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Hip Mum Profile: Mother of Four Month Old Twinnies Eva!

Today we’re profiling Hip Mum Eva. Eva is a loyal customer to The Hip Infant and caught our attention when she sent in a beautiful picture of herself with her equally beautiful newborn twins. We thought what better person to give advice on decorating a nursery than a mum who has just been through it all with not one baby but two!


Lives: Gold Coast 

Lives With: Twins Allegra and Dario (4 months) and husband Riccardo

Hobbies: Before my babies it was travelling, reading books, design & fashion, international food and cooking.  Now my hobby is my babies and the world revolves around them.

Your life must be incredibly busy with twins – tell us about it?

I am a newish mum of twins girl and boy, Allegra and Dario. Firstly my life has been blessed with their arrival, and has become so much richer, colourful and joyful!! You never know such deep fulfilment until you have kids, especially me with two at ones and a boy and a girl!! I call myself one of those really lucky people!! These are my first kids, so I do not know any other way, but if I had one, I’d surely feel bored now that I know whats like having two!!

As all other new mums will tell you, yes is very hard work filled with alot of hardship and uncertanties, but I tell myself everyday do not let difficult moments ruin the special ones!!! I only have to look at my babies and feel restored for the next task on such a hard but magical journey.

Busy yes, very busy and time is so little, you find yourself running all the time, there are very few minutes to take your breath!! I make sure though I slow down and spend quality time with each of my babies while the other one sleeps, so I never miss any bonding moments together!! When my friends ask me what is like to become a mum of twins-I say I am very blessed!!!

eva_babesWhat was the inspiration behind your nursery?

I didn’t know the sex of my babies, so the inspiration was fresh, simple, functional and dreamy like, a nursery that will serve well their first years, they will feel safe, warm and secure, but in mean time a place where they can enter the innocent and special world of dreams and fantasies!!
What are your favourite things in the nursery?

Definitely my Blik wall art from The Hip Infant – it makes the nursery!!

Even though they’ve only been in their nursery for 4 months, anything you would change?
Yes, I would change the size of the room, it is a small room and I really have optimised the space with every corner cleverly designed with some storage. I wish it was a bigger room that I would use for nursing and feeding also, rather than our living room! Our babies have taken our house over already!!

The nursery gives you the feeling of a serene, innocent environment-a place where my angels can feel at home, it is a bit small-but with such character, everyone comments on it!!!!

Any tips when planning a nursery?

Buy only the essentials and leave heaps of room around for other things you need and will buy as you go!! Do not buy everything before baby is born, not everything you read in books is suitable for your baby-you learn as you go!!


Given you had to plan a nursery for a boy and girl, what influenced your choice of colour and furniture?

Contemporary Neutral, fresh and fantasy like. Most pieces were simple with few funky items, such as wall sticker or toys on some simple shelves.
Must have items that you can’t do without?

Two things. 1) My change table- it is the most used item in the nursery, this has to be the most organised and functional item prior to babies arrival as it is the working bench throughout the first 3 years of babies life! 2) My Moses baskets from Gertie and Me, I couldn’t have survived without them, as I take my babies in them everywhere around the house, or in their cots, as they don’t sleep on cots yet(handy especially at night for feeding them, taking them from their cots without too much disturbance). I highly recommend them to any mums, as bubs feel safe in them first 3-4 months, they seem to settle quicker, you can put them in your lap if babies are unsettled, super versatile. These have been my best purchase so far!!



Eva shared some beautiful pictures of her baby shower with us too! Given we’re all about ‘The Ultimate Baby Shower’ competition this month we thought we’d share how she celebrated this special occassion with you too!


eva_babyshowerHow many guests did you have at your baby shower?

Around 30. My very close friend Lara organized it and it was the best baby shower party ever!! We had a whole full day of being together, having games, fun, food, laughs. I will remember that day forever, as it was best celebration of pregnancy!!I had a professional photographer and my friends compiled all the photos in a book- every time I  see the book I laugh and cry at the same time, as it was so much fun-but so touching from all the love and generosity I received from my friends that day!


Was there a theme?

 We had a little poem that we based the whole baby shower on;

‘We celebrate twin babies,

from heaven above,

we gather to shower them,

with so much love…’


Did you have a wish list?

I did have a suggestive list, which was a much better way  of indicating items needed, and it worked I got so many useful presents!!


Fav baby shower gift?

Babies bath in stand, my back is very thankful, everything I got was fabulous and use it everyday!!



TAKE THAT HIP IDEA AND MAKE IT MINE: We loved Eva’s friends idea of taking photos and putting together a special book as a momento of the day. You don’t have to have a professional photographer to take a few snaps and put together a beautiful book – you could also get guests to write a wish in it!

Top 10 Lust Have Baby Shower Gifts

babyshower_lusthavesAs you know we’re all about the baby shower this month. If you haven’t already entered our ‘Ultimate Baby Shower Competition’  then click here and do so quickly, the prizes are just incredible!

So yesterday we kept the piggy bank intact with our Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Giving Ideas On A Budget, however today we are bringing out the hammer and smashing it to little pieces!!!!  I know I know its the GFC and times are tight, but we think the best way to access these uber hip, luxurious products is to pool your resources. Gather a group of friends and pool your money to buy mum and bub-to-be a gift that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, after all a baby shower should be about abit of spoiling! Alternatively if it’s your baby shower and you are after a big ticket item, drop a few not so subtle hints to a group of your girlfriends and if this is to awkward for you, then take the stress out of it all and organise an online registry  or wish list with The Hip Infant and we can look after everything for you!

1. Aden & Anais hooded towel and wash cloth $39.95. This 100% cotton hooded towel is super soft so perfect for drying little newborns after bath time

2. Printspace Custom Print Birth Print $35. Think outside the square and give a blank frame with the promise of one of these divine custom prints once the baby comes along

3. WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles fr $19.95. The lust have of 09, these highly coveted bottles are stylish, functional and free from any nasties often found in plastic baby bottles. Purchasing a Weego is investing in a healthy long bottle feeding future, hardy and durable there will be no need to replace these. Trust us mum to be will be thanking you in years to come.

4. Blik Wall Graphics Bodalee Trees. Adorable, a decorating essential and perfect for a unisex nursery. We love the fact that you can re stick them if you decide to move the nursery around

5. David Fussenegger blanket $84.95. These cosy blankets make a nice change from the hundreds of pastel blankets on the market. Renowned for their eye catching designs, the bright and funky designs and colours are great for mixing and matching  and all blankets are reversible

6. Rondeau Custom Made Names 4letters from $75. Why not make up a gift certificate for the mother-to-be and organise these lovely custom made wooden names once the baby arrives. A lovely personal touch for any nursery.

7. Dwell Studio Storage Bin $134.95. With the arrival of baby so comes the arrival of ALOT of stuff! This stylish bin is perfect for keeping toys, linen or anything else you fancy and will look perfect in any homes decor.

8. Minimonkey Sling $79.95. No doubt about this, this is the best sling on the market, completely adjustable which means everyone in the family can have a go, and with seven funky colours in the range it is easy to find a colour that suits.

9. Skip Hop Playspot $199.95. Without a doubt this is the gift that keeps on giving, it makes the ideal playmat from newborn to toddler hood. Fits perfectly with all decor and packs away neatly when needed.

10. Gertie and Me Moses Basket $250. An excellent alternative to a bassinet, this divine moses basket, is specially hand-woven from maize and is both extremely practical and very stylish for the modern baby, providing a portable, safe and snug environment for the newborn . The linen is made from 100% cotton and can be simply removed for washing. And whilst it is extravagent (this would be a great one for a group of friends to group together on) once the baby has outgrown the basket, it can be easily stored or used for toys, nappies and blankets.

So there you have it our top 10 luxurious baby shower gifts, we hope we’ve not only been helpful but provided some inspiration and taking the stress out of choosing your next baby shower gift.

Its the little touches that make a nursery divine!

We are so excited this morning, our new The Hip Infant Wall Graphics have arrived and they are in a word DIVINE! We have taken the liberty of setting up a little nursery scene just to show you how, with a few simple pieces you truly can have an environment for babe that is stylish and inviting. We trek through blogs daily and have to admit on the odd occasion have had tears in our eyes from looking at some of the brightly coloured, commercial character filled wonderlands…..eeek!

So our hot picks to compliment The Hip Infant Love Tree  ($54.95 also available in pink) are:

The Hip Infant Alphabet Boy Sticks ($59.95 also available in pink) this set is awesome, it include 3 complete sets of the Alphabet! which means you can write what you want, where ever you want (flat surfaces of course!) Its also important to let you know all our Alphabet Wall Graphics mix and match with the rest of our range.

Coco & Eli Buttermilk Birds Muslin Wrap ($24.95 also available in pink & Spots) a luscious muslin wrap, heavier than most muslin wraps out there, washes beautifully and the print…well that just speaks for itself.

Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby Doll ($32.95 available in pink red, green & navy) the perfect doll for a little man, soft and cozy velour, a divine little face and small enough to grab and hold.

Gertie and Me Moses Basket & Stand ($349.95 pieces can be purchased separately) this is a true investment and given the price tag, you need to consider this is an investment, purchasing something that will be handed down through the next generations of your family. Aside from its good looks the Gertie and Me moses basket will be used to death, an easy travel bed, simple to move from room to room and light enough to travel with.

The Hip Infant Sneakies ($27.95 available in fushia, navy and red) funky little runners.

Skip Hop Tool Box ( $99.95 also available in mint & aqua colour combo)the handiest nursery carry all you will ever own. carry everything you need in this one handy vessel.

Pure Baby Organic White Bassinet Sheets ($59.95 also available in cot size and single bed, colours red, navy, pink and sky blue)

Happy decorating! and please if anyone has any nursery pics they would like to share email them to info@thehipinfant.com.au

P.S we know there is currently a typo on our front page…oops! it will be gone tonight.