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Infant Feed Tracker  
Infant Feed Tracker

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Imagine this you have a new baby, you are fatigued to the point of being delirious you are woken to baby four times in one night or wait...was it three? Gosh who knows it felt like you were awake all night!

The Feed Tracker is a great tool to record input and output  over a 24 hour period. Ideal if a couple of people are sharing the feeds, if you are establishing a routine or if baby is having an 'off' period and you need to chart feeds for a few days. 

The Feed Tracker is a breeze to use simply follow the chart include time of feed, method and output and viola you have tracked a feed.
  • Please Note: The Feed Tracker should be used as a guide only, if you have any concerns regarding the feeding patterns of your baby please consult a health professional as soon as conveniently possible.
Infant Feed Tracker 
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