Recipe Tuesday! Got A Fussy Eater?

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article400_child_eat-420x0Fortunately for us Goldilocks is a great eater, but I do think is an exception to the rule and plenty of parents I know grate, slice, mince and diguise in a  slathering of tomato sauce their kids vegies in order to get some greens in their tums!

If you’re one of those parents whom struggle with getting their kids to eat greens then the below article written by Paula Goodyear offers some helpful advice!

You’d think being a nutritionist qualifies you to instantly fix your own child’s fussy eating, but that’s not always how it works. By the time her daughter turned five, nutritionist Karen Fischer had spent two years diligently chopping, cooking and serving up vegetables to put on her plate  – and then scraping them into the compost bin, along with half the rice and some of the meat.

“I could have composted enough for the entire Royal Botanic Gardens with all the nutritious meals I had to throw out each week.  But then I began to panic. Was I being a bad parent? Or was I crap nutritionist?” says Fischer whose child’s refusal to eat vegetables and fruit started at the age of three.  

It was then that she decided to investigate marketing strategies – including how junk food is pitched to children – to find a way to make her child want to eat foods like porridge oats and broccoli.  Based on her research, she  looked at the things that interested her child and found positive ways to link them to eating  healthy foods.  The day Fischer persuaded her daughter that green beans and carrots would help her swim better was the first time in years that she didn’t have to compost her daughter’s dinner.

Five years on – with her daughter now happily eating most foods – Fischer is sharing her ideas in a new book Healthy Family, Happy Family.  Although she includes standard strategies to help kids eat healthier food – like involving them with food preparation or growing vegetables – she has a strong focus on using your imagination   to give food more appeal to children. All kids and their families are different – what piques one child’s interest in cauliflower might not work for another. But this book sets out a varied menu of ideas and examples that most parents should be able to adapt to their own children.   Her approaches include:

  • Use your child’s interests to sell them fruit and  veg – if they like swimming, talk about the kinds of food swimming stars would eat for energy
  • Talk up the benefits of healthy foods regularly. Junk food advertisers spruik their products daily and parents can do the same with fruit and vegetables. “Vegetables help make your bones stronger for running’; “carrots can help you have sparkly eyesight’; ‘green vegies are the best – have you noticed how Shrek likes green, koalas eat green leaves; the Incredible Hunk is green?’
  • Slap on a slogan – call fruit ‘power fruit’ as in ‘let’s have some power fruit so you can play for a really long time’ or make your child ‘brainy grainy sandwiches’.
  • Add some entertainment value. If a four year old loves dinosaurs, pesto can become ‘dinosaur paste’; if it’s fairies, make it ‘fairy spread’ or ‘magic butter’.
  • Explain how vegetables grow. Show your child the plants in the garden or vegetables in a nursery and explain how the root systems suck up nutrients from the soil. ‘Vegetables need water to live – just like us. The leaves are clever – they convert sunlight into green stuff called chlorophyll- when you eat those chlorophyll-rich leaves, it makes your blood flow better and your body strong.’
  • Have adventure tasting plates once a week to try out new foods like roast capsicum, and grainy crackers with hummous.
  • Taste your children’s food before you serve it to make sure it tastes ok – dishing up stringy celery or kerosene carrots can turn them off.
  • Serve vegetables with dips or a more child-friendly homemade dressing made with cider vinegar, olive oil and a dash of honey.

Is fussy eating more of a problem now than it used to be? Fischer believes it is, partly because there are now more food choices.

“Fridges weren’t always  packed with so many goodies. But there were also stricter mealtimes where everyone ate at certain times – and children were starving because they’d been out all day playing,” she says.  “I think children tend to spend more time at home now – they can easily grab a snack so they’re not always so hungry at mealtimes.”

Healthy Family, Happy Family  also includes good sections on nutrition for children, together with recipes and a planning guide to make it easier to fit healthy eating into a busy schedule. It’s published by Exisle, RRP $34.99

If this doesn’t work and you’re still struggling to get your littlies to eat their ‘dinosaur paste’ or ‘fairy spread’ then try the fab Chowbot fork and spoon set. At $15.95 this cute little cutlery set will help support your food consuming mission! Made out of soft, easy to grip silicon handles this delightful little set will add some excitement and interest to meal times!


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Hip Thought For The Day! The Gift Of An Ordinary Day

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A poignant something to consider when planning your activities for the weekend!

Enjoy and have a safe and happy weekend!

Hip Mum Profile! Jenny From Just Smitten

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js_mag_square_greeting_cardsPrior to the birth of Tinkerbell, with a little spare time on my hand and the knowledge that I was having a girl I hit the shops in search of ‘thankyou’ cards that I could use when she was treated to gifts from family and friends. There is a huuuuuuge array out there, but none of them stood out to me. And so I went about searching the internet for custom cards that could reflect my personal style. It was then that ‘Can’t Live Without Friend’ suggested I look at Just Smitten. I fired off a few questions and requested a quote. As soon as Jenny replied I was sold. She was prompt and friendly and within days had sent me samples to consider – what service!

We had a name in mind for Tinkerbell and in the shower one night (go figure!) I had come up with the artwork, Jenny was happy to work with my design and offered her expertese on how I could make it better. If perchance you don’t have a brainwave in the shower – then Jenny is on hand to design something that suits the feeling and mood you’re after.

If you’re in the market for thankyou cards, birthday cards, birth announcements or gift tags and want something bespoke whilst still being a reasonable price then be sure to check out Just Smitten.

It’s been a while since we’ve profiled a Hip Mum – what better Mum to profile than a wonderful, talented business woman!

just_smitten__about_us_abName: Jenny Peters
Lives: in Randwick, Sydney
Lives With: husband and two sons

Tell us a little bit about Just Smitten?

Just Smitten primarily started amongst friends complaining about the woeful selection of cards etc available and particularly the price. I have always had a thing for stationery and always find designing on the computer a great mental outlet and so Just Smitten begun…. Before I knew it, with the help of critique amongst friends – the first range of cards and tags evolved. Commencing with a range of 16 cards and 12 tags, Just Smitten now consists of over 60 cards and tags – all in 14 months!

What kinds of stationery do you specialise in?

I specialise in greeting cards, gift tags, thank you cards, a small range of party invitations, note cards and just new on the block – note books which are proving to be a huge hit already!

What were you doing before you started Just Smitten?

I was working as the advertising Creative Director/Studio Manager for a major magazine publishing house

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I wanted a creative outlet which still enabled me to be a stay at home mum. With my husband in a pretty stressful role, it was important that I did not return to an office as such and rather played the head of house harmony instead!

Any advice for any mothers wishing to start their own business?

Go for it… you never know where it will go. You can only try and mothers realise very quickly (particularly things involving children) where there is a need and therefore often get it right.

Do you help customers with the design process or do they need to suggest artwork?

As part of Just Smitten is Custom Design, I play it both ways. More often than not however I usually provide several ideas after having an initial chat with the client. Very rarely is my idea not exactly what they had in mind which is always a good feeling. It is important to ask key questions before starting a job to avoid making it a long and painful process. It is always a joy to work with custom clients for this reason. I do think years of working with advertising clients, you do realise it pays to ask as many key questions before starting any project!

Once a design is approved how long does the printing process take?

The printing process usually takes at longest, up to a week. This of course is all dependant upon what the process is. Occasionally the printing can be more involved like embossing, special foils etc. These are not only more time consuming in the printing process but they also cost considerably more too!

Do you deliver nationally?

Yes, I do deliver nationally and also internationally. I have had orders from NZ and CA before to name a few from top of mind.

Favourite The Hip Infant product?

Anything from Dwell Studio- I love it all!

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A Very Lilliputiens Love Affair

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We introduced our lovely hipsters to Lilliputiens a few months ago. As suspected our first shipment sold out in a week! It seems Lilliputiens is one brand people just can’t get enough of.

In the words of the creators ‘Lilliputiens toys cannot be easily described. But if we were to use one word that sums it up, then it would be ‘wonder’. Wonder is the common theme in all our creations. The magic of hidden surprises, the stirrings of curiosity, the shapes that get you thinking… every plaything is a voyage of discovery.

In our world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe – ones in which your children can lose themselves endlessly. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust while the many shapes, colours, noises and hidden surprises will continuously challenge their inquisitive spirit. A fun and high-quality way to learn.

If you’re looking for stimulating, heart-warmingly attractive and completely safe toys, for little pieces full of wonder filling even you with pleasure, then Lilliputiens has got it.’

Our latest shipment has seen the return of some strong favourites in particular Baby Dolls Chloe & Zoe a stylish must have for the little miss in search of her first doll. Soft all over Chloe and Zoe are a breeze to love and snuggle with, for when a break is in order the babies even come with their very own little bassinet.1-1


Another oldie but goodie is the Liz Reversible Handbag, a stunner that will leave you marvelling at just how adorable this product is.  The handbag is stuffed full of little essentials such as a wooden key complete with tag, a wallet that even has a spot for a photo or two, a sweet little mobile phone and even a compact with a few favourite colours perfect for touch ups when out and about. The handbag itself is reversible, one side an adorable velvety cord and velour and the other is a liberty type print cotton. Lastly the handbag comes with adorable little liz, she is ever so sweet and friendly and pops perfectly into the handbag ready for a fun day out.lilliputens_dollhandbag_largeNow for some new additions to the range. The Musical Handle Ballis a winner, it jiggles and jives and plays a fun little tune every time it is dropped or caught. It has handles all over which means it is easy to grasp and catch. It makes the perfect first ball for a little tot as young as 6 monthslillipuitens_handleball_large

Hooked yet? Check out the adorable Lillipuitens Bowling sets, you will be. Available in Farm and SafariStyles and so, so sweet! Each pin measures 20cms and is sized perfectly sized for not only a game of good old fashioned bowling but also fab as sweet grabbing toys. Each set is as soft as silk and is available in 6 designs, it is also great for playing animal identification ages. The set also includes a ball with an internal rattle. This really is the toy that keeps on giving recommended for ages 6 months+ do feel confident though that we have seen tots in their late two’s having super fun with this bowling set.lillipuitens_bowling_safari_large

Lucky last, it may be a bit of divine intervention but most don’t need too much encuragement to fall in love with Noah’s Ark! Each set includes 6 pairs of animals and Noah and we are assuming his wife/lady friend. The Ark itself turns into a sweet plush carry case. It includes all the fun stuff little people love to play with like Velcro doors, fun pockets and a few mirrors to keep everyone happy. Recommended for 6 months+  this will be a treasured piece at playtime.lilliputiens_noahsark_large

Kids First Aid

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Here at The Hip Infant the aim of our blog is to offer busy carers a little whimsy. We aim to fill our blog with interesting products, tid bits and day dreamy thoughts to provide some time-out from busy world of caring for a babe. But today, it’s time to get serious. With summer upon us and the weather heating up, we’re indulging in outdoor bbqs, backyard swimming pools and all the other quintessential activities that come with the Australian summery lifestyle. But as we up our outdoor activity so too do backyard pool drowning incidents. So please, before the silly season gets too busy brush up on your first aid skills. If you haven’t done a first aid course, book in now. Today.

Soon after Goldilocks was born The Blue Eyed Chef and I completed a first aid course run by Kids First Aid. It was great. I didn’t want too much information, if that makes sense, I wanted it geared towards things I would face in daily life. That is, I was more concerned with CPR , dealing with choking and treating burns, than say wrapping a limb after a snake bite (also important, but for me, not a priority). This course was perfect and I highly recommend it.

Run by paramedics, they recount real life stories that made sense to me and that I still remember. I wasn’t looking at pictures in a book I was being told real life situations and thinking how they could relate to me. I wasn’t being tested, I wasn’t required to attend 3 different sessions on a Saturday morning, instead it was a one off 3 hour session that you can take your child too if need be. What’s more, it focused purely on children.

Kids First Aid run courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Geelong, Central Coast, Northern NSW/Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra. You can either attend a session or if you have a group big enough (say your mothers group, a group of friends also having children or get all your family together, particularly those who might be guardians of your babe – we took my Mum for example) they will run a session for you at home.

The course covers CPR, drowning, choking, breathing problems, fits and fevers, poisons, allergies and anaphylaxis, bites and stings (ok so I did learn how to wrap an arm after a snake bite after all!), burns, electrocution, head injury, fractures, bleeding and meningococcal.

Please, if you haven’t done a first aid course, do the reasearch and book one in now. Life is too short to say ‘if only I had……’.

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I find myself saying the same thing all the time ‘Why oh why was that not around when my babies were little?”weanmeister_stack_large

Check out the Wean Meister, it’s a dream come true for those of us who have a strong need/passion to produce solids in bulk. Also great for storing breast milk, mini muffins, nibbles and so much more. weanmeister_withfood_large

Interested? We are looking for three hip mums(or dads) to test the Wean Meister for us and tell us what you think. All you have to do is read the reminders down below and visit our Facebook page and comment below the Call Out telling us what it is about the Wean Meister you are loving at first glance and how you would best put it to use. Hop to it though we will b closing off our call out on 4/11 at 10pm

Just a reminder:
- Random Testers are chosen on the basis of the most appropriate person for the job
- All reviews MUST be 400+ Words and MUST be accompanied by at least one photo of the product in action
- Reviews must be returned 2 weeks after testing products are received
- Products are the testers to keep after the review has been completed
- If you have previously been a tester feel free to apply again

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Weeee! Getting Creative With Wee Gallery

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If you have been loitering around The Hip Infant since the start which many of you have been (thank you!) You will know we are BIG BIG fans of Wee Gallery. How could we not be not only do they have a stunning selection of art cards and wall graphics, they are visually stimulating for newborns ensuring they see every tiny detail from day dot!


Simple yet oh so stylish, Wee Gallery Art cards hung with pegs on thread, perfect for making a real statement and of course visualy stimulating for baby

We often get enquiries about the best ways to display and engage baby with the art cards. Of course there are the traditional methods of holding the cards in front of baby and sticking them on the wall beside the change table. But wit th help of the clever folk a Wee Gallery we have some adorable suggestions to create displays worthy of these fab art works!


For the nature lovers bring a little of the outside in with this earthy branch mobile set up, simple and affordable with massive impact.

For those that like it all done for them we also have the Kikkerland mobile ready to go, simply peg the cards on and viola, sleek stylish and ready to capture babes gaze.

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As A Mother…

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At the ripe old age of 32 and being a mother of two I am constantly learning; weekly, daily, even by the hour but so far I know this much.

As a mother I have realised….

A child is a priviledge. Many people go through life wishing they had one, many people abuse this honoured priviledge and many people don’t stop to realise just how lucky they are. I am greatful I am neither of these but daily I remind myself (even amidst two year old tantrums and unsettled newborns) just how lucky I am.

As a mother…

I will make many cups of tea that don’t get drunk because I will get distracted by requests for ‘driiiiink’ or cheese sticks or I will start to pick up toys for the 100th time that day.

As a mother…

Much of what I do largely goes unnoticed and much of it takes pleace without much thanks.

As a mother…

I realise that the above will not change a great deal, but in realising this I have now learn’t how indebted I am to my mother. For all the things that she did that weren’t praised I now salute her! Thanks mum.

As a mother…

I will light many birthday candles for my children in years to come and with each wish they make as they blow them out I will make my own silent wish for their health and future happiness.

As a mother…

I have to remind myself that happiness isn’t in the form of the latest gadget, computer game or whatever trend of toy is out there. But instead happiness is often in the form of a bucket of water, a wooden spoon and a plastic cup!

As a mother…

I want to teach my children the importance of stopping to smell the roses, star gazing and collecting sea shells at the beach.

As a mother…

I have learn’t not to quell or squash a childs imagination but rather to nurture it. Imagination should be fostered through encouragement, marvel and helping one see the magic in an often rather ordinary world!

As a mother…

I have learn’t how very very important reading to your child is.

As a mother…

Will I ever stop worrying about my children?

As a mother…

I realise that I will one day be ‘embarrasing’ and ’uncool’ to my children. 

As a mother…

Nothing will melt your heart as much as your two year old telling you you look ‘bootiful’.

As a mother…

I realise why children become spoilt. Sometimes it’s easier to give into the whinging and incessant requests rather than standing up to them.

As a mother…

I now feel sorry for the mother of the toddler having a tantrum at Woolworths rather than thinking ‘why don’t they get their child to be quiet’!

As a mother…

I now realise how niaive I was as a young 20 something when my sister had a breakdown to me cause her two and a half year old was demanding to change clothes for the 15th time that day. My response was ‘why don’t you just tell her that she can’t change again?’. I clearly had not spent alot of time with many two and a half year olds!

As a mother…

It is impossible to switch off. Even when you think you are treating yourself to ‘me time’ at a movie, a child free lunch or a pedicure, you will still at some stage wonder ‘what shall I cook them for dinner?, ‘ ‘have they slept whilst I’ve been gone?’ or something along those lines.

As a mother…

The day you manage to leave the house thinking you look remotely presentable you will be vomited on, pooed on or have biscuit squished into your pants 5 minutes before you are due to leave the house.

As a mother…

No matter how your child came into your life, no matter how they were feed when they did or what school they attended there is no love like that of a mother and a child.

As a mother…

I realise I now have to eat the black jelly beans. Because no one else will as they will all want the red ones.

Buttermilk Baby Sleep Nighties!

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buttermilk_nightie_mint_largeI have sung the praises of baby sleep nighties many a time on this blog! And with a newborn I’ve been reminded of just how absolutely fantastic they are.

I had a few folded in the draw from Goldilocks’ era and the other day I had no clean onesies following bath time (ohhh the washing……so much damn washing!) and was rummaging around for something suitable for bedtime when I remembered the sleep nighties. I love these things and right now with the weather a not too hot, not too cold they make the perfect transeasonal sleeping attire! These divine printed sleep nighties from Buttermilk Baby are 100% cotton so super soft for dreaming babies skin.

With no press studs, buttons or other bits and bobs to deal with at 2am nappy changes these are a dream and I recommend them to any new mother – first time round or fifth time round!

Anything that makes our lives easier right? Well these do that, but they also look good too! Whilst I can’t guarantee they will make your babe sleep through the night, I can promise they will ensure you are back in bed with your head on the pillow quicker than if you were dealing with press studs!


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What The! Dads Can Breastfeed Too???

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Yes I know, for those of you like me not in the know, this news has come as quite a suprise, ok maybe shock. Part of me thinks damn I could of shared the breastfeeding load with hubby had of I known earlier and the other part of me goes ewwww ( think hairy nipples!)

Anyway no need to take my word for it, sit back and watch the most interesting six minutes of film you will see today.

Milkmen is a short film factual, emotive, a little quirky and for me it evoked some interesting emotions that left me wondering if I really would be ok with handing that role over to a partner. With no plans for more babies of my own I guess I will never know but I would love to know ha others think. Happy viewing!

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