Glamping….And Happy New Year

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We are back! After churning out our fab ‘Deal A Day’ January we are thrilled to be back on board. Or should that be back on blog? Lot’s has happened since I last wrote in mid December. Goldilocks was spoilt at Christmas and has spent much of summer swimming, scootering and paddling in our paddle pool and sand pit. Tinkerbell has decided she no longer wants to sleep through the night (grrrrrr) and has started solid foods already! I can’t quite believe she is 5 months old this week!

It’s hip to be back!

We have loads of exciting things in store for you for 2011. Fabulous new products that you won’t have seen before, all your old favourites and a good healthy dose of day dreaming thoughts to help you get through the day!

To round off January and kick off the new year (I always think the year starts in February, January is still ‘holiday mode’ for me) The Blue Eyed Chef treated me to a night away at the idyllic Paperbark Camp in Jarvis Bay on the stunning south coast of NSW. It was our first night away from Tinkerbell and we chose to go on a day that hit 40 degrees in Sydney. But we packed up the car, turned the air conditioning up to high, removed the CD stacker of High 5, Travelling Toones and Justine Clarke CDs and loaded it up with our favourite CDs, that contained compulsory sing along music. With a kiss for both the girls and a big one for my Mum who was very sweet to have them for the night we were off!

A tinge of guilt over came me as I zipped off for a romantic night away whilst Northern Queenslanders braced for a cyclone of epic proportions, so I sent my thoughts of strength and courage and had moments of contemplation whilst The Blue Eyed Chef sang his little heart out somewhat off key!

OUr destination was Paperbark Camp. Set amongst Australian bushland, Paperbark Camp is a group of tents imported from Africa set up on stilts. I’m not a camper. But the brochure refered to this as ‘Glamping’ camping with the creature comforts so I think The Blue Eyed Chef thought that would get me over the line.

We spoilt ourselves with massages on the deck of our tent, a few hours at the beach, talking, swimming, reading uninterrupted and indulged in a few drinks at the pub before we enjoyed an amazing meal at the on site restaurant. Whilst there were some points where I felt like Miranda from Sex And The City when she goes on her honeymoon in the woods with Steve (if you’ve seen the episode, you will be laughing), particularly when I crouched under a Eucalypt in order to find service on my phone to text ‘Can’t Live Without Friend’ it was on the whole an amazing experience. With kangaroos hopping past our room and a few possums tinkering around our outdoor bathroom at night (we had to lock the tents as apparently the possums have learn’t to undo the zips!).

Now I understand everyone isn’t in a position to have a ‘glamping’ night away. It’s costly, hard to get time off work and not everyone has family they can rely on like I do. But what I learn’t from our little night away was how important it was for my marriage and my role as a mother to take a break. And we have vowed to do it more often. Too often we get caught up in the daily rigmarole of life; ticking off to do lists, paying bills, trying to be a mother, friend, wife etc etc etc. So this year I’m going to take time; even if it means a take away meal with the TV off and candlelight. We are going to take time to sing out loud together more, laugh out loud together more and clear my mind of children (just temporarily) more.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey. Hope it inspires all you busy mums, dads and carers to do the same……..

Happy Friday and Happy New Year….I look forward to sharing my up and down journey of motherhood, life and hip products with you this year!


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