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Putting a Bit of Mod into Modern Cloth Nappies- Random Tester Call Out

If you are anything like me the whole Modern Cloth Phenomena has you scratching your head!

 I ‘get’ that they are a positive for the environment, I ‘get’ that they are easier than ever before and that most MCN’s look pretty funky. What has me stumped is where do you start  and what is an AIO, pocked MCN, booster, inserts, liners, stash, PUL the list goes on. The other puzzling thing was what do you need to be a MCN user?


So after much research I think I ‘get it’ and we have I believe chosen to stock PIKAPU the simplest, hippest Modern Cloth Nappy around.

PIKAPU is a modern all in one cloth nappy which means you don’t need any extra bits and bobs. They are one size fits all (or most of course there are exceptions) and will last from birth to 4 years or 16kgs, which means they are great value for money.

Getting Started 

 A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day. As the child gets older you’ll need around 5-6 per day. With 18-24 nappies you’ll only need to wash every 2-3 days.

Like anything you wear often pikapu nappies will show some wear and tear, the more nappies you have in rotation the longer they will all last, enabling you to use them for a second or even third child.


Size & Fit

Simply place a liner (optional) over the flap layer, place baby on the liner and fasten the velcro. Done. For more absorbency place extra padding under the flap layer.


- Place liner in the bin- Rinse and extra padding and place in a dry nappy bucket- Fold back the velcro tabs to protect them in the wash- Wash within 2 days- Soaking is not recommended, soaking agents can damage  waterproof coating- Machine rinse in cold water prior to washing using 1/2 strength detergent on a full load- Line drying is best as  UV rays have antibacterial properties, remove stains and of course is free and kinder to the environment- If tuble dryed do so on low heat.

Check Out The Savings!

There are a lot of different disposable nappies and costs vary quite a lot but the average price is about 50 cents a nappy. Your bundle of wonder will use over 6000 nappies before it turns 3.

A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day, toddlers use about 5-6 a day. To keep it simple we’ll call the average 7 nappies a day.

A child will be in nappies until they are around 2 1/2 years old, some will toilet train earlier, some later. Most will continue to use night nappies for some time.



7 nappies a day x 880 days (2 1/2yrs) = 6160 nappies x 50 cents = $3080 per child



24 nappies x $27.95 per nappy = $670.80

Purchase the 6 pack and save even more. 4 x 6 pack = 551.80

PIKAPU fit just like a disposable nappy, they take the same amount of time to put on and take of and are almost as convenient, and guess what you get your bin back! No more wheelie bin chock a block full of stinky disposables.

Do MCNs Leak? They can, check they are fitted properly and make sure there are no gaps. For heavy wetters and for some extra night time confidence check out PIKAPU boosters available in a 3 pack they are placed snuggly inside the nappy to increase absorbancy.

Random Tester Alert!

SO who wants to try a brand spanking new PIKAPU All In One and tell us what you think? We are looking for a cute botty and a clever mum to test a MCN, take a photo and share their thoughts with us and our readers? Still interested then head over to our Facebook page and comment under our callout…we need to know how old your bubba is, if they are a boy or girl and whether you currently use Modern Cloth or disposable and which brand.

Boys, Boys, Boys! This week it is all about little boys!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard ‘it is so hard to buy for boys’ I would be rich! Very rich!
Call me a rebel but I love shopping for my sons, there is plenty of variety and in my opinion boys clothes are totally cool. As a mum of three boys I feel pretty equipped to comment on this topic, I have been dressing little boys for over ten years now and never have I felt I could not find a good selection of threads for my little men.
I think it is the simplistic nature of dressing boys that I love. No fancy bits required just some good jeans or pants, some funky tops, a nice shirt for going out, some cool shoes and viola you are done.
Check out the fab outfits we have whipped up below, simple yet funky, comfortable yet smart…yep boys, boys, boys we have them covered for threads this winter!
(Starting from top row left) Purebaby apple stripe henley growsuit + Purebaby knitted charcoal socks + Purebaby knitted rib apple stripe beanie + Alimrose knitted bunny rattle, Purebaby mocha woven pants + Purebaby essentials navy stripe long sleeve tee + Old Soles First walkers street shoe + Alimrose navy stripe monkey rattle, Ouch Cargo pants khaki + Plum long sleeve tee navy stripe + Purebaby rib beanie apple stripe + Ouch gumboots multi blue stripe
(Second row from left) Ouch little league long sleeve tee + Ouch soft denim jeans + Old Soles Eazy Tred first walkers + Alimrose knitted elephant, Purebaby rib knitted beanie charcoal + Ouch long sleeve pilot tee + Ouch puffer jacket + Plum Brother skinny leg denim jeans + Ouch planes gumboots + Janod magnetic aeroplane
(Bottom row from left) Ouch tiger print bubby suit + Bluebird and Honey patch leggings + Purebaby charcoal knitted socks, Purebaby rib apple stripe beanie + Ouch Charcoal knitted stripe leggings + Plum basics long sleeve tee green + Ouch sleeveless puffer vest + Old Soles first walkers Ezy Tred lime, Purebaby long sleeve sausage dog tee + Purebaby pants charcoal stripe + Purebaby knitted rib beanie charcoal + Old Soles first walkers Urban Joggers

Don’t like the outfits we have put together? maybe you could put together a few of your own easy shopping for boys clothes right here.

Sneak Peak of our latest Jinky Art Shoot

jinky_pinkbunniesWoohoo! It was time for another Jinky Art shoot last week and as per usual the results are stunning! the lady really is an amazing talent.  Here is a sneak peak, but stay tuned we have something super exciting planned in the next couple of weeks and we will be sure to show off some more of Barb’s work then.

Check out this cheeky little monkey! I knew our new Bunnies range was super cute but seeing it in action is making me cluck like a chicken. Available in pink and blue and plenty of styles, it makes for perfect all year round wear.

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts On A Budget

In celebration of our ‘ultimate baby shower’ competition we are going all things baby shower!

You don’t have to spend loads of money in order to provide a useful, thoughtful and beautiful baby shower gift.  As you know at The Hip Infant we love providing leading service to all our wonderful customers, so today we’re taking the stress out of decision making and sharing our top 10 baby shower gift giving ideas on a budget! All our suggestions come in at under $30 so there’s no need to break the piggy bank open just yet! babyshower_giftideasbudget

1. Pirate Bowling Set $16.95. Super cute pirate bowling will grow with baby looks perfect on any nursery shelf and makes great toys down the track! Check out the equally cute other options too!

2. Musical Maracas $12.00. Can you tell we love a wooden toy? Perfect for little hands to shake, rattle and roll! If the budget allows throw in a jingle stick or castanet as well!

3. Alimrose Monkey Handsqueaker $15.95. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again LOVE LOVE LOVE! You can never have too many of these. Priced from $12.95 there’s a myriad of different designs and colours available, definitely something to suit everyone!

4. Milk and Co Baby Bath Time Wash $22.95. A little bit of luxury for newborn babes this bath wash contains organic lavender and chamomile and is just so divine we wish they did an adult one!

5. Pure Baby Essentials Zip Growsuit $29.95. Love a stripe and love a zip! Therefor LOVE this suit as it combines both. This suit comes in a variety of colours to suit all newborns. At 3am any mother will thank you for this when she doesn’t have to deal with press studs!

6. Bellyart Inkless Print Kit $24.95. We’ve sung its praises before and I think it makes a fantastic gift (so much so I’m buying one for a babyshower I’m attending in 2 weeks!) No ink, paint or mess and they take a perfect print of your newborns hands and feet. A gift that can be framed and used to decorate the nursery!

7. For Walls Owls wall decals $29.95. To buy wall art for a friend you need to be sure of their decorating taste and the colour palette in the nursery, if you think you’ve got it sussed then check out these super cute wall decals, sure to brighten up and add interest to all nurseries.

8. Tiger Tribe Sillouette Mobile Cow & Sheep $29.95. Stylish and unisex, this sweet little mobile would love perfect hanging in a window, over a change table or above a cot.

9.  Aden & Anais Muslin Washcloth $24.95.  Divine and luxuries these thick muslin washcloths are a bathtime essential and we can ensure this is one item that is sure to be used everyday!

10. Olli & Pop Burp and Spill Cloths $29.95. Another essential any mum will love! Spits, burps and spills have never been so funky! ideal for throwing over the shoulder at burp time or under the botty at change time. A must have and one that will be adored. Check out the assorted colours.

 Hope we’ve been helpful, tune in tomorrow for our lust-have gift giving ideas!

New My Child Magazine Out Now!


Don’t walk, run! to your closest newsagent today and grab yourself the latest copy My Child. Aside from the fact that My Child is the most stylish publication for parents and parents to be, this edition has $20,000 worth of prizes up for grabs and as the saying goes you have go to be in it to win it!

If your local store is not a stockist, let them know they are missing out big time and head over to My Child to secure yourself a subscription.