a positive first birth) and the  effect it had on her bonding with her baby.

According to a study being conducted at Griffith University 6%  of Australian women develop post traumatic stress disorder following giving birth. The birth doesn’t have to medically be dangerous or complicated, what matters is the mothers experience – which is often framed by her expectations.

Mia discusses how she experienced symptoms of PTSD including repeated flashbacks of the birth, insomnia and  a strange disconnection from her baby and the world.

In light of my last blog entry about Goldilocks birth and my subsequent shock afterwards and indeed experience of some of the above emotions I thought it fitting to share her article with you and the notion of PTSD….and maybe flick a switch for any of you that might have also experienced such emotions. I had never heard of this before in relation to birth but it makes perfect sense and reading her column piece made me smile that I wasn’t alone in my feelings. People often talked about how you forget your birth when you hold the baby for the first time. But I still, even after a fabulous and life changing second time birth can still recall quite vividly Goldilocks’ birth and it still makes me shudder.

There is alot (but not enough) awareness regarding post natal depression, but this was something I never identified with or I didn’t fit the profile on the questionnaires that I filled out at my early childhood centre. So I never really tried to categorise my experience, instead I just ‘sucked it up’ so to speak. Often saying ‘women give birth all over the world squatting in fields with no medical intervention’ In other words I tried to put it out of my mind, there were people that were far worse off than me.

So I wasn’t depressed. I had a great network of support. I was just emotionally, physically and psychologically scared from my birth. Now I know I could have put a label to my experience and reading the comments on Mia’s blog now I know I wasn’t alone in feeling such feelings! Thanks for shedding some light Mia.

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5 Weeks Ago Today….

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

5 weeks ago today I went from this……


to 6 hours later giving birth to a perfect little (ok….not so little 4.16kgs) girl. We named her Violet but from now on she shall be known as Tinkerbell. She is sweet and scrumptious and I am completely in awe of our creation. The last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind of elation, fatigue, adjustment, a toddler that has decided she wants to be potty trained and a myriad of other emotions all thrown into a melting pot.

I was a little more than nervous to say the least re my birth. I was induced at 38.5 weeks in anticipation of another whooper (Goldilocks was 4.67kgs) I had agreed very early on with my obstetrician that I wouldn’t go to full term in the hope that I wouldn’t go through what I went through last time. Many times I went to write about my birth experience, indeed there sits a few drafts on the software for this blog, but I could never get it out without sounding whiny and whinging. It was however, incredibly traumatic for both me and The Blue Eyed Chef. Long, laborious, an epidural that worked so well I couldn’t feel a thing, I then had it turned down, it wore off and I spent two hours pushing out the posterior watermelon. I spent the lead up to Tinkerbells birth doing ALOT of positive visualisation in both yoga practice and meditation along with chanting a set of mantras each evening in an effort to change my outlook. Armed with courage and strength I was going in feeling good, however the night before Tinkers birth I stayed up for most of the night watching Foxtel IQ’d versions of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and sobbing. Only made worse by Older Sister sending me text messages from Paris telling me what a strong person I was. Despite her good intentions, each time my phone beeped I’d weep further!!

The morning of the birth was an early start, I was due at the hospital at 8am. After saying goodbye to Goldilocks, we hopped in the car and I decided to seize the moment, there and then I told Blue Eyes ‘It’s going to be a good day’ and good day it was. My great obstetrician had worded up the midwives re my last experience so they were very kind and sensitive. I was armed with a list of questions and knew what I wanted and when I wanted it. Following the induction I laboured for 3 hous prior to having a wonderful epidural. I umed and ahhed re the epidural but the baby was still high and I was only 2cm dilated so I bit the bullet. It was great, I could still feel the contractions and within 40minutes I dilated to 10cm and was ready to go. In a peaceful, quiet, calm experience I birthed Tinkers.

When Goldilocks was born I had heard about how much you love the baby immediately. I didn’t have that. I’m being honest and when it’s written in black and white it sound harsh, but I was exhausted and scarred. Indeed, I’m the first to admit that it took me a long time to fall IN love with her. I loved her, but I wasn’t IN love with her for some weeks. She represented some sort of pain and trauma. But this time was different, I was immediately overjoyed. Amazing how a smaller, not posterior, quick birth can have a completely different effect on you!!! I was head over heels. Smitten.

I missed Goldilocks incredibly whilst in hospital and have been so proud of how she has embraced Tinkers. Often ‘embraced’ being the ultimate word. Tinkers has been cuddled, squished, licked, kissed and everything else in between. She has adjusted remarkably to by divided attention, she loves that each time I breast feed we have a tea party or read stories that she has borrowed from the library on visits with my Mum. I have watched her snuggle up to Tinkers and tell her she loves her, a sight that has melted my heart repeatedly.

Not to say we haven’t had our low points. There have been more tantrums than usual and in week 3 we took a huge nose dive when Goldilocks got really sick with an ear infection in both ears. We all ran on empty with no sleep, I was short tempered, tired and grumpy and probably not a very good mother, but we have since recovered and are back on track.

I miss few things about being pregnant. I love being able to sleep on my back and tummy again. I love not wearing the same black maternity jeans everyday that I think I wore for about 3 months straight! I love bending down without groaning and climbing into bed to read stories with Goldilocks doesn’t require 10 minutes of getting comfortable and stuffing certain teddies between my knees so I don’t feel nauseous! I’ve had a  shopping splurge and love trying on pants that aren’t elasticated and I love that I can now snuggle back up to The Blue Eyed Chef at night instead of having a mote of pillows around me.

Naturally, this time round I am more confident with my parenting. I know that I have to suck up the first 3 months of very broken sleep and fatigue…I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m more confident with knowing her cries, when she’s tired, overtired or when she has a tummy pain. On the flip side, I am more impatient with Goldilocks, I find myself barking at her in the afternoons or often telling her to be ‘quick’ as she meanders to the car and faffs around before getting in. I’m being half the wife that I should be, I whinge about being tired and when The Blue Eyed Chef comes home for working all day and night I then request he do things like the washing or cleaning. I know it’s all an adjustment period and we will get through it, with even more highs and lows, ups and downs, ebbs and flows.

On the whole, so far, so good. I can’t wait to be back on track writing for The Hip Infant blog and telling you about all our exciting new products. Excuse me if I’m a little sporadic for a while…..

……………crying baby……………..gotta run!

But before I do a pic of Goldilocks and Tinkers the day they first met. I love this photo! When they are 18 and 16 and fighting over one taking the others make up or shoes or clothes I will pull this out and remind them of their first meeting!!!


2nd Child Fears….Only 2 Weeks And 2 Days To Go

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I feel blessed to have a loving husband, a healthy, prospering toddler and now a another baby on the way. However, as the birth of baby sister draws closer (2 weeks!) I’m feeling a strange mix of nervousness and excitement about having a new baby. Kinda like first day of school I guess.

What will she look like?

What will we call her?

I can’t wait to be reminded of the miracle of life. To know that two people that love each other can make a pure miracle.

How will her personality fit into our household? etc etc

I think all these things are very normal and they make you want to fast forward to the due date with the nod of the head or a ‘I Dream Of Jeanie’ twitch of the nose. But then the anxieties and fear kick in….

What will the labour be like? Can I go through all that again?

Will she have everything in all the right places and be born a healthy little girl?

Do I have enough love to give her?

As a parent will I be enough for her? Guiding her gently whilst letting her find her own path.

I dread the day that as a young woman both her and Goldilocks find out I’m actually just a person who makes mistakes like everyone else. The day my falls from grace aren’t easily covered up and they see through me and find I also have insecurities, fears and worries.

The birth of a child really is a miracle, but at the same time I can’t help but be scared and nervous incase I’m not up for the job! I’m reading an interesting book by Gisela Preuschoff called Raising Girls. Steve Biddulph of Raising Boys fame wrote the foreward which I found very interesting. He also discusses his fears of becoming a parent and offers some sage advice ‘what our kids will remember, and what will strengthen them, is the moments of closeness, honesty and peaceful times that we spend in amid the scramble of life: the parts we fence off and make special, where we refuse to dance to the commercial world’s tune, and build a garden for love to grow’.

With only 2 weeks to go, I hope I can build that garden…………tend to it…………and watch it bloom. Fingers crossed anyway!

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A Pinch And A Punch…

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

photoSpring has sprung!

I love spring and I love September. Blue skies. Green grass. First visit to the beach for the warmer season.

I’m always suprised at how trees that have been just sticks for months suddenly show signs of life and green shoots come out of no where! Flowers start to bud and there’s ‘that’ smell in the air when you go for an afternoon stroll – you can almost smell the green growth, buzzing bees and soon-to-bloom flowers.

What a lovely time of year!

Happy Spring!

Hip Thought For The Day!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

019When Goldilocks moved rooms to make way for Baby Sister our ‘black and white’ themed spare room turned into a pink and red toddler room! This change mean’t I had to remove a wall decal that had sat above the bed for over two years! I used to walk past it often and remind myself of it’s truth. Guests would always comment too. I felt kind of sad taking it down, so took a photo to preserve it in my mind! Maybe it might ring true with you too.

With the birth of Baby Sister only three weeks away I guess I will be reminded of this quote again on her arrival!

Happy Friday. Have a safe and happy weekend!