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A Swashbuckling Party!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

pirateIn the spirit of all things boy this week today we’re offering tips on ‘how to host a pirate party’! A themed party is a great way to add to the excitement of a child’s birthday party. This can be as extravagent or as low key as you like. You don’t need to be a creative soul to pull this off either. Between The Hip Infant’s dedicated Party Section, variety stores, party shops and $2 shops you’ll be suprised what inexpensive goodies you can find to help make party planning easy!

1. The Invitations!

Sambellina do a great range of themed party invitations. Excite guests early with a themed invitation and a request to dress up!

2. Set the scene!

Nothing says pirate like a Jolly Roger flag and some black balloons! If you can’t find a flag then a big piece of black fabric and a pot of white paint will do the trick!

To give the party guests their very own pirate ship! They only need a little kick along, their imagination will do the rest. A sheet tied to the clothes line, tree house, a tree or a post in the garden can be the main sail. Some bunting and a few skull and cross bone ’keep out’ signs will do the trick! 

Dress the guest of honour in a striped tshirt or old white shirt and some rolled up pants or a pair of jagged cut off old jeans. If you want to be really authentic a waistcoat, polka dot scarf belt and headscarf will top it all off!

On arrival have a box of eye patches, head scarfs (scrap material will do), gold earrings and plastic hooks so guests can dress up and feel part of the swashbuckling high sea adventure!

A table strewn with gold plastic coins and some loot (a silver candlestick or two and some fake pearls dangling from it) will be  good spot for eating! Red and white polka dot paper plates and black napkins all contribute to the colour scheme! Most supermarkets sell plastic shaped wine glasses – a ‘goblet’ will enhance the theme and you could include a old wine bottle with a melted candle and dripping wax to top it off!

3. Game and Play Time

Plastic swords will provide some unstructured entertainment, but when the pirates get too rowdy bring them to a halt with games like:

Pin the skull and cross bones on the pirate ship (find the best ‘artiste’ in the household and have a go at drawing a large pirate ship on a piece of butcher paper to form the ship for pinning).

Treasure Hunt - expend some energy with a few different obstacles. Draw up a map and instruct guests on how to find the hidden treasure with things such as ‘walk the plank’ (a wide piece of wood placed on a blue tarpulin), swimming (crawling or running) to a deserted island from a sinking ship surrounded by shart infested waters, picking coconuts from the deserted island coconut trees and digging for treasure if a sandpit is handy! Some chocolate coins make a great prize for all the pirates who participated!

A large wooden box or toy box filled with plastic jewels, rolled up scrolls of paper and party game prizes all help with making an authentic pirate themed party!

4. The Cake!

The only thing stopping you on this front is your baking skills. The opportunities are endless: a treasure chest, pirate ship, treasure map, pirate hat or skull and cross bones would all be perfect!

5. A Thankyou To Your Guests!

As a little ‘thank you’ to guests for coming a party bag or box with a pirate themed gift tag is a nice momento! A slice of cake and a pirate stamp make the perfect take away gift. And parents of guests will love that you aren’t sending them home with too many sweet treats!

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Yummy treats to get the party started

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. The launch of our new party sections has had me madly searchingfor everything party. As life is all about ease for me I was thrilled when I stumbled across theses super cute Marshmallow Lollipops at  a sweet  little Blog  Grace Violet.  Not only are they adorable and sure to be a crowd pleasers they are super simple to make look here for an easy to follow tutorial.

Meantime if you have a party to plan be sure to check out our Sambellina Stationary and Decor, our fun Birthday Tees and our fab range of Party Favours.

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