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If you’re anything like me I get very overwhelmed at this time of year with friends, relatives and husbands hounding me with ‘what do you want for christmas?’. A) I like a suprise B) It seems all year I covet things but when it comes to christmas I can’t remember any of them and C) At times when I have been suprised I generally don’t like the item/thing/piece of clothing, so I am better to make a list. Check it twice and then submit to the various hounding questioners!

This year I am buying and recieving magazine subscriptions and movie tickets. I consider both luxury items. In terms of the material product they provide. Ie, both magazines and movies can are expensive when you’re watching your pennies. They also, as a mother, provide a luxury in time. We don’t get much time to ourselves these days whether we’re a mother or not. So to sit and read a magazine or tune off from the outside world and view a movie it’s a luxury. I also think they’re the gift that keeps on giving. A year’s magazine subscription provides joy each month and saving up a movie ticket until you find a movie that you’re excited about is also great!

So that’s what I’m buying and requesting. But what am I giving Goldilocks and Tinkerbell?

I feel blessed that my children are spoilt for choice in terms of toys. But I don’t like alot of clutter around the house and….I’m not huge on plastic toys. Hence, why I love working for The Hip Infant!

So, fortunately the girls are too young to read this blog so I can share their Christmas gift lists with you! Hopefully you might get some ideas of your own!

Goldilocks 2.5 years old

angel_hotpink_hero_largeAn Angel At My Table Teepee. I LOOOOVE these and secretly want it for myself. We contemplated a substantial cubby house this year, but I’ve got itchy feet and want to move next year, so I think we will wait. This will tie us over perfectly. We can put it up on the lawn or inside in her room. I look forward to hosting tea parties and story reading sessions in it!

janod_confetti_ukelale_largeThe Janod Confetti Ukelele. I might curse myself for this….as it is strum with much gusto. But I think she will like it!

giimmo_princetiger_largeThe Giimmo ‘Prince’ The Tiger night light. I love these sweet night lights and think she will too. A friend to go to sleep beside who will cast a warm glow into her room. Perfect.

dwell_farm_stamp_set_out_of_box_large1The Dwell Studio Stamp Kit Farm. We love abit of craft in our house. This is not only cute but great for hand eye co-ordination.

Tinkerbell. 10 weeks old

vulli_sophiethe20giraffe_largeSophie The Giraffe. In anticipating of teething and before that, a nice friend. This is a wonderful product for any babe.

alimrose_wristrattle_pinkowl_large1Alimrose Wrist rattle. In no time Tinkerbell will be discovering her hands and this sweet little rattle bracelet will be a lovely little toy to occupy her wandering hands.

buttermilk_romper_apple_white_largeButtermilk Baby Romper. LOOOOOOVE! I love this romper for not only the sweet little print, but also the practicality. Dresses ride up and often have buttons down the back which aren’t great for lying babies but rompers keep tummies covered and warm with no riding up.

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