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Hip Random Review! Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Hopefully you’ve been reading our blog for long enough to know the deal regarding our Hip Random Reviews! We do a call out for one of our products and get real mum, parents, grandparents or carers to push them to their limits and tell us their honest opinion to help you with making your shopping decisions. This week? Something from our much loved Aden and Anais (if you haven’t bought one of the sleeping bags for summer yet you are cr-raazy! They are my most favourite item ever and I can’t wait till Tinkerbell is big enough for hers). What better product to be pushed to its limits than the Aden and Anais Burpy bibs. We all know meal time can make a horrendous mess, but this neat little design makes this 100% cotton muslin bib a ‘must have’ for meal times, bottle time or just generally dribbly babes! 


 I love receiving packages in the mail, the anticipation before opening them and the opportunity to try out new items, especially when they are for my darling little princess – Mia Rose. As parents, you can all agree that the buying bug sets in HARD after having a child. I have four. So when I found Hip Infant and realised I could apply to be a tester for certain products, I JUMPED at the chance. FINALLY, a way to see if products are worth their weight in $5 notes, and have the favour returned by other reviewers.

My name is Tina and for my first (and hopefully not last) review, I was asked to test the Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs. Bibs are something that I have never been fully happy with. They generally cover a small surface area of your child’s front and fail to protect other areas such as sleeves. My little Mia Rose (17mths) is not so graceful when it comes to eating. She insists on hiding food in the folds of her neck, her hair and up her sleeves. It had gotten to the point where I had resorted to making her wear art smocks while eating, but of course this meant, when it came to having some painting time, that the art smocks were in the wash.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the parcel from Hip Infant was the soft, thick feel of the bibs. Thickness is important to me, as a lot of bibs these days LOOK like they offer coverage, however, they do nothing to prevent moisture from sneaking onto the clothes beneath. As if I need MORE washing to do! The next notable characteristic of the bibs/burpy cloths was the cute, bright print. Absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Well, the bibs have passed the aesthetics test, now for the real trial – THE HIGH CHAIR.

The thing I love most about using these bibs is that – due to their burpy cloth shape – when you pop them on your little munchkin, they provide coverage of not only your little one’s front, but little miss or mister’s shoulders and arms. It is not restricting in anyway, but fits snuggly (not uncomfortably) under the neck. While there is nothing I can do to stop Mia from using her food as hair styling products (short of making her wear a swimming cap), the bib performed wonderfully in terms of protecting her clothes and keeping her as clean underneath as possible.

My older daughter, Amy (21) has a little one – Scarlett Anne (3mths). Scarlett is bottle fed, and one of Amy’s biggest gripes when feeding her is the amount she manages to get all over her clothing and under her chin, so the above-mentioned fit had Amy fall in love with these bibs upon first use.

Unfortunately, neither myself, nor Amy, have very spew-y babies, so we did not get the chance to try it out as a burpy cloth, but I am POSITIVE that the shape, thickness and design of the bib means that it would be just as effective as such.

I have found no fault with this product, I have been as honest as possible and I think that the manufacturer has taken great care in making sure that the bibs do not have any of the flaws that I mentioned other bibs having. I would recommend this product to any parent that wishes to keep their chid relatively clean at meal time and while we can’t safeguard them from all mess (they need a little dirt here and there), this product makes the task a little bit easier (and is useful as a cloth for cleaning the highchair afterwards!).


Not convinced? Check out what hip mum Bec thought!

Oh the excitement of a package! Mr Cheeky Monkey (7 month old Josh) always loves it when I get stuck into ripping open a package, and I’m sure he loved the contents inside too! I’m a big fan of Aden + Anais, and I just knew that I would love these bibs! I did find that the tiny snap button at the back gave me a bit of grief sometimes (curse my fat fingers) and I would love for it to be replaced with little magnets at the back that would allow me to undo it with one hand – not sure how baby safe that would be though – but just a thought. As big as the bibs are, splatters still somehow make it onto Josh’s clothing, but I think I’d need a some sort of baby hazmat suit on him to avoid that.

At nearly 7 months Josh hasn’t yet totally mastered the art of burping, although he does give out a few good belches when he’s sitting up. However when he has a little trouble, the bib can be thrown over the shoulder as a little burp cloth which I just love, no need to bring a separate cloth outside with me or worry about getting a little spit up on my shoulder – not that it really bothers me anymore!


I love the way the muslin feels, and with at least 5 goes in the washing machine so far; it still retains the soft feel. This is great, as I love how gentle they are on Josh’s skin. He has severe eczema and it flares up at the slightest irritation, but these bibs are as gentle as can be on his little chin. The designer prints are divine and insanely perfect for my little cheeky monkey, I’m sold on these and have picked up 2 more sets to give away to friends!


 And last but not least hip mum Carly tells us her thoughts on the Burpy Bibs.

Being the mum of a 10 month old little girl who has suffered quite bad reflux her whole life I have certainly tried my share of bibs! And even the most well designed still have one fundamental problem – they are too small!! Not this bib.Very smart investment for the chucky babe as it protects the shoulders not just the front of the clothes. The bib its self is very absorbent yet also attractive unlike the army of white cloth nappies I always use. 

Summer loved wearing the burpy bib and couldn’t remove it herself like she does with so many other bibs so we were off to a great start.

Summer is an independent self-feeder with her hands – and often her face – into everythingbut the burpy bib withstood the barrage of foods and beverages she threw at it first and sometimes second hand. Juice, milk, vegemite, banana, vomit, a runny nose all were tried all with no trace of mess getting through to the clothes below.

As I was given a two pack I placed one on Summers lap and one around her neck whilst she ate her cereal bar in the pram. Now these are quite messy to eat and often get mashed into her clothes!When she was done it was just a matter or removing the bibs, shaking them off and voila clean clothes below when we arrived at our coffee date!
While testing this product Summer also had a quite bad tummy bug so I found it fantastic to be able to pick her up and flip the bib over my shoulder while I was carrying her around. Many a clean T shirt was spared thanks to this wonderful product! I even had a mum at the Dr’s surgery compliment me on the bib and asked me where she could get one.

When it came time to wash the burpy bibs they washed well with no loss of shape or pilling.

My only negative? I wish they were Australian made and designed.

Overall this is a great product. Pretty designs, soft texture, easy to clean oh so versatile and super absorbent.I wish I had known aboutthe burpy bib all along as they are really fantastic, well made and well-designed product.Enjoy!


 With three reviews like that who wouldn’t add Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs to their ‘must have’ wish list! Check out all 9 designs and decide which one you like best! At $24.95 for two these are a steal!





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We Have Been Reviewed By Little Crew!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

At The Hip Infant we applaud concepts that are a little unique and out of the ordinary. We are loving brand new iphone app Little Crew a fab review site that delivers daily reviews and updates straight to your phone.

Each product reviewed on Little Crew is purchased, touched, felt and used meaning it really is one of the very few non biased review sites around. You get a real opinion and real feedback from a shopper just like

 We were thrilled to have Little Crew review our Milk & Co range and as we would expect the reports were glowing. Special mention was made of fab new miracle cream Spotty tots. Lastly just a little update the Milk & Co bath wash is currently sold out almost everywhere, the only way you can get your hands on this bath time must have is to purchase the small Milk & Co gift packwe now have in stock which includes the bath wash and the Nighty Night room spray. Not only does this pack make a great pair it is also an opportunity to make some great savings.


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Hip Random Reviews: Belly Art Inkless Print Sets

Monday, September 6th, 2010

We have long been fans of the Belly Art Inkless Print kits. At $24.95 the affordable kits makes creating a priceless memory not only simple but easy! Whether you’re making an artwork for the wall, a momento for grandparents or a custom thank you card image the Belly Art Inkless Print kits are an essential for any new baby. We also think they make a great baby shower gift!

Just to make sure it wasn’t all in our heads we asked five hip mums to road test the Inkless Print sets…..luckily they confirmed what we thought! Read the rave reviews below!

Hip Mum Jessica’s thoughts;

My first try at getting foot prints of my 2 month old son, William, was the biggest disaster EVER!. With pale blue ink that could barely be see on the paper, but could be seen all over Williams feet, clothes and my floor!!, the result was less than impressive. Aiming a wriggling foot at a small piece of paper, together with an urgency to get that foot onto paper before the ink dried out was a nightmare! Then there was holding him still enough to not only get the ink all over his foot evenly, but to somehow hold the inkpad without dropping it! Needless to say I was very excited to try the belly art inkless prints kit and give this special memory some justice

I can happily say, take #2 of footprints was a success! Now aged 14 months, the foot in question is even more wriggly! With the inkless kit, all I had to do was wipe a little paper towel over Williams foot, because it didn’t make a mess I didn’t have to worry about where he was wriggling while I did it, or if his foot was flat, as I could just rub all over. Following this, it was just a foot press onto a decent sized piece of paper! Because I was able to just sit him on my lap and wipe him with the towel, he wasn’t trying to pull away when I pressed his foot, which made a big difference! The footprint then appeared right in front of my eyes! It was really easy, and it was a great result. Without any hesitation, I decided to do the other foot (which easily fit on the same piece of paper), and the result was equally impressive! Why not do his hands, I thought, and again, I was impressed!! After 5 minutes and only 1 inkless wipe, I had a lovely set of hand AND footprints, a happy baby, and most importantly a clean floor!!

The only thing I would caution, is make sure that when you push your child’s foot onto the paper, be careful where you put your hands, I do have a few mummy marks around the first print. But all in all, this is a fantastic product, so much easier than ink, and very user friendly



 Hip Mum Jackie also had success;

I was so excited to receive my Belly Art inkless print kit in the mail and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint! 

Quick and easy to use you literally wipe the feet or hands with the towelette and press onto the paper provided and presto you have the most amazing detailed prints of your child’s feet or hands. I did prints of both my 2 year old and my 6 week old daughter’s feet. It was so easy I didn’t need any help from a second party to hold the baby while I did the printing.

My 2 year old loved me taking her prints, and kept asking me to do more as the afternoon grew and the activity was well and truly finished!

I did run into a couple of hazards at my own fault, and would recommend to anyone using the product to only open the towelette and paper when you want to use it immediately. In my excitement, unfortunately I opened it and left it on the kitchen bench and some water got onto the paper which created some ink spots.

Helpful tip – you can’t print onto normal paper so you need to look after the paper provided. So keep it in a safe dry place or use it immediately! 

It’s a great product to use to put in a frame on the wall or scan into the computer and use as a baby thank you card.
Might also be nice to print grandparents hands or a mother and daughter moment in time too! Plenty of options and I don’t think any of it would be wasted, it’s just too easy and fun to do! It’s a great clean, no mess no fuss product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a keepsake of their child.

Hip Mum Sascha loved it just as much as we do;

Wow, Priceless! I absolutely loved this kit & wish I’d known about it 2 years ago. I tested this product on our 2 year old son Mac and our 3 ½ month baby girl Lola. I also tested it with my husband using it with the children while I observed and took photos of the process. It was so easy. This made it a fun experience for everybody involved.

I remember when Mac was less than 3 months old we attempted to use an ink pad print kit. So while Mac was in the bath with his Dad I pressed his hand then foot in the ink and did prints and we could wash the ink off his skin straight away. It was not an easy task, or neither was it fun. Although, I was still proud of our efforts and faxed a copy to the grandparents!

For my last Mother’s Day my husband used paint and tried to put the kid’s prints in a card for me. As sweet as the thought was Lola’s outfit was ruined and Mac’s bedroom rug still shows the evidence!

Now we have found success with the Belly Art Inkless Print Kit it was so easy and no mess at all. I also found it to be the most detailed of any prints we have made in the past. Our two year old son Mac loved it so much he would have happily kept printing all night. Lola, three ½ months was quite oblivious to what was going on but the end product for her family is priceless. Best of all was that my husband successfully completed the process. The only negative point being that my husband forgot to keep his big fingers off the page and we got a couple of his prints here and there. It was also a little difficult to get Lola to hold her hand out flat and straight as she likes holding a fist, so we did go back for a second go with her thumb.

The end results look fantastic, so good I think I’ll frame them for my bedroom wall. For $24.95 this would be one of the best presents for a baby shower or a newborn, but really any age it would still be a success and a great piece of history. I would love to re-do Mac and Lola’s prints every couple of years to compare over time and I really think at this price I can’t go wrong.

I am also a Primary School Teacher and I believe this would be ideal for use in the classroom or at a kindergarten. It would definitely stop parents being unhappy due to ink getting on their child’s clothing.


 And finally, if those reviews didn’t convince you….here’s one more from Naomi for good luck!

My name is Naomi & I’ve been desperate to print my wriggly baby’s hands & feet for a long time now. My son Noah turns one next week, so being able to trial the Bellyart Inkless printing kit has been perfect timing to get it in for his birthday! 

I have tried two other printing kits in the past when bub
was younger but had HUGE dramas. My bub is extremely wriggly and never sits still (not even when he’s asleep!). Trying to get the ink on his hands/feet
and then onto paper to print was a nightmare. I still haven’t managed to get some of the stains out of the carpet and couch!

The Bellyart Inkless print kit is so easy to use (even with a wriggly baby!). The instructions are easy
to follow and it is so quick to complete the whole process. I was a bit confused at first as to how it all worked (i.e., no ink & what looked like baby wipes & plain paper), but it soon became very clear. It reminded me a lot of when I was a kid and had the invisible ink pens!

I used the kit after my son’s bath before bedtime – just to make sure he was nice and clean, and he’s also most relaxed then. The wipes provided to apply the “inkless” stuff are so convenient – nice and soft like regular baby wipes. No need to try and roll on ink, just wipe the hands and feet completely and it’s all good.

I did the feet first, in case Noah tried to grab the paper after I’d done his hands. Once the wiping was done, pressed each foot/hand firmly onto the
paper and voila … instant baby prints with NO MESS!!!! It was so easy to use that anyone could do it with the most uncooperative of babies. I think the most difficult part of the process was me being pedantic about where to
place bub’s hands/feet on the paper so it looked nice! I would definitely recommend the Bellyart Inkless print kit to anyone looking to create beautiful, fuss & mess free prints of their baby’s hands and feet. So much so I have in fact bought it for my brother’s baby who was born last week!















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Hip Random Reviews: Weil Baby Bottles and Sipper Cups Galore!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

We recently gave three hip mums the task of road testing drinking products from the WeilBaby range. We had an overwhelming response to this call out. With many of you discussing babies whom did and didn’t drink from bottles to the trials and tribulations of changing from bottles to sipper cups. So hopefully these three reviews will help with the often overwhelming land of bottles and sipper cups (all BPA free of course!)!

Check out three different Mum’s opinions of different products from the range.

 Hip Mum Melanie tried out the Weil Baby 8oz glass nursing bottle.

As a first time mother I was a little shocked/overwhelmed and not to mention exhausted when at 6 weeks old my son developed bad colic and would not stop crying/screaming all day long. This went on for seven weeks – my husband and i tried everything – spent endless amounts of money of different ‘colic’ bottles but none of them seemed better than others and help reduce the pain that he was in.

My son – Kyden is now 16 weeks old and has gotten over the worst of the colic but still gets little gas bubbles stuck in his tummy between his feeds and will wake after 40 minutes (during his day sleeps) with gas build up (he has always been an excellent night sleeper – we are lucky in that aspect)

So when i was given the chance to road test the Dr Weil’s bottle i was more than happy to do so to see if this was actually a bottle that would help him or that i would use for future children.

Kyden and i got to road test the 8oz glass baby bottle and the silicon holder.

Generally we found the bottle to be great – it took Kyden a few goes to get used to using a different bottle but he now loves it. The milk/formula flows a lot slower than other bottles so it took him longer to drink but it did help with the gas bubbles he was getting with all the other bottles and after a few days using this bottle he had a lot less gas build up between feeds. In fact his sleeping during the day increased from 40 minutes to 75 minutes and once or twice two hours!!!!

The bottles are a very trendy design, easy to clean, dishwasher safe (on top shelf) and nice and sturdy. Kyden also loved to hold the bottle while feeding which he has never done with other bottles so he must have loved drinking from it.

The only downside i found to the bottle that being glass it was a bit harder to heat up the formula/milk. With the avent bottles i could take them straight out the fridge and put them in boiling water to warm up but being glass i could not do this. Instead i had to run under water to heat it up slowly so the glass did not crack.

The silicon holder is good idea but make sure you wet it before trying to get it on the bottle.

Overall i found the bottle and the silicon holder excellent and would definitely use them for our next child to he prevent/help colic!!! I will definitely be going out to buy the Dr Weil’s sippy cups for Kyden for when he is older – once again they are so trendy and great as they come in lots of colours!!!!

 wellaHip Mum Eugenie struck a cord with us when she said her babe wouldn’t take any of the many bottles she had tried (and she had tried a lot!!) so we thought she and her super cute babe were the perfect random review choice to try the Weil Baby 5oz Tritan bottle. Check out the great results below! 

This is Luella now six months old. Adorable – yes, fun and happy – yes, relentlessly stubborn – always! Together we’ve been trying various bottles and teats each day over the last couple of months. Having only ever received varying degrees of resistance (rated by type and duration of tears provided), I wasn’t particularly hopeful when I entered a recent competition to receive the latest bottle available at The Hip Infant, the Weil Baby. Perhaps it was my renewed hope (having never won anything in my life) that made the difference to our typically exhausting and uninteresting 4pm bottle feed attempts. Perhaps it was because she’s getting a little older and the process was inevitable. Perhaps it was the bottle. All I can say is that I am a changed woman. Luella took 40ml straight away on the first day. After a couple of cartwheels, I persevered and she smiled, laughed and openly engaged with the bottle. She nibbled and occasionally sucked, bringing the grand total to 100ml. A minimum she has managed every day since.

A very big thank you to The Hip Infant and Dr Andrew – the Weil Baby bottle is not only the best looking bottle I’ve seen or tried, but it’s also a good size (for the less inclined feeders among us). And, it comes with all the pre-requisites we expect but don’t always get – it’s BPH free and easy to clean!

And finally what better person to try the Weilbaby 120mls training cup in purple and the Weilbaby 240 ml drinking  cup yellow than hip mother of twin boys Alex and Jake, Andrea.

jakeAs a mother of 15 month old boy twins who are very fussy about their bottles and cups I was interested to see how they would respond to the Weilbaby products. I have tried alot of different training cups with the boys and have found that alot of them either leak, break, have fiddley valves to put in or are very difficult to drink from. I have also found that Jake and Alex will happily drink water from most of them but not milk.

Jake and Alex have put these cups through their paces and I am happy to report that we love the Weilbaby training cups and they are still in one piece. These cups are BPA free and come in a range of bright, trendy colours rather than just clear which I found is particularly useful when trying to remember who was drinking out of which cup. The cups come in two different sizes, are quick and easy to assemble/disassemble with no fiddley valves and have handles which are not only slim line but can be easily removed. The cups are really sturdy, do not stain and have withstood being washed in the dishwasher and dropped or in some instances thrown from the highchair with barely a scratch on them. 

Now for the thing I love most about these cups -they don’t leak. No matter how much Jake and Alex shook them they could not get them to leak all over their highchair so they could play in the mess (like all cups they do leak if you squeeze the spout) and I did not have them leak from under the ring at all.  Also, a bonus for me is that they will drink their milk from them (Yeah no more bottles!!!!!)

As with any products there are a few cons to Weilbaby cups. They are expensive so they probably wouldn’t suit someone buying for multiples. When the boys were babies they were having up to 14 bottles a day between them so that either makes for a very expensive purchase or alot of washing up throughout the day. However, you pay for what you get, quality.

alex1Also, my husband found when washing the bottles by hand that milk gets stuck in ridge in the bottom of the cup if it isn’t rinsed straight away and the bottle brush we had couldn’t get in the groove to get it out. The only other thing I was wondering was if replacement spouts were available and if there was a hard spout available that you move onto as your child progresses.

Thanks Hip Infant for letting us try out the Weilbaby training cups.

Andrea rest assured there are replacement spouts available!! Thanks to all our hip mums for their honest and valued opinions!

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Hip Random Review! Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappies

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

img_6980We had loads of willing and able hip random reviewers to review our Pikapu All In One Modern Cloth nappies, hip mother of two Kylie was chosen as not only is she a modern cloth nappy user, but she also uses disposable nappies so we thought she had the right qualifications to be a hip reviewer! Check out her thoughts below!

I was very excited to be chosen by The Hip Infant to review the new Pikapu All In One Modern Cloth Nappy.  I had been eyeing of the Pikapu for my 6 month old son Oliver for some weeks and it did not disappoint.  I consider myself well educated when it comes to Modern Cloth Nappies and have tried many different brands since the birth of my daughter Zara in 2007. 

img_6960Pikapu is an adjustable one size fits all nappy with Velcro closure making it very easy to get a perfect fit on Oliver.  It is made from microfleece with a smooth PUL waterproof outer (so no need for covers) and feels lovely and soft to touch. It is very trim under clothes – not dissimilar to a disposable – so I was a bit dubious as to whether it would be absorbent enough during sleep time for my tummy sleeper.  

The first test was his big morning sleep which lasted for almost 3 hours.  I was shocked to find him dry with no leaks whatsoever.  I washed the nappy right away and it was dry in time for bed that night – this would have to be the fastest drying nappy I have used!  I boosted the nappy with a Pikapu night booster.   This gives the nappy extra absorbency to ensure it lasts the entire night.  I placed most of the booster towards the front of the nappy where Oliver needs it the most and it held up the entire 12 hours!  This nappy is definitely value for money as absorbency can be adjusted for use day and night.   Another great feature of the nappy is a double leg gusset making it great for containing ‘number 3’s’ as I found out while shopping!  I was very thankful I had decided to try the disposable nappy liners that day.  I was able to flush the mess away and then store the nappy in a fantastic drawstring wet bag made of the same PUL waterproof fabric.  

These are definitely one of the best all round nappies I have used.  They are easy to wash, fast drying, good quality and very absorbent.  The come in lots of gorgeous colours – I can’t decide which one is my favourite!  You can buy additional boosters to suit the absorbency of your child as well as flushable nappy liners to make changing dirty nappies a breeze out and about or at home.  


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Hip Random Reviews: The Buttermilk Baby Range!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Two Hip Mum’s were thrilled when we chose them to roadtest one of our new favourite brands to The Hip Infant Buttermilk Baby! Available exclusively through The Hip Infant, check out their reviews below!

With three kids of her own we throught Anna would be an expert random reviewer with all that clothes changing experience!

nate-buttermilk-babyAs the designer/maker of my own children’s clothing label I am a work at home mum of 3 little ones – Tom 4 years, Matilda 2 and a half years and baby Nate 3 months. We don’t use childcare so life is certainly very hectic at home for me this year! The biggest of my 3 babies, Nate is fast outgrowing clothes and is already as big at 3 months as Tom was at 5 months!


The products by Buttermilk Baby that I was lucky enough to test out were the sleep nightie and the stretchy wrap. Although little Nate is already sleeping through the night (yes, I have been lucky to be blessed with 3 great sleepers!), these nightie’s would be great for those mums getting up for night time feeds when you are too tied to fiddle with snaps and buttons for a quick nappy change. Even for days when we spend all day at home I have been putting Nate in this nightie as it is lovely and soft and warm and makes nappy changes quick and easy. I love that the sleeves don’t fall down over his hands and the elastic casing around the bottom keeps the nightie from riding up and exposing his legs, keeping him warm and happy when he is kicking his legs about when he is awake and playing on the floor.


I found the sizing to be fairly spot on too, almost on the generous side of sizing. We tried out the 00 size and Nate is just about growing out of 00 size now in most of his clothes, and the nightie was still very generous in size, even when layered over the top of a singletsuit and cloth nappy.


Now for the wrap – just one word to sum this one up – FABULOUS! Finally a wrap that is not only gorgeous and soft, but a great size. So often you buy wraps they just don’t do the job when you are trying to wrap up a wriggly baby to settle them down for a sleep, but this wrap is super stretchy and large enough to wrap around baby firmly and securely. These wraps would definitely make great baby shower gifts and I love the mint colour and birdie print which would be suitable for both boys and girls.

Need more convincing? Look at what Katherine had to say about more products from the Buttermilk Baby range

p7120082I was very excited to receive a package containing the Buttermilk Baby long sleeve T, leggings and singlet in size 0 for my 6 month old boy Toby to test drive. Toby lives in leggings and long sleeve T’s at the moment with the winter weather here in Queensland so these items are perfect for our current climate. The mint colour and little bird design is super cute, and being 100% cotton it’s lovely and soft and breathable.


Toby is Mr Average in size, and so most size 0 clothing is still a little roomy for Toby, but the cuffs on the sleeves and leggings of Buttermilk Baby clothing are great as they keep the arms and legs well in place. The sizing of the Buttermilk Baby clothes seems to be generous but not too big, and the clothes will definitely still fit for the next few months.


The care instructions say to cold wash separately first, but I threw the Buttermilk Baby clothing in with the whites on a hot wash and they came out perfectly – no running or shrinking. They also line dried and tumble dried really well and didn’t need any ironing afterwards (by far my least favourite household chore so I was one happy mum!). The clothes stayed nice and soft after washing – no crunchiness whatsoever!!


The long sleeve set would be great as either a pyjama set or day time wear in spring/autumn. The singlet and nappy pants would be great for those warm summer days and nights. The tops and bottoms also mix and match well with other clothing in Toby’s wardrobe.


Buttermilk Baby clothing would be a guaranteed hit as a gift for a new baby and it’s really reasonably priced. I’ll definitely be buying some for my girlfriend who’s baby is due later this year! Thanks to The Hip Infant!

Whilst both our random reviewers had boy babes, don’t forget there is a lovely soft pink available for the girls!

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Hip Random Reviewers Required! Weil Baby

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010


We are looking for some hip mums to road test our fabulous Weil Baby products.

The range includes varying size training cups made from the revolutionary material Tritan and also includes glass bottles.  All items come with the AirWave venting system designed to reduce colic and gas bubbles!

Dr. Weil Baby products are good for your baby because they are free of toxic chemicals, containing no BPA or phthalates and undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure total compliance and cleanliness standards.

The training cups come in a great range of funky colours too!!

weilbaby_varietydisplay_largeWant to be a Hip Random Reviewer? Visit our facebook page and let us know which bottle or training cup you currently use and how old your babe is! Be quick, call out closes on Thursday at 5pm.

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Hip Random Reviews! B.Box Nappy Caddy

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

bbox_nappycaddy_blue_solo_largeWe’ve long been fans of the convenient, easy to use range from So we sought out two hip mums to road test the nappy caddy and tell us their honest thoughts on this stylish little storage box. Did it hold up to all that it promises? We’re happy to say both our hip mums were suitably impressed! Read more below to find out if this could make your life easier!

Our first hip mum (or maybe we should call her super mum!) Kelly has quiet a little bit of experience in the nappy change department. Read her review below!

littleonenurseries-37-37At the moment life is a bit hectic, I have two girls under 2.5 years (Lexi 29 months and Cleo 14 Months) and am due to have my third (a little boy) in about 6 weeks.  Did I also mention we also have our house on the market, yes I know I’m CRAZY, oh and we start building a new house in a few months…..

I’ve been coveting the BBox for a while now as I knew it would get a workout in the coming months.  Baby number 3 doesn’t have a bedroom, he will just bunk in with mum and dad, so that means no change table….. As I mentioned we are selling our house so a pile of nappies on a table isn’t the best look!  The rental we will eventually move into will be two storey so I knew I needed something compact for downstairs so I didn’t need to trek upstairs each time one of three bubs needed a nappy change.  And finally my mum looks after the girls one day a week while I work and her laundry is nappy change central, except you can never find anything when you need it.

img_2362As bub number three hasn’t made an appearance the BBox has currently taken residence in my mum’s laundry.  I’ve taken a picture of what the laundry looked like before BBox (and trust me, this is actually as good as it gets) and after BBox.  It has made life much easier for mum (and me). Everything has a place, from the wipes, to nappies (two sizes easily will three) , to nappy sacks and finally cream in its own draw, nappy time is now a breeze.  I’d question whether you need the mat, but as you can see we are using it but could do without it.  It looks great, is wipe clean and the draw is genius for all the little bits and pieces you tend to accumulate.  While we at the moment only have nappy rash cream I can see eye drops, hair clips, lip balm etc living in here quite easily.  I’ve also been able to store some nappies under the wipes, meaning less refills!

img_2363I had considered buying my mum a folding change table but this little contraption does the trick.  I just need to remember to bring a spare change pad out for the washing machine and the girls will be changing their nappies in 5 star comfort!  On a side note, a spare change pad is one of the best things I have bought in baby goods….we put it on the washing machine after bathing bub in the laundry tub…soft, comfy and at the perfect height to dry a wriggly baby (and toddler).

When I had bub number 2 (my girls are 15 months apart)  I was a little extravagant and bought a second change table as I didn’t want to have to possibly wake one child to change the nappy of another….if this was on the market then I could have saved quite a bit of cash as I could have turned my laundry (or dining room table) into a change table.  And the beauty is, you wouldn’t mind leaving it out on display or if you are a real neat freak, it is so easy to pick up and hide (or move from room to room) when you needed.

So basically I’m in love with the BBox nappy caddy… was love at first glance on the web and it hasn’t waned since my mum and I have been putting it through its paces….if only it could grow arms and actually change the nappies for me….

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, check out hip mother of twins Allison and her thoughts on the nappy caddy!

img_0256bWell if there was one thing that I need more of in my house it’s change stations!

As a mother of 8 month old boy/girl twins, I’m constantly having to change nappies, and not necessarily on their change table! In fact, sometimes that is the most inconvenient spot! As you can imagine, the house becomes filled with colour coded blue and pink nappies (my son is often in larger nappies as he is bigger!!), baby wipes, throws to protect the babies and whatever becomes the make-shift change station from any poo/wee explosion…  And then by the time one baby needs to be changed everything is in a different room!!

And then the B.Box Nappy Caddy entered our lives..

img_0029aAt this age, I’m very hesitant to leave my babies alone as they are beginning to move around on their own, so it makes life very difficult when I need to take one baby away for changing while still keeping an eye on the other. The Nappy Caddy has become an integral part of our daily routines, and what’s more, it’s looks good and doesn’t look out of place sitting on a bench top or the kitchen table. I wish I’d had this from day one, and can see us using it for a long time to come.

The Nappy Caddy is built strong and easy to clean, and fits more in than I first thought it would. It is important to note that it is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. There is a space for a wipe box, which conveniently perfectly fits the larger ‘Huggies’ wipe refill container. There is space at the back for nappies and more conveniently for me a removable divider which meant I could put boy nappies one side, and girls the other. There is also a drawer which I used for nappy rash cream and flannels, which I found particularly handy at meal times when the caddy was close by I could reach for a flannel instead of going to the linen cupboard.

The added bonus that comes with the Nappy Caddy is the Wipe Clean Change Mat in co-ordinating colours. If I had to list a negative to this product it would be that the change mat doesn’t have enough padding for my liking for bubs heads. But that being said, it didn’t turn me off the product at all.  I would highly recommend this product to busy mums, and mums of multiples, and it would be a perfect gift idea!

Thankyou Hip Infant for allowing me to trial and review the product! Now I’m contemplating if I want to buy the B.Box Baby Box…





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Too Too Sweet Buttermilk Baby! Chirp Chirp!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

buttermilk_longsleevetee_mint_hero_largeWe are so excited to introduce to you a lovely new range called Buttermilk Baby.

Made from 100% cotton this beautiful newborn layette set is as sweet on the eye as it is soft on the skin. This lovely range priced from $12.50 – $29.95 the range includes everything you need to get you through your babies first wardrobe requirements!

Featuring a super sweet little chick design the range is available in a mint and super soft pink and offers a great range of newborn basics that you can mix and match according to the season ensuring babies look as fresh and just hatched as they should.

buttermilk_singlet_pink_hero_largeWith something for everyone the range includes:

For the warmer months. A singlet and nappy pants. Wear them together or the nappy pants with a white singlet! The singlet features an envelope neck style to ensure easy dressing and there’s a little extra length in the body to ensure tum tums and backs are covered.

Long Leggings. For when the weather gets a little cooler the leggings feature a comfy elastic waist. Mix them back with a favourite tee or match with the lovely lovely long sleeve envelope neck tee

Don’t forget one of my favourites the long sleeve onesie. Easy press studs make night time nappy changes a breeze.

And just in case you can’t get enough of one of my new fav brands. The sleep nightie. I LOVE a sleep nightie. At 4am when both of you are tired and grumpy the elastic bottom makes for such easy and quick nappy changes and ensure little legs and feet are kept warm and snug. A great gift for any new mum to be. Believe me she will thank you for it at 4am!

Buttermilk Baby is a winning range whether it be for a gift  or your own little bundle of joy. To celebrate the new range we’re calling for 4 Hip Random Reviewers to road test the range. We’ll share their thoughts on the blog in upcoming weeks in an effort to reveal I’m not being biaised!!! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us where you live and the age and sex of your freshly hatched chicken and you could be chosen as our new reviewer! Hurry entries close on Friday June 11 at 5pm!

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Hip Review! Think King Buggy Hooks

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Hip Melbourne Mum Tania was lucky enough to be one of our first Hip Mum Reviewers.  As a mother of 3 (check out her BEAUTIFUL babes below) we thought Tania would probably give her pram a good run for it’s money and thus was a pretty good choice to review these great Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks.


think-king-buggy-hooksI’m constantly overloading my pram.  That’s no easy feat – it’s a Strider DLX with a fabulously deep basket and a nice, sturdy bar handle for slinging the nappy bag across. Many a trip to the supermarket with our now 3 month old baby, 3 ½ year old son and 5 year old daughter for ‘just a couple of things’ ended with me carrying far more than is safe for such a situation.  With my arms completely full, many a thought would cross my mind – ‘what if my son bends down to look at something as we’re crossing the wetlands and slips in?’,‘What if one of them trips over and hurts themselves and I need to carry them?’And, ‘Why didn’t I drive?’.  The Think King Buggy Hook is definitely one of those things that makes you think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.

The hooks are super lightweight aluminium and they attach to your pram with a velcro strap that doesn’t slide and won’t fall off.  They sit in just the right position so that the hooks are close to the pram and angled inward, which means that your bags are less likely to tip the pram and nor do the bags bump your legs as you walk.  The open shape of the hooks makes it especially easy to hang (and remove) your bags and not having to constantly bend down and shove yet another bag in the basket underneath is something you get used to very quickly.

To test just how much the hooks could handle, I loaded them with the nappy bag, my handbag (a chiropractor’s nightmare) and a few shopping bags.  I was confident that my precious bundle (the baby, not the shopping!) was not going to be catapulted in to the air. For safety’s sake, I would be extra cautious not to let go of the pram if you were fully loaded, but it’s good to know the hooks can handle the pressure if needed.  I put a bit of weight on the handles of the pram while it was loaded with all of the aforementioned bits and pieces, and it did tip slightly, so as with everything in life, do use common sense. 

In terms of storing the hooks – they are so light that you don’t even notice them when the pram is collapsed and in the boot of the car.They become part of the pram itself. I haven’t even taken them off! 

I would highly recommend these hooks. Especially if your pram or stroller does not come with a decent sized basket underneath.  It is much safer than hanging things from the handles.  If you have a bar handle, making it impossible to hang anything but a nappy bag with a long strap anyway, you need these hooks!

Now that I know Think King also make a cup holder – I am about to purchase that too.  Thanks Hip Infant for the opportunity to try this wonderful product. 


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