Is The Polish We Wear A True Reflection Or Just Gloss!

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I recently came across this cute little book Enamel Diction at a friends house. It’s bright pink cover screamed at me to pick it up and in flicking the pages I genuinely had a few laugh out loud moments!

I must confess I’m a lover of nail polish. I always have been. From quite an early age. I spent many of my high school years being sent to the office only to have to dip my nails in a caustic acetone solution to remove the latest colour that I was trying to wear under the radar from my teachers! In fact, one of my pet hates is unpolished toe nails….and nude underwear (but that’s a whole nother story!).

So this book appealed to my nail polish senses! Enamel Diction promises to give readers the lowdown on how their choice of nail polish reveals their intimate secrets. Ultimately it suggests that how we choose to express ourselves is an important clue to our inner nature. So as I type my baby pink finger nails reveal that I’m ‘well groomed glamour. Sparkling like vintage rose champagne, there’s nothing old fashioned about you/me’ etc etc I goes on to read like a Gossip Girl voice over and I truely chuckled as I read it. As for my toes….currently fluro orange….apparently ‘unlike the prisoners of society I don’t need no-one to tell me what to do’!! 

This book is a lot of fun and a great style bible gift for the festive season. It warns you to have your google ready. There are a lot of witty references to pop culture, literature, fashion and music that not every one will get. But if and when you do you won’t regret taking time to flick through this cheery little book.

I’ve bought one for all my closest girlfriends and I’m going to team it with a nail polish – a great Christmas gift! And for my sisters I’m going to combine it with a pedicure voucher! Perfect! So as Enamel Diction suggests……….Buff of the coating to varnish the truth! Order now in time for Christmas gift giving!

hopscotch_playmate_largeAnd speaking of nail varnish…if you’re little lady likes polish as much as I do then check out our Hopscotch Kids Water Colour Nail polish. at $19.95 and available in 5 different colours these make a great little stocking filler. Non toxic, these water based colours are free from the harsh chemicals that most polishes contain! Now the only question is which colour to choose and what does it say about you and your little miss???!!!!

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