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Call Out! Random Reviewers Required For Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

Friday, October 1st, 2010

We have already raved about the Aden + Anais Burpy Bib and we know they are tops but we want to kow what our customers think!aden_anias_burpy_bibs_main

We are in search of 3 little hipsters to test burp, spit and spill food all over the Aden + Anais Burpy bibs and share with us their thoughts.

Interested? All you need to do is respond to our Facebook call out and tell us the age of  your little treasure and whether they have started solids yet. Get in quick we will be announcing our reviewers at 8.30pm 4/10/10

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

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Call Out! Random Testers Belly Art Inkless Print Kit

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

In case you are unaware we LOVE Belly Art Inkless Print Kits! Perfect for collecting precious memories, these fab sets make collecting hand and foot prints an absolute breeze.

It’s easy…… simply wipe hand or foot with magic towelette


Stamp hand or foot onto special Belly Art paper bellyart_inklesskitstep2_large

And Viola!


A perfect print every time!


Just in case you need more convincing check this funky little how to video!

But hey why take our word for it, yes this is a call out for random testers! We have five Belly Art sample packs ready and waiting to be popped off to some willing reviewers.
All you have to do is pop a comment below our callout on our Facebook page and share with us ‘Why you would love to be a Belly Art tester, if you have had a horrid foot printing experience please do tell’ and this product is not just limited to newborns either, if you feel you missed the boat and did not get those precious newborn prints it is never too late, each sheet is A5 size which means older tots can get their prints done too.

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

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Putting a Bit of Mod into Modern Cloth Nappies- Random Tester Call Out

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

If you are anything like me the whole Modern Cloth Phenomena has you scratching your head!

 I ‘get’ that they are a positive for the environment, I ‘get’ that they are easier than ever before and that most MCN’s look pretty funky. What has me stumped is where do you start  and what is an AIO, pocked MCN, booster, inserts, liners, stash, PUL the list goes on. The other puzzling thing was what do you need to be a MCN user?


So after much research I think I ‘get it’ and we have I believe chosen to stock PIKAPU the simplest, hippest Modern Cloth Nappy around.

PIKAPU is a modern all in one cloth nappy which means you don’t need any extra bits and bobs. They are one size fits all (or most of course there are exceptions) and will last from birth to 4 years or 16kgs, which means they are great value for money.

Getting Started 

 A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day. As the child gets older you’ll need around 5-6 per day. With 18-24 nappies you’ll only need to wash every 2-3 days.

Like anything you wear often pikapu nappies will show some wear and tear, the more nappies you have in rotation the longer they will all last, enabling you to use them for a second or even third child.


Size & Fit

Simply place a liner (optional) over the flap layer, place baby on the liner and fasten the velcro. Done. For more absorbency place extra padding under the flap layer.


- Place liner in the bin- Rinse and extra padding and place in a dry nappy bucket- Fold back the velcro tabs to protect them in the wash- Wash within 2 days- Soaking is not recommended, soaking agents can damage  waterproof coating- Machine rinse in cold water prior to washing using 1/2 strength detergent on a full load- Line drying is best as  UV rays have antibacterial properties, remove stains and of course is free and kinder to the environment- If tuble dryed do so on low heat.

Check Out The Savings!

There are a lot of different disposable nappies and costs vary quite a lot but the average price is about 50 cents a nappy. Your bundle of wonder will use over 6000 nappies before it turns 3.

A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day, toddlers use about 5-6 a day. To keep it simple we’ll call the average 7 nappies a day.

A child will be in nappies until they are around 2 1/2 years old, some will toilet train earlier, some later. Most will continue to use night nappies for some time.



7 nappies a day x 880 days (2 1/2yrs) = 6160 nappies x 50 cents = $3080 per child



24 nappies x $27.95 per nappy = $670.80

Purchase the 6 pack and save even more. 4 x 6 pack = 551.80

PIKAPU fit just like a disposable nappy, they take the same amount of time to put on and take of and are almost as convenient, and guess what you get your bin back! No more wheelie bin chock a block full of stinky disposables.

Do MCNs Leak? They can, check they are fitted properly and make sure there are no gaps. For heavy wetters and for some extra night time confidence check out PIKAPU boosters available in a 3 pack they are placed snuggly inside the nappy to increase absorbancy.

Random Tester Alert!

SO who wants to try a brand spanking new PIKAPU All In One and tell us what you think? We are looking for a cute botty and a clever mum to test a MCN, take a photo and share their thoughts with us and our readers? Still interested then head over to our Facebook page and comment under our callout…we need to know how old your bubba is, if they are a boy or girl and whether you currently use Modern Cloth or disposable and which brand.

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A Treat For Mums! Win Free Tickets to Preview Of New Film Mother and Child

Monday, May 24th, 2010

If you are anything like me a trip to the cinema is just not a priority these days, unless it is of course to see something of the colourful variety and pg rated. I do miss it and I love it when I make the effort and I always walk out saying I should do this more often.

If you are sitting there reading this nodding then I am here to give you a poke. A nice poke of course because The Hip Infant has 30 double passes to give away to a sneak preview in your state on 11th, 12th and 13th June of a film that is just too good to miss!

The film is Mother and Child with a cast of favourites such as our very own Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, Samuel L Jackson and Kerry Washington it promises to be a hit.


I had goose bumps just watching the trailer and I have a feeling the complete film may provide a few cry out loud moments and half a box of tissues.

For a few more snippets of info:

motherandchild_coverFrom director Rodrigo Garcia (Nine Lives) and executive producer Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, 21 Grams), Mother and Child is a drama centered around three women whose paths will cross and change them forever: Karen (Bening) a reserved 50-year old nurse, who was forced to give up her daughter Elizabeth (Watts) for adoption 35 years ago; the daughter who’s grown into a singe-minded career woman; and Lucy (Washington), desperate to adopt a child of her own. A moving tale about forgiveness, the choices we make, the chances we miss, the opportunities we seize and the power of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child.

And this is what others had to say

“Mother and Child is a potent, poignant and beautifully calibrated film”
The New York Observer

“Mother and Child is a flawless film of heartrending realism about the external chord that binds parents and children and the emptiness when they are separated.”
The New York Observer

“A love letter to motherhood… A tough minded yet delicate drama. Naomi Watts is handed one of the most tantalizing roles her career, and she comes through with a blazing, faceted performance.”
Marie Claire

“Mother and Child features a stellar cast interpreting a story by one of America’s finest contemporary dramatists.”

“Annette Bening shines.”
Toronto International Film Festival


So ladies time for a night out and some you time,  grab a friend, get your tissues and treat your self to a FREE Double pass…..VISIT HERE

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Preparing For Your Baby…Hip Competition Alert!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

organics_edeI’ve decided having a baby is a little like getting married.

The price seems to hike up when you mention the ‘marriage’, similarly when having a baby, according to many books and ‘experts’ you need ALOT of stuff!

The truth of the matter is a few key essential items will see you through the first few months. And then when you and babe have settled into the swing of things and the fog has lifted you can actually work out what you do and don’t need before you go out shopping.

We all know pregnancy makes our brains go a little wobbly and I think you can get swept up in having the latest and greatest, thinking you are doing the best thing for you and your soon to be baby. We’re here to set the record straight and give you a few key essential items that will see you through your first few weeks at home.

1. A well stocked change table/chest of drawers with change mat. This is pretty standard, but don’t think you will have time to be out and about picking up new nappies and wipes when you first get home. Have a LARGE supply of nappies and drawer full of wipes, creams if you’re going down that path (I’m a big fan of Lucas Pawpaw ointment. Natural and soft of skin) and some cotton nappies for mopping and wiping up any spills.

2.The Newborn Organic range. What newborn doesn’t look fresh, angelic and perfect in white. Over pink, blue and yellow, white is always my pick of the bunch. Being 100% organic means that no harsh chemicals have treated the cotton and subsequently aren’t being placed upon precious oh so new skin. It also means extra soft to touch. These fail safe items can me purchased early in your pregnancy when you don’t know the sex of the baby (hence the white) but just have that little itch to get out there and buy something for your ever growing bump.  There is something in the range for all the seasons, you can mix and match tops and bottoms and being super reasonably priced you can stock up! Sure there’s a time for frills and pretty prints and whizz bang outfits – let’s call these ‘photo moments’. But the reality is when you first get home and your baby is getting used to the world, simple, gentle, fresh and easy to use items with minimum buttons and zips to stick into little bodies are really going to take you alot further than those that look cute for a photo.

 Also worthy of checking out is the bedlinen from the same range. Again, soft and lovely for little heads to dream on. Even if you don’t have a newborn, the cot sheets are well worth taking a look at for any little person zzzzzz-ing in a cot!

3. Pure Baby sleepsuits. Mel and I are not shy in proclaiming our love of a sleepsuit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. At 3am when you’re up for the second time that night changing yet another dirty nappy. No buttons are a god send! Enough said. These really are an essential item – I don’t care what anyone else says! Pure Baby are also 100% cotton so as with the Newborn Organics, gentle on skin.

4. Aden and Anais Hooded Towel set. Another necessity. We are all about the bath this month at The Hip Infant. And I agree with Mel’s blog entry earlier this week – babies love baths. They are a time for relaxing, winding down and a great cue for nighttime sleep routines. When they come out of a warm bath who wouldn’t want to wrap them up in these super soft cotton muslin towels.

5. Aden and Anais muslin wraps. Another can’t live without product. Don’t believe anyone who tells you some babies don’t like being wrapped. The psychology behind it is pretty simple. I liken it to getting out of bed on a winter morning from a super soft duck down doona – you don’t want to just walk around in a pair of shorts and singlet do you? You rug up into your favourite trackies and slippers. Similarly, if you were tucked up in a tiny, warm, tight space for 9 months would you want to sleep all limbs aplenty? I don’t think so. Learning to wrap is an art and one that many midwives in hospital will share with you so lap it up and keep an abundance of wraps on hand. Again, I’ve gone for white – particularly if you don’t know the sex of your baby, keep it simple.

**HIP COMPETITION ALERT ** To celebrate our love of white and newborn essentials we are giving away a fantastic Newborn Organic pack to get you through those first few weeks. The starter pack includes 1x Babygrow, 1x Long leg pants, 1x Nappy Pants, 1x Sleep Nightie all in size 000. Valued at $82.80 this pack is a winner! Simply leave a comment in the comment section and share with us the best piece of advice you’ve recieved about looking after a newborn. The winner will be drawn on September 20. Goodluck!

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Attention All Hip Dads! What Makes You Hip?

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

fathersday_calloutWe are looking for hip dad’s (and dad’s to be)  to profile to celebrate fathers day!

Simply email us  and tell us in 25 words or less what makes your nominee a hip dad! Please also include a photo.

Each dad chosen will have 24 hours to fill out a few short questions just about him..yep it’s all about dad, he will love it!

We will then have the lucky task of selecting the hippest dad from each state to be profiled right here on our blog! Be quick and make sure your entries are creative as each profiled hip dad will recieve a $25 Hip Infant voucher (which will surely make them even hipper on the dad circuit!!).

Entries close Tuesday 2nd Sept.

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Hip Mum Profile: Little Home = Lovely Home

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

We recently caught up with Hip Mum and the brainchild behind the lovely label ‘Little Home’.

loungeroom-021c1-150x150Tell us about the philosophy behind Little Home?

To create beautiful, luxe cushions in divine, unique fabrics to decorate your entire home.  To bring a designer product to the market that is unique, exceptional quality and doesn’t have the designer price tag.


How did you come to start Little Home?

Little Home came about when I was looking for some beautiful cushions for my own home to decorate my lounge room and my daughter’s bedroom. There was simply nothing on the market that inspired me so I set to work sourcing fabrics to have my own cushions made up for my home and when I discovered so many gorgeous fabrics it went from there.  I thought that if I was looking for an alternative to what was out there than many other people could be as well.  After doing my market research, I discovered I was right.

How do you choose the fabrics that you use?

I tend to not follow the interior trends that are popular at the time, but rather focus on designs and prints that are going to appeal to peoples individual styles so they will last my customers longer than the fads.   Also my personal taste is a big factor too.

Who are your style icons?

Anne Hathaway, Sarah Murdoch and Sibella Court

Top 3 home styling items/pieces/furniture?

My number 1 item would have to be cushions of course they are the perfect, cost effective way to add a theme, colour and texture to any room.

Number 2 is art.  What you have on your walls is going to dictate the whole feel of a room whether it be a large canvas abstract painting or a vintage framed floral oil painting it is going show your style.

Number 3 is lamps. I love having lots of lamps around to add light and warmth to a room, plus they are a good way to inject colour and personality.  They are also very versatile if you decide you would like a change you can always paint the base and recover the shade for a completely different look.

renataschmittmann1-150x150 Accessories such as pillows and throws are a great way to update a room for a minimal cost, do you have any style tips for decorating?

My number 1 tip for cost effective decorating is the bigger the piece of furniture the more classic and neutral it should be.  Invest in your larger pieces like your couch, dining table, coffee table, tv cabinets spend the most money on them and make sure they have classic lines and neutral finishes, you will have them for many years and they will last.  Use cushions, throws, rugs, lamps, books, trinkets, vases, flowers and art to inject the colour and theme into your rooms this makes it easy to change if you want a new look and very cost effective.

Should we follow any rules about colour?

It’s great to use lots of colour in decorating to add individuality to a room but make sure that when you are decorating an open plan house or rooms that are adjoining you continue a colour scheme throughout so your rooms don’t look disjointed and small.  A good way to do this is to keep the wall, window and skirting board colours matching throughout the space.

daughtersroom2-150x150What’s coming up for Little Home this Spring?

I have a brand new range coming out next month which is very exciting. Be the first to know about them and receive a sneak preview by signing up to Little Home.

COMPETITION ALERT!! This week we are giving away one divine Little Home cushion, simply visit the Little Home and then leave a comment here telling us which one is your favourite design and why.

Unfortunately for us the Blue Bell bottomm and Ava Rose have sold out, so don’t include those as one of your faves!

We will be drawing the competition on August 18th. Good Luck!!


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Win This..Fiona Kate Simple Gorgeous Storage

Monday, July 13th, 2009

fionakate_giveawayWelcome to our first Blog Giveaway!

So what do you win? 6 brand spanking new Medium Box seats from Fiona Kate (2 watermelon, 2 blue & 2 white Valued At $34.95 each)

Sounds great how do you enter? simply visit our fab friend Fiona Kate and leave a comment  letting us know which product in her range is your fave…simple!

Entries close Monday 20th July so do not dilly dally!

*Update: it is a bit tricky to work out how to leave a comment! if you head to the top of the post you will see a link that says no comment, click on that link and it will say leave a reply*

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