Have Baby…. Will Travel!

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z-me-charlton-sml I don’t know what it is about us woman but having a baby seems to give us the strength and confidence to take on the world. Many inspiring adventurers and business woman were simple mere mortals prior to introducing a little person to the world.

Many have said they did not start living until they became mothers, it is a strange phenomenon and not quite what many of us were led to believe. I for one thought motherhood was all about cooking, cleaning and nappies until I actually found myself in the situation and realised there were so many other things I could do at the same time, taking along my tots for the ride of course.


This is where my good friend Mel Bey (you may have met her before, she does a bit of work for the hip infant here and there and often helps man the mathildas markets stand) comes in, in the name of adventure and good ole fun, Mel & her friend Sheridan packed up their two twelve month old babes Ziya & Ella and travelled across the Flinders Rangers, solo!

Covering 1400kms and way too many hours to mention, they travelled along just them, the babes, a four wheel drive and the open road. I thought Mel was crazy when she shared her plans with me, so crazy in fact I think I disengaged myself from her preparations and thought it was something she would never follow through.

ziya_flindersWell I was wrong and as you can see from their pics that they had a ball, I also think little Ziya is one seriously lucky little fella.What a great mum and what an amazing mother child bonding experience.

The trip was not all in vain, Sheriden Rhodes is also a freelance travel writer and her story was published in the Drive section of the Sydney Moring Herald last week, you may of seen them on the front cover, if you missed it be sure to have a read here or on essential baby, it is a great read!

Be sure to check out Mel & Sheridan’s tips for travelling with babies, they are goodies and after all they should know what works and stay tuned they are already planning their next trip, the West Coast I believe.



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