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The Perfect Muslin Wrap For A Little Super Star!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

jamie-oliver-pic-rex-image-1-118631185Awww what a cutie and welcome to the world little Buddy Bear Maurice.  We at The Hip infant are not too sure about dad Jamie Olivers choice in names but we sure love his taste in wraps.jamie-oliver-pic-rex-image-2-282482875

Buddy Bear is wrapped one of Aden + Anais freshly launched prints ‘Super Star’. Available in both a four pack of muslin wraps and the dream blanket and we are confident our customers love the print as much as the Olivers as itas been walking out the door since it’s launch.aa-dream_superstar_large

We proudly stock the complete range of Aden + Anais, price starting at an affordable $19.95 and can be found here

Welcome to the world Buddy Bear Maurice may your life be full of happiness and yummy dinners of course!aa_2032_large1

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Hip Product Alert! Trunki Limited Edition Luggage

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

trunki_bernardbee_closed_largeMy sister-in-law is about to head overseas for 3 weeks with her boyfriend, another friend is currently sipping cocktails watching the sunset in Bali, tonight as The Blue Eyed Chef and I ate our dinner tonight we were commenting on the wonderful sense of excitement that comes with travel and discovering a new place. But when doing it with kids its kinda different……excitement tinged with…’I hope there are no major delays or queues, I hope X doesn’t scream on take off, I hope X sleeps at designated sleep time, I hope that customs at the other end doesn’t want to go through every snack and pre-packaged piece of baby food I’ve brought’ etc etc. Not quite the same as taking off, ordering your glass of wine and deciding which movies you will watch!

We have travelled overseas 3 times since Goldilocks was born. Twice to Bali and once to Fiji. Each time whilst we’ve have the usual excitement buzz we’ve also been a little more stressed than say when we took off to Europe together for 3 months or travelled to Thailiand on our honeymoon. Whilst neither of the flights to Bali or Fiji are particularly lengthy, our stresses weren’t always in vain. On the way to Fiji she never sat still and we took it in turns to walk the aisles – we got kicked out of an empty business class when she felt the need to do up every seatbelt available. On the red eye flight home from Bali she fell asleep straight away and we thought we had the golden ticket home. That was until she woke up 1 hour later and started vomiting. She did so every 30minutes for the rest of the 5 hour trip home. We landed, her in a nappy wrapped in a Virgin Blue blanket and me in no bra and The Blue Eyed Chefs shorts and tshirt that he wore to the airport and changed out of prior to flying! Not a great way to end a wonderful holiday!!!

trunki_tipurideon_largeSo we have a few travel adventures under our belt! Whilst I can’t offer advice on how to deal with a vomiting child I can offer advice for a child who won’t sit still! A limited edition Trunki case packed full of tricks!!!! These bags are fantastic and the cute Tiger and Bumble Bee designs are limited edition so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Weighing in at only 1.7kgs these tough plastic cases are strong enough to withstand the usual airport battles that take place, but they have rubber rims to prevent little fingers from being jammed. The beauty lies not in the super cute design or their 18 litre capacity storage, but in the fact that a child weighing up to 50kgs can ride on them whilst being pulled along by the parent. Carry on size approved the Trunki solves all the problems of avoiding standing in long check-in and customs queues or transiting from domestic to international terminals.  And when you’re running late a convenient shoulder strap means Dad can pop your toddler over his shoulder and Mum can pop the Trunki over hers and you can both make a run for it!!

trunki_tipuopen_largeLooking for things to occupy a child on a flight and fill your Trunki with? Check out; Big Little Flip A Face book, Janod Magnetic Rocket puzzle,  Tiger Tribe Games On The Go Memory SetTiger Tribe Junior Stampers Set, Tiger Tribe Magnetic Nursery Rhyme Set and for necessary nappy changes, the B.Box Essential Baby Box!

Happy Travels!

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Hip Product Alert! Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

skiphop_swipefeature_largeWe are bursting at the seams with hip product so today….another hip product alert!

I’m not a very groomed person. If there’s toothpaste to spill on a black top I’ll spill it, and I’m finding as my tummy grows with this pregnancy I’m now at the lovely stage of if I drop food whilst eating it hits my tummy instead of heading south to the floor! My hair has a natural curl and most people with curly hair know it’s impossible to achieve that slick, styled look with a certain frizz that cannot be tamed, my pants always have abit of fluff stuck to them. You get the picture. Well Goldilocks takes after me. She’s always got a bit of breakfast stuck in her hair, a swish of vegemite on her pants or a crumb glued to her fat little so-delightful-I-could-kiss-it-all-day-long cheek! So with this in mind, I love love love the Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case.

This little gadget is great for hanging off the back of the pram for when you need a baby wipe pronto! DOn’t just think nappy changes, think grubby little hands, spills and crumbed cheeks! It has a quick draw button that can be opened one handed and dispenses wipes easily, neatly and one at a time! The translucent case helps with knowing when to refill.

Use this product and your only problem will be whether to have it hooked onto the pram….or hooked onto your handbag……..

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Old Soles For A New Soul!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

oldsoles_streetshoe_navyandwhite_largeGood first walker shoes can be hard to come by. As parents we often get overwhelmed with choosing ‘the first pair of shoes’ and as a result we buy the innaproppriate cute trainers, something with a thick sole, too many laces or sparkles. Really you need first walkers just before walking starts, when the crawling kicks up a notch and little feet start being scraped along cement paths at the park at great speed!

The essence of a good first walker lies in a supple leather that, like bare feet will allow toes to grip, balance to be found, but protection from the elements! Old Soles tick all the boxes! The 100% soft leather allows for movement and the natural development of growing feet. The elastic back makes them easy to put on, but difficult for little ones to pull off (not promising they won’t try!!). The rubber soles are non stick, insurance so to speak, for little people still learning the lay of the land!

Available in a range of styles and colours at a great price point of $44.95 there will be something to suit every little first walking fashionista!


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Skip Hop Splash!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

skiphop_splashred_largeSkip Hop have long been bringing us functional and stylish gadgets that make parenting easier. If you’re not familiar with the brand some of my favourites include the Bin-Go storage solutions, the Duo denim nappy bag and the Pronto mini changer. This new Splash bottle drying rack is a great example of the Skip Hop aesthetic, that is, it combines form and function making it the perfect addition to any kitchen space.

22 months on I still have bottles laying out on tea towels drying by the kitchen sink, taking up valuable bench space and looking rather unsightly should guests pop in! The circular shape is space efficient and it includes a brush to making cleaning quick and easy. No rummaging around to find the bottle brush!

Dishwasher safe and with a removable tray on the bottom for excess water removal the Splash stylishly keeps bottles, teets, dummies and straws off the kitchen bench.

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Natursutten Soothing Babies Worldwide Naturally

Monday, February 15th, 2010

natursutten_herobabyholding_largeWe are thrilled to become the latest Australian stockists of Natursutten. The reasons for this glee are numerous which I shall outline below but on a totally superficial note we love their ‘look’, they look so traditional, just like a dummy should, just like they do in the cartoons and those baby pictures from earlier days.

Now for the real info, Natursutten is made of pure natural rubber straight from the Havea Brasiliensi tree (aka Rubber tree). It is produced as one piece which means there are no nasty nooks and crevices to trap germs.

They contain no allergy causing substances, no artificial colours, no chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, phthalates, and is BPA free!

Their shape and texture makes them ideal for breast fed babies, there are two schools of thought on beast fed babies using a dummy at all but sometime you have got to do what you have got to do.

On a side note, I personally think dummies are given an unjustified hard time, firstly why are Australia and the UK  the only countries in the world to refer to them as ‘dummies’?  Other nations seem to have found far more sympathetic names such as soothers and pacifiers. As a mother of four I have had two dummy users, they loved them and so did I, both are now at school and neither take a dummy so regardless of earlier concerns they do outgrow them.

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Customer Rave: The

Friday, November 6th, 2009

bbox_babyonfallingleavesI love my bbox. I just love it.

When I am at the kids dance class and one of the mums has sticky hands from sneaking a donut – I whip it out, pull out a wipe and tell everyone how great it is.

If we are out and someone is rummaging through their huge nappy bag to find a crushed nappy – I grab my Bbox and show off how it fits everything I need, is easy to find and I can use any bag I like.

If another mother is talking about having to buy another baby gift – I show them my Bbox and say how I wished someone had thought to buy it for me.

Really, I do love it, so I wanted to share a handy hint. If you have not used your wipes for a little while they might dry out – don’t throw them out. Just pop them into your everyday/ home large packet of wipes down the bottom and they will reabsorb enough moisture to use like normal.
By Linda. V, Queensland

Thanks Linda for your review, we are thrilled you love it and agree with every word. Please accept a $25 voucher to spend at The Hip Infant, perhaps you could splash out on another for the car.

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Dirty Baby..Natural Skin Care for Natural Babes

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

For most of us, splashing out on really nice baby skincare is a luxury and too often we are tempted to grab something at the supermarket. After all it is cheap and it uses enticing words like gentle, fresh and soft. However the reality is most of them are full of nasties, full of chemicals and not even remotely gentle on babies skin, in fact if you read the ingredients on the label they would read like tins from a paint factory. dirtybaby

There are so many option when it comes to baby toiletries and our latest arrival is a winner,if the name Dirty Baby does not grab you then the contents will, made from the purest natural ingredients. It contains no chemicals or or artificial ingredients and is certified vegan. The complete Dirty Baby range has been tested by dermatologists and was recommended as extremely safe for babies skin. We are particularly impressed by the Sunblock, an all natural product that is gentle enough for the whole family to use whilst still providing 30+ protection…perfect!

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More what’s new from Tiger Tribe

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Yippee! our second Tiger tribe Shipment has arrived and as I suspected it is all fab!

tigertribe_gameicecreamyouscream_largeI am loving these new Games To Go, they really are perfect in every way, small which means they are ideal for travel and great for storing. They are packaged in a stylish yet sturdy tin which means you will not find it in torn up pieces around the house and it is certainly one game box the dog cannot eat. With four different games available there is plenty of entertainment in these tin boxes for the whole family and it’s true they are so much fun little people will not even realise they are learning at the same time. At $19.95 they make an ideal gift.

tigertribe_mobilepinkelephants_largeIsn’t this mobile just adorable? I am so thankful Tiger Tribe has spread the love and now introduced a pink version of their elephant mobile, without a doubt one of our hot sellers. There is no denying everyone loves an elephant is this one is no exception. Sweet pink hues and a variety of prints makes for a really lovely piece and it also means it blends well with most nursery decors. Also new this season is a cute blue whale, both styles are available in the traditional style mobile as pictured and a single string.tigertribe_alphabetfriezeweb_large

Lastly look at this Alphabet Frieze…how cute! it will certainly have you going all gooey and certainly makes for sweet wall decor. The prints are breathtaking and not all gushy and baby either which means it will grow with baby instead of baby growing out of it. It comes packaged in a lovely printed card box and at $24.95 makes a lovely gift.

Be in it to WIN it! Just a few more days to enter our amazing Tiger Tribe Competition, be sure to enter!

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Who’s Who In The Zuny Zoo?

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

zuny_bookendabbypaleblue_largeWe love a hip new accessory find and these Zuny bookends are just divine. Not only are they super cute but Ida, Abbey and Yale come complete with  numbered stainless steel name tags, a birth certificate and a delightful cardboard forest landscape.


Lovingly made from polyurethane leather, with amazing attention to detail, I think they are perfect for a nursery, but will see you well into toddler and pre-teenage years. Not only are they functional but they will just look just lovely on any bookshelf or chest of drawers.


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