Hospital Bag

Labour Bag

Pack a small extra bag for the labour ward. Include your blood group card, medicare card, health fund details, camera, socks, birth plan, music, list of important numbers, snacks, a change of clothes for your partner, hairbands and a t/shirt or nightie to labour in.

Nightgowns or PJs

Make them comfortable with easy access for breastfeeding.

Leisure Wear

Sorry new mummies, the reality is you will still look 20 weeks pregnant, so don’t even bother with your pre–pregnancy wear! 2 pairs of loose fitting pants and a couple of nice tees will be perfect.

Dressing Gown and Footwear

Hospitals are generally really warm so a lightweight gown will do. Thongs or slippers are perfect for the feet.


Make them black cotton and cheapies.

Comfortable Bras

Whether you plan to breastfeed or not, your breast will go through some interesting changes in the days following birth. Crop tops are great in this respect.

Breast Pads

1 Box. As far as breastpads go, in our experience Pigeon are the best. It seems that others generally agree, so check them out.

Maternity/Sanitary Pads

3 Packets. Sanitary pads get better every year. There’s no need for big bulky ones, just make sure they have wings.

Personal Toiletries

A big word of advice pack anything that will make you look nice, smell nice and feel nice. Even if you are not a big makeup wearer, pack a little just in case. You may suprise yourself and actually have the urge to wear it!

Pen and Paper

You will be bombarded with gifts, visitors and advice. Write it all down as your memory may not be the best. Hot/Cold Packs for all your sore bits and pieces..ouch.

Mobile Phone and Charger

Check with the hospital to see if they are allowed first.

For Baby

Not all hospitals require you to supply clothes for baby, but these days many do so check with individual hospitals first. If you are expecting multiples increase amount by 1/2.

  • 6 gowns/growsuits
  • 6 cotton singlets
  • 6 light wraps
  • 2 pairs mittens, booties and hat
  • Baby bath solution


If hospital provides cloth nappies only, don’t forget these.