Everything’s ‘Normal’

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I had an obstetrician appointment yesterday. Just  a quick check up. The usual; blood pressure, tummy feel, quick look on the ultrasound at ‘baby sister’ (as she’s now known as in our household), a weigh in and a quick discussion of  queries and questions.

As I lay there, flat on my back, Goldilocks standing beside me resting her little hand on my tummy with the ultrasound on I felt blessed. On the screen Baby Sister was bobbing around, kicking and my obstetrician gave me the ‘everything looks normal, it’s great’.

As I drove away from my appointment I couldn’t help but consider her phrase ‘normal’. In life, we don’t often strive for ‘normal’, ‘average’ or ‘middle-of-the-road’. Instead we mostly all strive to be better at most things in life. At work, play, with exercise, our health etc etc. We all want to be better and we all want more. Except when it comes to a pregnancy. All we really want is ‘normal’ isn’t it? A slow heartbeat is a worry, a small baby is of concern, a large baby scares us. But a ‘normal’ baby we rejoice in.

Funny how ‘normal’ suddenly becomes so satisfying.

Maybe it’s a good lesson for us to transfer through to other aspects of our life. Maybe we should stop to smell the roses a little more and rather than striving for bigger and better we should learn to appreciate just what’s ‘normal’.

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