A very starry night with ACMF

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You may have noticed this year The Hip Infant has decided it was time to start giving back to the community, we  looked to find a charity that our customers would feel was as inspiring as we felt it was. the  task was not taken on lightly, there are so many amazing charities that do truly worthwhile life changing work.

When we had our first son I would moan and groan to my very elderly widowed European neighbour about the woes of being a new mother. He used to say to me in his very thick accent “Mel, little people, little problems, big people, big problems” . Now eleven years down the track and a little older and wiser I know exactly what he means.

With four children to be concerned about it is always in the back of my mind that we have the monumental task of getting them to adulthood and beyond safely. The reality is my children are healthy, have loving parents and family are and will be educated, they have all the trappings so far of a relatively normal childhood and future. There are many that are not so blessed and for whatever reason do experience turmoil, poverty, and tragedy in their lives.

For us supporting Australian Children’s Music Foundation  is about supporting the future of all of our children, the future of our communities.

acmf_danielleanddonACMF is the brainchild and passion of legendary children’s entertainer Don Spencer (pictured left with his daughter Danielle Spencer and Son In Law Russell Crowe).  The ACMF philosophy is simple and easy for all of us to relate to, who doesn’t love music? “ Music is the universal language, the one medium that can transcend all boundaries, awaken the imagination and bring great joy”.

Since 2002  ACMF has used the power and emotion of music to help children and youth, particularly the disadvantaged and Indigenous, to look at the world in a different and positive way. In just a few short years ACMF  has established Initiatives  throughout Australia in Juvenile Justice Centres, schools and Indigenous communities.

Which brings us to The Australian Children’s Music Ball 2009 an amazing night held annually in Sydney, this ball is an evening not to be missed!

We were lucky enough to attend last years event and sat there mesmerized all night. Aside from the fact the wine was flowing, the food was great and the company perfect, the entertainment was just amazing. We were treated to intimate performances from some of Australia’s best talents it was a rare and thrilling 0opportunity.



 By the looks of things this years entertainment  promises to be as fab as last years.

To mention that ACMF had the support of Australia’s entertainment and media royalty would be an understatement, last years ball was a celebrity spotting fiesta. Everywhere we looked there was a familiar face.

So if you are in Sydney on Saturday the 8th of August, please consider joining us for this amazing event. We do have a few spots available on our table so please email us if interested. If perhaps you would like to get your own table together all details can be found on here.

Please if this night out is not your cup of tea,  take the time to read a bit about the ACMF initiatives and programs and get yourself as inspired as we are, I know the people they are assisting are not cute and fluffy puppies or yummy newborns but they are our future and we have seen with our own eyes that the power of music really making a different to the lives of many.

If you would like to know more about what ACMF does visit here there is even some footage of last years event, it is well worth a look.


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