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Hopefully you’ve been reading our blog for long enough to know the deal regarding our Hip Random Reviews! We do a call out for one of our products and get real mum, parents, grandparents or carers to push them to their limits and tell us their honest opinion to help you with making your shopping decisions. This week? Something from our much loved Aden and Anais (if you haven’t bought one of the sleeping bags for summer yet you are cr-raazy! They are my most favourite item ever and I can’t wait till Tinkerbell is big enough for hers). What better product to be pushed to its limits than the Aden and Anais Burpy bibs. We all know meal time can make a horrendous mess, but this neat little design makes this 100% cotton muslin bib a ‘must have’ for meal times, bottle time or just generally dribbly babes! 


 I love receiving packages in the mail, the anticipation before opening them and the opportunity to try out new items, especially when they are for my darling little princess – Mia Rose. As parents, you can all agree that the buying bug sets in HARD after having a child. I have four. So when I found Hip Infant and realised I could apply to be a tester for certain products, I JUMPED at the chance. FINALLY, a way to see if products are worth their weight in $5 notes, and have the favour returned by other reviewers.

My name is Tina and for my first (and hopefully not last) review, I was asked to test the Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs. Bibs are something that I have never been fully happy with. They generally cover a small surface area of your child’s front and fail to protect other areas such as sleeves. My little Mia Rose (17mths) is not so graceful when it comes to eating. She insists on hiding food in the folds of her neck, her hair and up her sleeves. It had gotten to the point where I had resorted to making her wear art smocks while eating, but of course this meant, when it came to having some painting time, that the art smocks were in the wash.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the parcel from Hip Infant was the soft, thick feel of the bibs. Thickness is important to me, as a lot of bibs these days LOOK like they offer coverage, however, they do nothing to prevent moisture from sneaking onto the clothes beneath. As if I need MORE washing to do! The next notable characteristic of the bibs/burpy cloths was the cute, bright print. Absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Well, the bibs have passed the aesthetics test, now for the real trial – THE HIGH CHAIR.

The thing I love most about using these bibs is that – due to their burpy cloth shape – when you pop them on your little munchkin, they provide coverage of not only your little one’s front, but little miss or mister’s shoulders and arms. It is not restricting in anyway, but fits snuggly (not uncomfortably) under the neck. While there is nothing I can do to stop Mia from using her food as hair styling products (short of making her wear a swimming cap), the bib performed wonderfully in terms of protecting her clothes and keeping her as clean underneath as possible.

My older daughter, Amy (21) has a little one – Scarlett Anne (3mths). Scarlett is bottle fed, and one of Amy’s biggest gripes when feeding her is the amount she manages to get all over her clothing and under her chin, so the above-mentioned fit had Amy fall in love with these bibs upon first use.

Unfortunately, neither myself, nor Amy, have very spew-y babies, so we did not get the chance to try it out as a burpy cloth, but I am POSITIVE that the shape, thickness and design of the bib means that it would be just as effective as such.

I have found no fault with this product, I have been as honest as possible and I think that the manufacturer has taken great care in making sure that the bibs do not have any of the flaws that I mentioned other bibs having. I would recommend this product to any parent that wishes to keep their chid relatively clean at meal time and while we can’t safeguard them from all mess (they need a little dirt here and there), this product makes the task a little bit easier (and is useful as a cloth for cleaning the highchair afterwards!).


Not convinced? Check out what hip mum Bec thought!

Oh the excitement of a package! Mr Cheeky Monkey (7 month old Josh) always loves it when I get stuck into ripping open a package, and I’m sure he loved the contents inside too! I’m a big fan of Aden + Anais, and I just knew that I would love these bibs! I did find that the tiny snap button at the back gave me a bit of grief sometimes (curse my fat fingers) and I would love for it to be replaced with little magnets at the back that would allow me to undo it with one hand – not sure how baby safe that would be though – but just a thought. As big as the bibs are, splatters still somehow make it onto Josh’s clothing, but I think I’d need a some sort of baby hazmat suit on him to avoid that.

At nearly 7 months Josh hasn’t yet totally mastered the art of burping, although he does give out a few good belches when he’s sitting up. However when he has a little trouble, the bib can be thrown over the shoulder as a little burp cloth which I just love, no need to bring a separate cloth outside with me or worry about getting a little spit up on my shoulder – not that it really bothers me anymore!


I love the way the muslin feels, and with at least 5 goes in the washing machine so far; it still retains the soft feel. This is great, as I love how gentle they are on Josh’s skin. He has severe eczema and it flares up at the slightest irritation, but these bibs are as gentle as can be on his little chin. The designer prints are divine and insanely perfect for my little cheeky monkey, I’m sold on these and have picked up 2 more sets to give away to friends!


 And last but not least hip mum Carly tells us her thoughts on the Burpy Bibs.

Being the mum of a 10 month old little girl who has suffered quite bad reflux her whole life I have certainly tried my share of bibs! And even the most well designed still have one fundamental problem – they are too small!! Not this bib.Very smart investment for the chucky babe as it protects the shoulders not just the front of the clothes. The bib its self is very absorbent yet also attractive unlike the army of white cloth nappies I always use. 

Summer loved wearing the burpy bib and couldn’t remove it herself like she does with so many other bibs so we were off to a great start.

Summer is an independent self-feeder with her hands – and often her face – into everythingbut the burpy bib withstood the barrage of foods and beverages she threw at it first and sometimes second hand. Juice, milk, vegemite, banana, vomit, a runny nose all were tried all with no trace of mess getting through to the clothes below.

As I was given a two pack I placed one on Summers lap and one around her neck whilst she ate her cereal bar in the pram. Now these are quite messy to eat and often get mashed into her clothes!When she was done it was just a matter or removing the bibs, shaking them off and voila clean clothes below when we arrived at our coffee date!
While testing this product Summer also had a quite bad tummy bug so I found it fantastic to be able to pick her up and flip the bib over my shoulder while I was carrying her around. Many a clean T shirt was spared thanks to this wonderful product! I even had a mum at the Dr’s surgery compliment me on the bib and asked me where she could get one.

When it came time to wash the burpy bibs they washed well with no loss of shape or pilling.

My only negative? I wish they were Australian made and designed.

Overall this is a great product. Pretty designs, soft texture, easy to clean oh so versatile and super absorbent.I wish I had known aboutthe burpy bib all along as they are really fantastic, well made and well-designed product.Enjoy!


 With three reviews like that who wouldn’t add Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs to their ‘must have’ wish list! Check out all 9 designs and decide which one you like best! At $24.95 for two these are a steal!





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